How can i make my pending 50% of payment ?

If you have already made the initial 50% of payment and rest 50% is pending –

  1. Check Your Email:
    • Review your email inbox, as you should have received an email at the time of making the initial payment. This email typically contains a link for future payments.
  2. Sign Up and Login:
    • Use the email address you provided during the booking process to sign up and log in to your account on our platform. This will grant you access to your booking details.
  3. Payment Link Retrieval:
    • Within your booking details, you will find the payment link for the pending 50% of your payment when it is required. This link allows you to complete your payment conveniently.
  4. Monitor Your Email:
    • Keep an eye on your email inbox. You will receive notification emails with payment links whenever a payment is due.
  5. Contact Our Executive:

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