Important to know about Culture house Korundi: Culture House Korundi, nestled in Rovaniemi, Lapland, stands as a beacon of artistic expression and cultural enrichment. This iconic institution seamlessly merges modern architecture with traditional Lappish charm. Within its walls, visitors encounter a kaleidoscope of artistic wonders, from contemporary art exhibitions to captivating multimedia displays. The concert hall resonates with the melodies of classical and contemporary music, enriching the cultural tapestry of the region. Additionally, the café offers a cozy retreat for patrons to savor refreshments, while the shop showcases unique souvenirs and handicrafts. Through events, workshops, and educational programs, Culture House Korundi invites all to immerse themselves in the boundless realms of creativity and imagination.

Important to know about Culture house Korundi

Table based on some statistics of Culture House Korundi:

Culture house KorundiStatistics
LocationRovaniemi, Lapland
Year Established1993
Architectural StyleModern with Lappish influences
Art CollectionsContemporary art exhibitions, multimedia displays
Concert Hall CapacityApproximately 300 seats
Events HostedClassical concerts, chamber music, contemporary shows
Café OfferingsRefreshments, snacks
Shop OfferingsUnique souvenirs, artwork, handicrafts
Annual VisitorsApproximately 50,000

Frequently asked questions about Culture house Korundi ?

What is Culture House Korundi?
Culture House Korundi is a cultural institution located in Rovaniemi, Finland, dedicated to promoting arts and culture in the Lapland region.
What can I expect to see at Culture House Korundi?
Visitors to Culture House Korundi can explore contemporary art exhibitions, multimedia displays, and attend musical performances in the concert hall.
How can I purchase tickets for events at Culture House Korundi?
Tickets for events at Culture House Korundi can be purchased online through their official website or at the box office on-site.
Is there parking available at Culture House Korundi?
Yes, Culture House Korundi has parking facilities available for visitors.
Are there restaurants available at Culture House Korundi?
Yes, Culture House Korundi has a café where visitors can enjoy refreshments and light snacks.
What are the opening hours of Culture House Korundi?
Culture House Korundi is typically open during regular business hours, but it's recommended to check their website or contact them directly for current opening hours.
Are there discounts available for students or seniors at Culture House Korundi?
Yes, Culture House Korundi offers discounted tickets for students, seniors, and other eligible groups. It's advisable to inquire about specific discounts when purchasing tickets.