How can i pay in my currency on is an online booking portal where travelers from around the world pay for their tours and services. We have not kept our payment system rigid. Now clients can pay online in their own currency, which is retrieved automatically by the system on the basis of geographical location.

A few important points to know:

  1. The currency will automatically switch when you select the date and number of travelers and reach the cart page.
  2. The system will detect your geographical location and switch to the local currency. For example, if someone is trying to book from Australia, initially the user will see the prices in USD (on the product page), but when they proceed to the cart page, they will see the currency in AUD.
  3. One cannot change the currency back to USD on their own. If, in your case, you do not want to pay in your current location’s currency, you can connect with our executive here.
  4. In case of refund it will be processed in same currency

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