About Beer in Bali

Bali is a popular tourist destination located in Indonesia, and there are several breweries and bars where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of beers.Tourists in Bali, consume beer freely in public without much restrictions. Be it beaches, markets, Pubs, Pool forest, ferries, the most demanded thing is beer.

Craft beer is also becoming increasingly popular in Bali, with several microbreweries and brewpubs opening up in recent years. Examples include MadHops Brewery in Seminyak, and the Bintang Beer Brewery in Gianyar.

Many bars and restaurants in Bali offer happy hour promotions and specials on beer, making it an affordable option for visitors.

It is important to note that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, and alcohol consumption is not as widespread as in other parts of the world.

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Beer at Segara beach Bali

List of famous beers In Bali

Here are some of the popular beers that you can find in Bali:

  1. Bintang Beer: Bintang is the most popular beer in Bali, and it is a lager-style beer that is brewed locally. It has a light, refreshing taste and is widely available in bars, restaurants, and convenience stores throughout the island.
  2. Singharaja Beer : Singharaja is a pilsner-style beer which has become very popular in Bali since 2022. The beer is originated from Singharaj region of Bali. In popularity it has reached the level of Bintang.
  3. Bali Hai Beer: Bali Hai is another popular local beer brand in Bali. It is a pilsner-style beer that is light and refreshing, with a slightly sweet taste.
  4. Stark Beer: Stark Beer is a local craft beer that is brewed in Bali. It is available in several different styles, including IPA, stout, and wheat beer.
  5. Storm Beer: Storm Beer is another local craft beer that is brewed in Bali. It is known for its unique flavors and aromas, and it is available in several different styles, including pale ale, wheat beer, and stout.
  6. Anker Beer: Anker is a beer brand that is brewed in Indonesia. It is a lager-style beer that is popular in Bali and other parts of the country.
  7. Guinness: Guinness is an imported beer that is popular in Bali. It is a stout-style beer that is known for its dark color and rich, creamy taste.
  8. Corona: Corona is another popular imported beer that is available in Bali. It is a light, refreshing beer that is often served with a wedge of lime.
  9. Heineken: Heineken is a Dutch beer brand that is widely available in Bali. It is a lager-style beer that is known for its crisp, clean taste.

History timeline of Bintang beer

Here is a timeline of the history of Bintang Beer:

  • 1929: Heineken International, a Dutch beer company, established its first brewery in Indonesia, which was called Heineken’s Indonesian Brewery Company (HIB).
  • 1931: HIB launched its first beer brand in Indonesia, which was called Bintang Beer. Bintang means “star” in Indonesian, and the brand’s logo features a red star with a white background.
  • 1942-1945: During the Japanese occupation of Indonesia in World War II, Bintang Beer production was halted.
  • 1957: HIB was renamed to Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI), which is still the official name of the company that produces Bintang Beer today.
  • 1969: MBI was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, becoming the first publicly listed brewery in Indonesia.
  • 1970s-1990s: Bintang Beer became the leading beer brand in Indonesia, and its popularity continued to grow throughout the following decades.
  • 2000s: MBI invested in modernizing its brewery and expanding its distribution network, which helped to further increase Bintang Beer’s market share.
  • 2011: Heineken International acquired a controlling stake in MBI, which gave the company access to Heineken’s global distribution network and marketing expertise.
  • 2016: MBI opened a new brewery in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, which increased the company’s production capacity and allowed it to better serve customers in eastern Indonesia.
  • 2020: Bintang Beer celebrated its 89th anniversary, marking nearly a century of beer production in Indonesia.

Today, Bintang Beer is one of the most popular beer brands in Indonesia, and it is widely available in bars, restaurants, and convenience stores throughout the country. It is also exported to several other countries, including Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

Statistics related to beer in Bali

Here are some statistics related to beer in Bali:

  1. Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, and it is estimated that over 5 million tourists visit the island each year. Beer consumption in Bali is high among both locals and tourists.
  2. Bintang Beer is the most popular beer brand in Bali, accounting for more than 80% of the beer market share in the province.
  3. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, the beer market in Indonesia is worth around IDR 38 trillion (approximately USD 2.6 billion) annually, with a growth rate of around 5% per year.
  4. In 2019, the beer consumption in Bali reached 350 million liters, making it one of the largest beer markets in Indonesia.
  5. According to a survey conducted by the Bali Hotels Association, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed by tourists in Bali, with 85% of respondents reporting that they had consumed beer during their stay on the island.
  6. Bali is home to several local craft breweries, including Stark Beer, Storm Beer, and the Bali Brewing Company. These breweries have gained popularity in recent years, especially among younger consumers who are interested in trying new and unique beer flavors.
  7. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Bali’s beer industry, as many bars and restaurants were closed or had limited capacity due to health and safety regulations. However, as the island begins to reopen to tourists, beer sales are expected to rebound in the coming months.

Frequently asked questions about Beer in Bali ?

What is the legal drinking age in Bali?
The legal drinking age in Bali is 21 years old. However, enforcement of this law can be lax, especially in tourist areas.
Where can i buy beer in Bali ?
Beer is widely available in convenience stores like Alphamart, cocomart and Indomaret throughout Bali. You can also find it in supermarkets, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.
What is the price of beer in Bali?
The price of beer in Bali can vary depending on the establishment and the brand of beer. Generally, a bottle of Bintang Beer can cost around IDR 23,000 (approximately USD 1.75) in alpha mart. In restaurants the cost might be at an higher end ranging between IDR 25000-60000 .
Can I drink beer on the beach in Bali?
Technically, drinking alcohol is prohibited on public beaches in Bali. However, many beach clubs and restaurants offer beachside service where you can enjoy a cold beer while relaxing on the sand.

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