I am Chaithra from Chennai, and I am writing this article to share about our Japan tour from India. We are a family with 2 children who went to Japan in the month of October 2023. This Japan tour package was booked by Lestacworld, and here are some glimpses, starting from the planning stage until the execution of it.

About Our Japan tour package from India

Why we Chose Japan for Holidays

I have one Daughter of 19 years and a son of 15 years. Both are grown up and mature enough to not be interested in stuff like Disney Land or Universal Studios. So we had to choose a destination that could be explored with kids, but that should not be childish. Initially, Japan was not on our list of designations because, in our knowledge of Japan, it is famous for Disney Land visits and Universal Studios only.

We had Europe or Australia in our minds, but yeah, we also had a budget threshold within which Europe or Australia were not getting fit. We all used to sit at our dinner table discussing it, but every time, everyone used to be on different pages. There was a moment when we decided to book Europe, but in order to keep the cost low, we were losing out on some important sites and countries. We were about to spend a million, but we were still not satisfied. If we had booked Europe, it would have been a half hearted tour. At that moment, we were in touch with travel agencies like Travel Triangle, Sotc, or MMT. I am telling you, big names, huge package prices, and zero personalisation.

Before we booked for Europe, we met with one of our old friends. Fortunately, these guys came back from their Japan trip a month before they met us. There, we learned that Japan is not only the destination of Disney Land, Universal Studios, or temples, there is alot more to Explore.Our friends travel through the Lestacworld, about which we were totally unaware.

We got the mobile number of the executive who booked a Japan tour package from India for our friends. This was the moment of our swing from half hearted Europe trip to Japan.

Planning of our Japan tour

Well, being the one who has already travelled to Japan, i can guarantee that Lestacworld is one of the best travel agency for Japan tours from India. I will prove my point in the later stages of the article. So we texted Lestacworld’s executive on WhatsApp and told her that we wanted to check the quote for the Japan tour.Ridhima Bhatt, the executive, asked us to schedule a call.

The next day, we had a call with her and finally, we cleared all our doubts and decided to get quote for Japan tour.

Our Japan Tour Structure, which we finalised

I would like to mention that we were very lucky to have gotten the offer of Nippon airlines that reduced our flight cost to almost 50%. When we were checking the fares, we were getting Rs 3,21,000 for 4 adults,, and it was from Mumbai. However,, when Ridhima shared the quote with us, it was around 1,57,000 with 2 more domestic flights included in this.

Initially, we got shocked and called Ridhima, She then told us that there is an offer going on from Nippon Airlines and that certain combinations have to be made to get it. This was the reason I was giving Lestacworld the number one ranking of a travel agency for a Japan tour from India. The itinerary was also of interest to us, however, my Kids still made a lot of changes though. Below were our tour details –

  • Airlines: Nippon Airlines from Mumbai
  • Overall Cost of our Japan tour from India: Rs 265000 Per person including all
  • Duration: 10 nights
  • Cities visited: Sapporo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokane, Tokyo

Day 1: Arrival at Sapporo + transfer to Hotel + check-in hotel

Day 2: Breakfast + Half day Otaru tour and return on sharing basis

Day 3: Breakfast + Noboribetsu Lake Toya Tour from Sapporo and return in Bus on Sharing basis

Day 4: Breakfast + Checkout from Hotel + transfer to Airport + flight to Osaka from Sapporo + train to Kyoto + transfer to Kyoto Hotel + Explore on your own

Day 5: Breakfast + Nara Dear Park + Todaiji temple + Osaka Castle and Garden + Sumiyoshi Tasha + return to Kyoto

Day 6: Breakfast + Bamboo forest + Togestu Bridge + Kinkakuji + Nishiki Market + Fushimi Inari Taisha with Suntory yamazaki distillery (These spots mostly comes under Kyoto region)

Day 7: Breakfast + Checkout + transfer to Osaka Airport + flight to Tokyo + transfer to Tokyo hotel + explore on own + end of the day

Day 8: Breakfast + Tokyo Sky tree with Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck (350m) tickets + Harajaku district Takeshita street + Team lab + Monkey kart Asakusa (No package is included in monkey cart,it has to be decided and paid by client)

Day 9: 1 day Hakone tour from Tokyo and return (Any activity like cruise or Ropeway has to be paid by client)

Day 10: Breakfast + free day to explore on own + Shopping (No service)

Day 11: Checkout from Tokyo Hotel + transfer to Airport + Departure and end of 10 nights 11 days Japan tour package with Hokkaido

Our Experience in Japan for 10 nights

When we reached Sapporo, we were tired and were dropped off at the hotel. It was a 3-star hotel, but it was impressive just in front of the train station. Actually, they made sure that every hotel of ours are centrally located and near to the train stations.All the pickups for tours were on time and itinerary was well organised. Adding Hokkaido (Sapporo) was a good input given by Ridhima. The usual standard itineraries of Japan do not include Hokkaido, but we were able to include it because Ridhima, helped us find a flight in which we got domestic flights connecting Haokkaido for almost nothing. In essence, she discovered a way for us to avail ourselves of the ourselves of the Nippon Airlines offer.

While on the tour, we got to know that the company proving us the service in Japan, japandmc.services is Lestacworld’s subsidiary only and not a third party. This was the reason they were able to provide quality assistance at the lowest cost. Reason number two, I say Lestacworld is the best travel agency in India for Japan tours.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Sapporo, Hakone, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Team Lab is the must visit spot you should do, Shibuya Crossing was a dream and it came true, Suntory Distillery was again amazing, riding Bullet train was thrilling; and Nara visit was great. Over all, we had amazing tour of Japan and special thanks to Lestacworld and Ridhima for this.

These are few suggestions and F&q's that may help you planning your Japan trip from India

How we applied for the visa of Japan ?
We applied for a visa to Japan through a visa agent, It costed us Inr 3500 per person and we got the visa's within 10 days.
Is it difficult to get vegetarian food in Japan ?
No, it is not difficult to get vegetarian food in Japan, however it is difficult and expensive to get Indian vegetarian meals food in Japan.
How much is the per meal cost in Japan ?
The per-meal cost per person in Japan is around 10 USD.
What currency should you be carrying in Japan ?
You should either carry Yen or USD in Japan. If you are carrying USD, you should get it converted to Yen, which is very easy to do.
Is it worth getting Jr pass in Japan ?
In our package, we were not offered JR pass by Lestacworld.com because most of our tours were via bus and cab.It was when we travelled from Kyoto to Tokyo that we separately bought the bullet train ticket. It usually depends on how you plan your trip.As per our calculation, doing it both ways is going to get you spend the same money.
Should you plan your Japan tour on own ?
Well, it basically depends on how confident and skilled you are. In our case, we were getting almost the double cost of flights, which even excludes domestic connections. So we know that we save 1,50,000 INR here only by booking with agency. When we realised that japan.services is Lestacworld's subsidiary only, we got assured that there was no third party involved. I think even if we could have saved a bit, we are okay to travel with peace of mind. However, it is very important to choose the right travel agency. Some big players, like I said above, are just looting, and I don't know who is booking with them.
Should you travel Japan in group or in customised package ?
As per my understanding and research, agencies charge the same for group tours as a good travel agency can for customized tours. So if, like us, you love to travel, put some efforts and find a good travel agency for JAPAN tour. Groups are a rigid way of travelling as per others minds. I may be crying for you, but your crying is right in my case.
Is it worth Staying in Mt Fuji ?
We have mixed opinions on this, me and my son liked the stay, but my daughter and husband found it a waste. It is just another quiet town which will give you a view of Mt Fuji if weather permits. Research and decide on your own.
Is it worth spending so much amount in Japan ?
This is a rational question. For our family we felt it was worth it, you will have to find your answer on your own.