Hello everyone! I am Murtaza Sheikh, from Dubai, UAE. I would like to thank Lestacworld for letting me share my experience of the Finland tour from UAE. My family (wife, son, and daughter) were looking to travel to Finland for holidays, especially to witness the northern lights. And finally, we were able to fulfill our dream, thanks to Lestacworld.com!

Planning of Finland tour from UAE

Well, to start with, I would like to point out that it is very difficult to get the right agency in the UAE to organize a Finland tour for you. We spent a lot of time searching for an agency that specializes in, or at least knows about, Finland. You search for it, call them, ask them for information, and you will learn that you know Finland better than they do. This happened to us many times, Insha Allah, until we finally found out about Lestacworld on Google.

The executive we had a chat with was amazingly knowledgeable about Finland. She addressed our queries, helped us know the facts, suggested the best time to travel to Finland from the UAE, and also recommended inclusions and hotels as per our requirements. We were also given the WhatsApp chat number of the Local Finland team, which was helpful as they customised our itinerary. The process went so smoothly that my manager connected with Lestacworld and completed the online process without the need for me to get personally involved.

Execution of Finland tour from UAE

Our flight from Dubai to Helsinki

Our flight from Dubai to Helsinki was on December 15.This was Qatar Airways Business Class, which had a layover in Doha.As expected with Qatar Airlines, the flight was comfortable and on time. It reached Helsinki in the afternoon, around 14:00 on December 16th.We had the same Airlines from Helsinki to Dubai on 25th December. Everything went smoothly, and by the way, I am writing this article while we are on our return flight journey.

Our Experience in Helsinki

Well, insha Allah, we were picked up on time after our arrival in Helsinki. The car for transfers was a luxury, which dropped us off at our hotel in Helsinki. Our stay was at the Scandic Grand Helsinki, which was a 5-star property and gave us an amazing stay. My kids just loved their stay there.

The next day, we went to Porvoo village from Helsinki, and it was a cute little colourful village.A peaceful place where anyone would love to spend their whole life. Our guide, Paivii, was a gem of a person, and kids loved her company.We ate lunch in the small cafe in the village and went back to our hotel in Helsinki.

The next day, we were picked up and dropped off at the airport for our next journey to Finnish Lapland.

Customize your itinerary on WhatsApp with our Finland team  +358 45 73962900

How we survived the winters of Helsinki

Hahaha, we were about this only until we reached Finland from UAE. We knew winter was going to be difficult for us.We were prepared with lots and lots of warm clothes in our bags, but trust me, no matter how much you prepare for it, when you arrive in Finland, the first day is going to be very difficult.

We are used to the weather being +45 degree Celsius, and we landed at -5 degree Celsius:) Wallah!. If anyone is planning, be prepared with warm clothes and a strong mind. Although the second day was less difficult and the third day was normal,

Our Stay in Igloo hotel near Ivalo

On our third day, we took the flight to Ivalo, a small town in Finnish Lapland. We were picked up and dropped off at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. They booked a large Igloo room for us. It was an amazing stay; we enjoyed the snowmobile safari, husky ride, and northern lights. Yes, at around 11 p.m., alarms started in every room of the resort. These alarms were because green northern lights showed up.

Dinner and breakfast were included in the resort; that was continental cuisine, and we were ok with that. Overall, we spent good enough time at this Igloo resort.

Our Stay in Rovaniemi

After staying for 2 nights in Igloo rooms near Ivalo, we started our journey to Rovaniemi in a private car.The roads were covered with snow, and it was an amazing sight. We reached Rovaniemi in 3 hours and checked in at the Arcitic City Hotel in Rovaniemi. Nice cozy rooms and in the centre of the city.Insha Allah, we found Arabic food in one of the restaurants in Rovaniemi.

The next day, we went to the Sampo Icebreaker Cruise in Kemi. Another experience that one can never get in or near the UAE. Board the cruise and see how it breaks the ice. We floated on a sea of ice, and it was an unforgettable experience.

The next day, we checked out of the hotel and kept our luggage in the hotel locker room to visit Santa Clause Village. The kids were too excited for it.It had too much to offer, like crossing the Arctic Circle and getting the certificate, meeting Santa, and going inside Snowman World and having lunch there. It was a great day for us.

We were dropped back at the hotel, where we picked up our bags, and then again, we went to Rovaniemi airport to board our flight, which was around 18:30 to Helsinki.

End of our Finland tour from UAE

Our beautiful journey through Finnish Lapland ended there.We went back to Helsinki, and the next day we boarded our flight back to Dubai. This journey of ours from Finland to the UAE gave us a lot. We will never be able to forget these memories. We promised ourselves that we would come back and visit Finland again.

Reviews of Lestacworld.com for the services they provided in Finland

Well, if you are looking to travel to Finland from the UAE, close your eyes and book it with lestacworld.com. They have their local existence in Finland. They give you the contact number, which is quite responsive even during non-working hours, which is uncommon in Europe.

You will not be left alone on tour; they will always text you and ask for your pickups, experiences of tours, hotel stays, etc. I give 5 stars to Lestacworld.com for the service they have provided.