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Albania tour Packages Duration of Package Cost of Package per person Check the detail of the Package
5 Nights 6 days Albania Tour package 5 Nights 6 days 700 USD Package details
Albania food tour package 7 Nights 8 days 750 USD Package details
Albania folk dance tour package 10 Nights 11 days 1100 USD Package details
4 nights 5 days Albania tour package  4 Nights 5 days 700 USD Package details

To plan a holiday to this historically prosperous residence with your loved ones, you can reserve one of the topmost-itinerary holiday packages for Albania, with Albania is a Southeastern Europe which is discovered on the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea that descends within the Mediterranean sea with its perimeters disseminated with the neighbours scilicet, North Macedonia in the east, Italy in the West, Montenegro in the Northwest, Kosovo in the Northeast, and Greece to the south. Albania holiday package should include the inclusions in the itinerary mentioned below.

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4 nights 5 days Albania tour package

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Albania food tour package

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Albania folk dance tour package

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5 Nights 6 days Albania Tour package

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Why you should book Albania Holiday Package with is one of the leading travel agency known for Albania holiday packages. The Albania Iitineraries built by is inclusive of all the primary elements required for an expedition in the respective region. has a provincial associate in Tirana, who takes care of all the travel bookings in Albania.

What is the best Itinerary for Albania holiday package

 Day 1: Tirana 

  • Airport-Tirana. 
  • Pending on the arrival time, it starts with a half-day. 
  • The National History Museum, Mosque of Et`hem Bey was built in 1830. 
  • The Opera House, the Scanderbeg Square. 
  • A walk on the main boulevard provides a close sight of the City Hall and a number of Governmental buildings, on both sides. 
  • You cannot miss the National Gallery of Arts along this walk. 
  • Overnight in Tirana. 

 Day 2:Tirana-Durres-Apollonia-Vlore ( approx. 3 hrs drive ) 

  •  After breakfast, early morning departure for Durres, a 35 km ride. 
  • From Tirana largest to the City of Durres (Dyrracium). 
  • Enjoyed the status of “a free city” in the times of Julius Caesar. 
  • Highlights Venetian Tower, the Amphitheatre (one of the biggest in the Balkan Peninsula and the most exquisite monuments that have survived from the ancient city. 
  • It was built in the 2nd-century A.C during the Roman period. 
  • Was very big and could sit 15.000 spectators, inside Archaeological Museum. 
  • The tour is transferred to Apolonia, Apolonia was around 588 B.C. 
  • Tourists frequently visit its numerous objects, including the Marvelous Façade of Bouleterion, the Theatre, the Odeon, Nymphaeum (monumental fountain), Stoat, canals structure, gymnasium etc., to mention some of them.
  • There are many mosaics in the ancient city of Apolonia.
  • The Monastery of Saint Mary can also be visited within the premises of the complex of Apolonia, located at the Museum of Apolonia.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, we continue to Vlore.
  • Early evening the group arrives at the Hotel.
  • Check-in. Walk on the sea shore.
  • Dinner at a restaurant on the seaside.

Day 3:Vlore-Sarande ( 170 km, approx. 2 hrs 30 min)

  • After breakfast, visit Vlore. 
  • Vlore is one of the major cities of the country, an important seaport, and tourist site. 
  • Visit the Historical Museum of Independence, hosted in the building where the independence of Albania was declared on November 28, 1912. 
  • A monument, commemorating this historic event, is set up at Flag Square. 
  • Return trip to Tirana. 
  • Lunch on the way to Sarande on the coastal road, with photo stops. 
  • Arrived in Sarande in the evening. 
  • Accommodation and dinner at Hotel, Saranda. 
  • A relaxing walk on the sidewalk on the sea shore

Day 4: Sarande-Butrint-Sarande ( 30 km approx. 30 min ) 

  • After breakfast at the hotel. 
  • In Butrint, you will visit Acropolis Century VIII, AC, the Sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, God of Healing Century IV, BC. 
  • The visit continues to the Lake Gate Century IV, AC, the Roman Theatre Century III, AC., Agoraja, the City Centre and the Trade Centre. 
  • The Gymnasium of the city was a holy place, The Grand Basilica Century IV, AC., a civil Roman house, a fountain dating from Century II, the Venetian Castle and the Tower of Century XIV – XVI AC. 
  • Lunch in Ksamil, at a Restaurant on the seaside offering fresh seafood. 
  • Return to the Hotel. 
  • In the evening, visit to Lekursi Castle, and drink at the bar built over the ruins of the old castle, with an amazing view of Saranda and Corfu. 
  • Accommodation and dinner at Hotel, Saranda. 

Day 5: Sarande-Gjirokaster-Berat ( 240 km , approx. 3 hrs 30 min ) 

  • After breakfast, we depart for Gjirokaster. 
  • Known by the old name of Argyrokastra. 
  • Visit the Blue Eye and learn about the legend of this amazing source and the Mesopotamian Monastery. 
  • In Gjirokaster, part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, the dwelling houses have the form of medieval towers constituting a building ensemble with characteristic architecture. 
  • Visit the Castle and the Museum of Weapons. 
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Gjirokaster and taste the traditional cuisine (optional). After lunch, we leave Gjirokastra and depart to Berati. 
  • Arrive in Berati in the evening, accommodation in the hotel, diner. 

Day 6: Berat–Tirane (120 km approx. 2 hrs ) 

  • After breakfast, visit Berat. 
  • As you approach the centre of the city you will be impressed by the period houses. 
  • Visit the castle, built up on a rocky hill 260m above sea level. Churches here have survived within its powerful stony walls. 
  • The church, which preserves wooden-engraved iconostasis and houses the Onufri Museum, is one of the highlights and of great interest to thousands of visitors over the years. 
  • Visit to the other sites: Lead Mosque, Bachelor’s Mosque, Gorica Bridge and many dwelling houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. 
  • Lunch followed with the return to Tirana. 
  • Dinner, Overnight in Tirana. 

Day 7: Tirana-APT ( 35 km approx. 40 min) 

  • Transfer to Airport. 
  • End of our service. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Albania Holiday package

What is the currency of Albania ?
The currency of Albania is Albanian lek.
Places to See in Albania ?
Places to see in Albania are Bunk'Art 1, Mount Dajti, Mirror Beach, Lekuresi Castle, Bora Bora Beach in Albania, Neasden Lane beach, Duka Winery and Wine yard, Gjipe beach.
What is main Airport of Albania ?
The main airport of Albania is Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa.
Can i use Euro in Albania ?
Yes,Euro can be used in Albania for the exchange of goods and Services.Though if you face any issues you can always exchange money from money exchange in Tirana.
Is it safe to travel to Albania for a Non Muslim ?
It is safe be it Muslim or any other religion to travel to Albania. The Population is very peaceful and welcoming for foreigners.
USA is the biggest Aly of Albania and people from UK usually treat Alabnia as a safe and sound tourism destination.
What will be the approximate cost of Albania Holiday package?
The Approximate cost of say 6 nights 7 days Albania Holiday package would be around 600 USD

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