How can i make payment on to book a service ?

To make a payment on , follow these steps – 

  1. Selecting the Service Date
    • Visit the service page to confirm if it aligns with your requirements.
    • For mobile users, click “Check Availability” to open the booking form with a calendar for date selection.
    • Desktop users can find the date option on the right side of the page.
  2. Checking Availability
    • On the calendar, available dates and their respective prices are displayed.
    • Unavailable dates are grayed out and marked as such when selected.
    • If dates are available, you can proceed with your selection.
  3. Number of Travelers
    • The cost often depends on the number of travelers.
    • You can specify the number of adults, children, and infants, and the prices will adjust accordingly.
    • Note that some services may have a minimum number of travelers required.
  4. Selecting Time Slot
    • For one-day activity bookings, you may be prompted to choose a starting time for the tour.
    • This selection is made after choosing the date and is based on the available time slots.
  5. Booking Process
    • After confirming your options, click on “Book Now” to proceed to the cart page.
  6. Payment
    • Initially, our system will request a 50% payment, with the remaining amount indicated as future payment.
    • Any adjustments to the payment ratio can be discussed with our customer care team, who can create manual payment links if necessary.
  7. Gateway Fee
    • A 2% gateway fee is applied to every payment, as charged by gateway companies, not by
    • Please note that this gateway fee is non-refundable in the event of a refund.
  8. Proceed to Checkout
    • Review the contents of your cart on the cart page, and then click “Proceed Checkout.”
  9. Completing Checkout Form
    • Fill out the checkout form carefully, including your pickup location if applicable.
  10. Payment Submission
    • You will encounter the payment form, with the option to pay through Stripe, accessible from anywhere in the world.
    • Enter your card details and click “Place Order” to complete the booking process.

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