How to pay Bali tourist tax ?  – Denpasar, Bali – February 13, 2024: Tourists planning to visit Bali should take note of the new tourist tax set to be implemented starting February 14, 2024. The Bali tourist tax amounts to 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah, approximately equivalent to $10 USD. While the tax hasn’t officially come into effect yet, travelers should be prepared for its implementation.

How to pay Bali tourist tax?

Tourist Tax Amount150,000 Indonesian Rupiah (Approximately $10 USD)
Implementation DateFebruary 14, 2024 (Starts tomorrow, as of February 13, 2024)
Payment Methods1. Online Payment: – Visit Love Bali website or download the app – Register with passport details – Choose payment method – Receive voucher via email 2. Payment Upon Arrival: – Pay in cash (IDR) or by card (Visa/Mastercard) at designated counters – Exchange offices accept USD
ExemptionsSome visa categories are exempt, including diplomatic, crew, KITAS/KITAP holders, family visas, golden/student visas, and specific non-tourist visas.
Validity of Voucher30 days from the date of purchase
More InformationVisit official Love Bali website or download the app for updates and detailed information

There are two convenient ways to pay the Bali tourist tax:

  1. Online Payment:
    • This method is recommended to avoid potential queues and delays upon arrival.
    • Visit the official Love Bali website ( or download the Love Bali app.
    • Register with your passport details and travel information.
    • Choose your preferred payment method (Visa, Mastercard, or other online payment options).
    • Upon payment, you will receive a tourism levy voucher via email, which you should save on your smartphone for scanning later.
  2. Payment Upon Arrival:
    • Yes Tourist tax of Bali can be paid offline upon Arrival at Bali.
    • Payment can be made in cash (Indonesian Rupiah only) or by card (Visa and Mastercard) at designated counters in the arrival halls of Ngurah Rai International Airport and Benoa Port.
    • Exchange offices at the airport can facilitate payments in US dollars.
    • Be aware that queues for on-arrival payments might be longer, so consider this option only if online payment is not possible for you.

Additional Information:

  • Exemptions: Certain visa categories are exempt from the tax, including diplomatic and official visas, crew members, KITAS and KITAP holders, family unification visas, golden and student visas, and specific non-tourist visas. Refer to the official website for the complete list of exemptions.
  • Validity: The tourism levy voucher is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • More Information: For the latest updates and detailed information, visit the official Love Bali website or download the app.

Ensure a smooth travel experience by familiarising yourself with the Bali tourist tax procedures before your trip. Have a wonderful journey to Bali!