How can i make Prepayment for Indonesia On Arrival visa

If you want to make prepayment for Indonesia on arrival visa (Type of Visa B213 – 30 Days), please follow these steps –

  1. Visit –
  2. Click on the Apply tab on the extreme left box on the page.
  3. Select your nationality
  4. Select the purpose of visit, if you are travelling for tourism, do select Tourism, Transit
  5. Next, they will ask for the sub purpose of the trip, if in case of tourism select TOURISM
  6. Select Visa on arrival for 30 days
  7. It will automatically select 30 days in the option of “I am planning to stay”
  8. Click on “Detail and Apply“, you will see terms and conditions in a pop up box, read all the terms and if agreed click on “Apply”
  9. Upload your passports front page at travel document upload option. System will try to autofill the information by reading your passports image, however in most cases you need to fill it manually.
  10. Write your Full name, Sex, place of Birth and date of birth.
  11. Upload your passport size photo as per this composition –
    • File format using *.JPEG/ .JPG/ .PNG in color.
    • Min. 400x600px.
    • Max. size 2Mb
    • Proper composition.
  12. Move ahead towards Document information where you will asked to fill, document type which will in your case be “passport”, Document number which in your case will be “Passport Number”, nationality, date of Issue of passport, date of Expiry and issuing country.
  13. Next you will be asked your address in Indonesia, if you are staying in Hotel you can google your Hotel address and fill up the details. If you are staying in Multiple hotels, fill up the details of the hotel you are staying first after arriving Indonesia.
  14. Next you will be asked for Applicant contact information, you should write the number that will be working in Indonesia, however if you are not planning to activate international roaming, you still can put that number in the box. Also give the email id that you check often.
  15. Save the form and you will get an email.
  16. Click on the link on email and pay your visa fee of 500000 IDR.

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