How will i get my drivers details ?

Here’s how you will receive the details of your driver for your scheduled service:

Driver Allocation:

  • Drivers are assigned 12 hours prior to your scheduled pickup time.

Contact Details from Local Service Provider:

  • Our dedicated executives will provide you with the contact details of the local service provider 48 hours before your service either through email or a phone call.

Airport Pickup:

  • If your pickup is from an airport, please look for a placard with your name on it. The driver will be holding this sign to identify you.

Hotel Pickup:

  • For hotel pickups, the driver will meet you in the hotel lobby at the specified time and display a sign with your name.

Other Locations:

  • If your pickup is from a location other than an airport or hotel, the driver will contact you directly. Additionally, our executive will provide you with detailed information about the pickup process.

This approach ensures that you receive the necessary information to locate your driver and commence your service seamlessly.If still you are blank about it, connect with our executive.

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