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8 days Finland tour package

Helsinki, Finland

8 days Finland tour Package

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8 days Finland tour package

In this 8 days Finland tour package,You can view all of Finland, from its southernmost point at the town of Yyteri to its northernmost point in the region of Lapland. You’ve made it to Lapland, where you may relax and take part in a number of winter activities like dog sledding, safaris with reindeer, and snowmobile. You must stay in one of Ivalo’s upscale, glass-walled hotels.
Visit Santa at Rovaniemi, the Lapland region of Finland’s capital. This town above the Arctic Circle is widely renowned for its upscale accommodations and convenient services, making it a great choice for both families and lone travellers.

  • Travel to Helsinki
  • Porvoos
  • Keep the Ivalo Igloo
  • RovanemiasKemi

Finland Northern Lights

8 days Finland tour package for Northern lights.  The aurora borealis, also referred to as the northern lights, has enthralled mankind for ages. Although the Lapland, Finland, light show may be visually stunning, it is also very dangerous.

People on Earth are protected by the magnetic field from harmful solar particles that travel at a speed of 45 million miles per hour through the planet’s upper atmosphere (72 million kilometers per hour).

Scientists and skywatchers alike are amazed and excited by the cinematic atmospheric phenomenon that results when the particles are steered toward the poles by the Earth’s magnetic field (there are also southern lights, which you can read about below).


Northern lights related destinations

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  • 1 Day Helsinki city and Porvoo tour
  • Ivalo Glass Hotel Stay
  • Reindeer ride in Ivalo
  • Rovaniemi city tour
  • Santa Clause village tour
  • 1 day Kemi tour
  • Husky sledge ride
  • Northern lights hunt at Night in Rovaniemi


Day 1 : Pickup from the Helsinki Airport and check-in to your hotel to begin your 7 nights, 9 days trip of Finland
When you purchase a 7 nights,8 day vacation to Finland with us, Day 1 will begin upon your arrival at Helsinki Airport. Once you've done everything you need to do at the airport, like making any announcements and getting through customs, the driver will be waiting for you outside the terminal. To begin your stay, you will be picked up and driven to your hotel.
Indulge in the city's culture, nightlife, and architecture at your own pace.
Day 2 : Early Morning pick up for a flight from Helsinki to Ivalo + Pick up from Ivalo Airport + Stay in Glass Hotel
On this day, early in the morning, you will be picked up from the airport to catch a flight to Ivalo, the Lapish Northern Lights Viewpoint. To increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, we recommend staying in a glass igloo.
Spend your time in the hotel doing activities like the reindeer slide, etc.
Day 3 : Leave the Ivalo igloo and take a transfer to your hotel in Rovaniemi (288 km/ 6 hours), then go sightseeing in Rovaniemi on your own.
Take in the breathtaking scenery of the Ivalo this morning. After breakfast, please check out of the hotel so that we may arrange transportation to take you to Rovaniemi. It's a breathtaking drive through breathtaking surroundings. When you arrive in Rovaniemi, make your way to a comfortable hotel for the evening. If you go out late enough in Rovaniemi, you might find some fantastic restaurants serving the cuisines of your choosing.
Day 4 :Group bus tour of Santa Claus Village, city of Rovaniemi, and search for the northern lights at night
Your 8 days Finland tour package today will see you touring Rovaniemi,After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, I made my way to the capital of Lapland.

A trip to Rovaniemi wouldn't be complete without a stop at Santa Claus Village, which is the real home of Santa Claus. Your Rovaniemi sightseeing should begin with visits to the city's most famous sights. If you need help, see Santa in his workshop at the enchanted Santa Claus Village. When you're done sending letters with a Santa Claus stamp, celebrating your passage beyond the Arctic Circle, or whatever else, you can kill time at the gift stores, winter activities, cafés, and other establishments that make up Santa's Main Post Office.

After being dropped off at the hotel, your Santa Claus-themed Rovaniemi city tour will come to a close. During this three-hour evening tour, you'll visit one of the best spots in the area around Rovaniemi to look for the Northern Lights and stargaze. Embark on a journey through the countryside to a secluded spot by the sea, where a warm Finnish tent and a roaring fire await. The last step is to employ a knowledgeable local guide to keep watch for the lights. While waiting for the lights and feasting on warm fruit juice and other delicacies, you will hear incredible stories. Maybe the event itself will be visible to you!
Day 5 :From Rovaniemi, take a day trip to Kemi (Includes Ice breaker Ship)
On your third morning in Rovaniemi, you will be picked up from your accommodation and driven the 116 kilometers to the coastal village of Kemi. Although the trip will take around an hour, the beautiful views along the route will make the trip well worth it. Tonight, the guests will be treated to a traditional Lappish feast.

During the cold Finnish winter, the beautiful Kemi Castle on Bothnian Bay shines out like a kingdom from a fairy tale. Every year in January, a crew of local architects and designers gets together to reimagine the massive and one-of-a-kind Snow Castle. Only until the light breaks through the clouds this spring can melting begin.

People come from all over the world to get married, and the area provides a hotel, an art gallery, and a church for these grand occasions. We're talking about walls that are over twelve feet high here. Brilliant lights illuminate every crevice of the enormous ice walls, enhancing the castle's already stunning appearance. The castle attracts a wide range of creative types, many of whom leave memento ice sculptures in the seashore structure as a reminder of their time there. Every day, kids and adults alike look forward to seeing Arttu and Terttu, the Snow Castle's two one-of-a-kind mascots.

When in Lapland, take a three-hour cruise across the frozen Bothnian Sea. The three-hour tour will take you below deck to witness the ship's engines and then up to the captain's bridge, where you'll get a bird's-eye view of the ship's operations. An 11-minute film on icebreakers from across the world is featured in the tour's icebreaker theater and is translated into 16 languages via the tour's audio guide app. To pass the time, you could either go for a walk on the sea ice or warm up with some hot juice in the saloon. The ice-free pool is open for use, but guests must have their own survival flotation equipment. As a farewell gift from the captain, everyone on board will get a certificate good for a cruise and a swim.
Day 6 : Hotel departure, Rovaniemi to Helsinki flight, hotel check-in, and Helsinki sightseeing. The City is yours to discover at your own pace.
You are required to depart from your Rovaniemi hotel immediately following breakfast today. In accordance with your flight's time, you'll be delivered to the terminal. Pickup and transfer back to your hotel will be arranged for when you land in Helsinki. You can spend the day doing whatever you like in Helsinki, including going shopping.
There may be a plethora of environmentally friendly furniture, clothing, and accessories to be found in Helsinki. There is a plethora of undiscovered treasures to be found in the stores, boutiques, secret shops, flea markets, shopping malls, and shopping complexes. Fantastic people could be waiting to help you at the counters.
There is a wide variety of retail options, from a lively market square to high-end malls, in this area.
Pohjoisesplanadi is a one-kilometer commercial and tourist district in the heart of Helsinki. The Katajanoka area's Mannerheimintie Channel is thus enlarged.
Where the locals hang out, at the Market.
The eastern portion of the roadway runs parallel to the northern edges of the Market Square and the Esplanade Park. One can find a wide variety of stores, boutiques, and art galleries in this district.
Day 7 : Consume a morning meal Upon checking out of the hotel, you'll embark on a sightseeing journey of Helsinki and its neighboring region, Porvoo.
Have breakfast the morning of your Helsinki sightseeing trip. Your bags will remain in the car once you check out of the hotel. Your day 7 of your 7 nights trip through Finland begins today.
Explore the vibrant capital of Helsinki after a guided beach trip of picturesque Porvoo. Visit iconic landmarks like Uspensky Cathedral, Sibelius Park, and the Olympic Stadium to learn more about Porvoo and Helsinki's illustrious past.

Your guide will be waiting for you at Helsinki Harbor. Travel in style to Porvoo, Finland's second-oldest city. As your tour guide leads you down the coast, be on the lookout for the gorgeous red homes. You should check out the local stores and galleries, as well as the Town Square and the Old Church, while you're in town.

Now is as good a time as any to make the trip back to Helsinki from Porvoo. The Esplanadi Street and Grand Mannerheim Boulevard neighborhood is the focus of this bus tour. The Presidential Palace, the National Museum, Parliament, and the Finlandia Concert Hall are all visible from here.
Pay your respects in the park dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The Sibelius Monument is a sculpture fashioned from a wide range of steel pipes; have a look.

After your time in the park, you can go on to the location of the 1952 Summer Olympics. We've reached the Rock Church, a beautiful structure that was hewn from the rock and topped with a copper dome. Uspensky Cathedral is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe, and this is the entryway.

Visit Helsinki Central Station to take in the beautiful Havis Amanda Fountain and the old clock tower. Take some time to relax and enjoy the waterfront market and local fare after your tour.

After a day of sightseeing in Helsinki and Porvoo, you'll be returned to your accommodation.
Day 8 : Package ends with airport drop-off after 8 days and 7 nights in Finland for a tour package
It appears that your trip of 7 nights and 8 days in Finland has come to an end. In the morning, you'll have breakfast at the hotel before being taken by shuttle to the Helsinki airport. We strive to make your experience with us one to remember. Your trip to one of the world's most stunning destinations ensures that you won't soon forget it.


  • 1 nights Accommodation in Helsinki
  • 1 Night Accommodation in Ivalo
  • 3 nights Accommodation in Rovaniemi
  • 2 Night Accommodation in Helsinki
  • Breakfast
  • Transport
  • Airport Transfer
  • Ivalo Glass Hotel Stay
  • Reindeer ride in Ivalo
  • Rovaniemi city tour
  • Santa Clause village tour
  • Husky sledge ride
  • 1 day Kemi tour
  • Northern lights hunt at Night in Rovaniemi
  • 1 Day Helsinki city and Porvoo tour
  • Shopping
  • Visa
  • Tips
  • Dinner
  • Lunch(Except Mentioned in Itinerary)
  • International flights
  • Domestic Flights from Helsinki to Ivalo
  • Domestic Flights from Rovaniemi to Helsinki

Cities involved in this Tour Package


Transfers Type

Domestic Flight
Sharing Transfers

Tour's Location

Helsinki, Finland


What should you bring on a Finland tour package ?
You should keep these things with you while on a Finland tour package -

Thermal underwear
Thin socks
Hiking socks/wool socks
Thin and thick sweaters
Jeans/long pants
Hiking pants
Wind- and rainproof jacket
Rainproof (overcoat) pants
Fleece jacket
Scarf/multi-functional scarf
Thin gloves
Waterproof (hiking) shoes
Slippers and/or flip-flops
Very important: Sleeping mask and
Cancellation Policy of 8 days Finland tour package ?
Cancellation Policy (Per Person)
10 days before tour 100%
10 to 15 days 75% + Non Refundable Component
15 to 30 days 30% + Non Refundable Component
Hotel / Air 100% in case of non-refundable ticket / Hotel Room
Cruise / Visa On Actuals
Terms and conditions of Finland tour package of 8 days ?
All quoted costs are contingent on availability, but we do not anticipate any delays in validating the given quote at this time.

The tour fees are identical for both Indian nationals and non-citizens with a valid Resident Permit to reside in India.

Availability is verified prior to booking confirmation.

Hotel rooms are only guaranteed if they exist.

No hotel, airline, or conference room reservations are presently held in our name. We will not know if a particular date and time is available until we submit a reservation request.

Any applicable holiday surcharge is additional.

Flight delays, modifications, and cancellations are always the responsibility of the passenger. Akbar Holidays is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred as a result of the delay, modification, or cancellation.


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As always, dealing with Lestacworld has been a fantastic experience for us. Our fantastic excursion begins before we even make a reservation. It’s incredible how well everything works. The journey went without a hitch, and we had the best autumn in Scandinavia imaginable. How peaceful, lovely, and picture-perfect. Words don’t always do justice. Fantastic overnight train, LDC, and cruise adventures. Lestacworld did an amazing job organizing the trip. I’m interested in taking another vacation with Lestacworld. That was a great way to kick off my trip to Europe, I thought.
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