Vietnam Tour Packages

Vietnam Tour PackagesDurationPriceCities IncludedCheck Package
4 Nights Vietnam tour (Hanoi) 4 Night 5 days 250USDHanoiPackage
5 Nights Vietnam Tour (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh)5 night 6 days350 USDHanoi and Ho Chi MinhPackage
6 Nights Vietnam Tour Package for Honeymooners6 Night 7 days450 USDHanoi and Ho Chi Minh Package
7 Nights Vietnam tour Package for family7 Night 8 Days700 USDHanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi MinhPackage
8 Nights Hanoi, Ho Chi Min and Da Nang8 Night 9 Days1000 USDHanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi MinhPackage
6 Nights Vietnam Cambodia Tour Package6 nights 7 Days800 USDHanoi and Siem ReapPackage
7 Nights Cambodia and Vietnam family tour7 Nights 8 Days900 USDHanoi, Siem Reap and Da nangPackage
8 Nights Vietnam Cambodia Honeymoon Tour8 Nights 9 Days1000 USDHanoi, Da Nang and Siem ReapPackage
8 Nights Vietnam Cambodia and Laos Tour8 Nights 9 Days1400 USDHanoi, Da Nang, Siem Reap, Luang Prabang and VientianePackage
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Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos Tour Packages

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam tour packages

What is the currency of Vietnam ?
The Currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese dong.
Should i carry USD in Vietnam for tour expenses ?
The USD is commonly accepted at Money exchanges in Vietnam. In most of the shops you might be able to exchange USD for services and goods.However it is recommended to carry some local Vietnamese currency also for back up purpose.
Is it safe to travel to Vietnam for tourism ?
Vietnam government is intentionally putting extra efforts to enhance the tourism industry.Vietnam has amazingly changed its infrastructure to attract tourists from around the world. Vietnam in 2023 is as safe as Indinesia, Bali for tourism.
Can Vietnam be clubbed with other international destinations in an Itinerary?
In your travel itinerary, you can easily visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and even Indonesia. These south-east Asian countries can be combined into one itinerary.
Which is the most famous food that one should try in Vietnam ?
You should be trying the below food in Vietnam-

b)Banh mi
c)Bánh cuốn
d)Cơm tấm
What is the Usual Vietnam trip cost ?
The usual vietnam trip cost for 6 nights 7days is around 400 USD per persondepending on the Hotel category and other inclusions.

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