How can i cancel the Service ?

If you want to cancel the service –

Step 1: Verify Cancellation Eligibility

  • Review the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of booking, including the specific cancellation policy for the service you booked. The exact policy can be found on the service page and within your booking details.

Step 2: Login to the Website Portal

  • If you are eligible for cancellation, log in to the website portal using the email address you used during the booking process.

Step 3: Retrieve Booking Details

  • Access your booking details within the portal to search for the cancellation option. Most services will provide a straightforward cancellation process through the portal.
    • Manual Cancellations
  • Some services may require manual cancellation, and the cancellation option may not be visible in the portal for such reservations. In such cases, please reach out to our customer service executive to initiate the cancellation process.
    • Email Us 
  • If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the cancellation process, you can also send an email to for assistance.

Following these steps will help you determine your eligibility for cancellation and guide you on how to proceed with the cancellation process, whether through the portal or with the assistance of our customer service team.

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