About Goa Rajo Waterfall Bali

Goa Rajo is a hidden waterfall in the Gianyar region of Bali. This water fall is only few miles away from Tukkad waterfall. Because the waterfall is unexplored, very few tourists visit the place, however it is one of the most beautiful places in Bali. From the parking there is a around 1 miles walk till waterfall.

Unlike Tukkad water fall, you wont see much tourists and food joints around Goa Rajo water fall. It can indeed be called the hidden waterfall of Bali. When you complete your trek, you realise that there are actually 2 waterfalls, one can be described as Horizontal and the other is vertical in shape.The waterfall is sometimes called Goa Raja waterfall also.

Best time to Visit Goa Rajo Waterfall

Though it is an evergreen beauty and you will be amazed with it , any time you visit the place. Still, one can ignore the waterfall in the rains as the walk be become risky. The waterfall gets closed around 6:30PM, one can visit before the time and get amazed with the beauty.

2 waterfalls at Goa Rajo

There are 2 waterfalls at Goa Rajo, these 2 waterfalls are of different shapes. Tourists has given them the name, the first waterfall is popularly known as horizontal waterfall, and the other one is know as Vertical waterfall, obviously the names are on the basis of shapes.

The source of water for both the waterfalls is from the same cliff. It is amazing to experience these 2 waterfall at one sight. Goa Rajo is becoming popular day by day among tourists.

There is small cave at the end of  vertical waterfall, one can go inside the cave, find a place and relax for hours.

Frequently asked questions about Goa Rajo Waterfall

What is the opening and closing time of Goa Rajo waterfall ?
The opening time of Goa Rajo water fall is 7 AM and it gets closed by 6:30 pm.
What is the entrance fee of Goa Rajo waterfall ?
The entrance fee of Goa Rajo waterfall is 50,000 IDR per foreigner adult.
Can we swim at Goa Rajo Waterfall ?
Yes, there is a small water pond at Goa Rajo waterfall, local kids usually visit the place to enjoy their bath in the pond.
Is there a parking facility available at Goa Rajo waterfall ?
Yes, there is a parking facility available at Goa Rajo waterfall, however it is not as big as other famous waterfalls.
Is there any restaurant at Goa Rajo waterfall?
There is 1or 2 warungs available at the parking area of waterfall, however those are very basics and cannot be treated as a restaurants or food Joint.
Is there any temple on the way to waterfall ?
When you walk to reach the waterfall, there is a temple places in the middle. This temple is of Shiva, Parvati and Ganpati. You will have to pass this temple to reach out to waterfall.
Should we take our parents to this waterfall ?
It depends on the health condition, there are few steps and unmaintained bridges on the way. However, if compared with Tukkad waterfall, Goa Rajo's walk is still better.
Can i get beer at Goa Rajo waterfall ?
No, there is no shop for beer in the waterfall premises.

Video of Goa Rajo waterfall