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9 Nights Finland’s Lapland tour package

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos, Lehtoahontie, Sinettä, Finland

9 Nights Finland Tour Package

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9 Nights Finland's Lapland tour package

In this 9 nights Finland’s lapland tour package, We will  start from exploring the amazing Helsinki city, its culture, a beautiful Old wooden Town Porvoo and much more.

After your exploration of Capital city of Finland, Helsinki for 3 nights, we will make you transfer to Lapland, which is in Northern Finland. If your motive is to experience northern lights, then Lapland should be your destination in Finland. Rovaniemi is the biggest city of Lapland which has amazing resorts and things to do. Be it Santa Clause Visit, Husky ride, Reindeer Farm or Ice Breaker Bridge in Kemi, you can experience everything activities to the fullest.

Lestacworld is one of the success-full travel companies that is organising Finland tour packages without errors with better prices compared to market.

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Finland Northern Lights in Lapland

Since the beginning of time, the aurora borealis, also referred to as the northern lights, has held a special allure for the human race. In this 9 nights Finland tour package we will keep on exploring Northern lights in Lapland.

The magnetic field of the Earth shields its inhabitants from dangerous solar particles that travel through the upper atmosphere of the planet at a speed of 45 million kilometers per hour (72 million kilometers per hour).

An atmospheric phenomena that amazes and captivates scientists and skywatchers happens when the particles are diverted toward the poles by the magnetic field of the Earth. This phenomenon is known as the aurora borealis (there are also southern lights, which you can read about below).




  • 1 Day Helsinki city and Porvoo tour
  • Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass IgloosReindeer ride in Ivalo
  • Rovaniemi city tour
  • Santa Clause village tour
  • Husky sledge ride
  • 1 day Kemi tour
  • Northern lights hunt at Night in Rovaniemi
  • Northern Lights Tour by Snowmobile from Rovaniemi
  • Ice Breaker Tour in Kemi


Day 1 : Finland's Helsinki Airport Welcome and Hotel checkin for your 9 nights Finland tour package + Free Day for you
When you book a 9-night Finland tour package with us, you'll start Day 1 when you touch down at Helsinki Airport. Once you have done everything you need to do at the airport, like making announcements and going through customs, our driver will be waiting for you outside the terminal. After being picked up, you'll be taken to the hotel to settle in.
Explore the city on your own and have an amazing experience of culture, nightlife, and architecture.
Day 2 : Have breakfast After leaving the hotel, you will have a tour of Porvoo (Approx. 4 - 6 Hours)
In the morning, have breakfast and get ready for the Porvoo tour from Helsinki.
This full-day tour from Helsinki is the best way to make memories that will last a lifetime while traveling in Finland. This journey is the ideal way to get a taste of the best that Finnish culture and environment have to offer. Your wilderness guide will take you on a relaxing walk through a national park in Finland while telling you interesting things about Finnish culture along the way. In addition, you will have time to have lunch as well as explore the nearby lake and forest. Following a reviving encounter with the natural world, we will go to the enchanted old town of Porvoo.

After making the thirty-minute trip from Helsinki to the national park, we will start our hike on a path that is rated as easy and is appropriate for people of all ages and physical abilities. During the entirety of your walk, your guide will be available to provide you with entertaining information about the region around you and to assist you in obtaining answers to any questions that you might have.

In the national park, our destination is a gazebo made of wood that is situated in a picturesque location next to a lake. You will have the opportunity to shoot as many photographs as you like and explore your surroundings while your guide starts the fire and prepares lunch.

Following our lunch break, we will make our way on foot back to the vehicle so that we can resume our adventure. We are planning to stay at the national park for close to two hours in total.

Time spent: three hours

Porvoo Old Town is located at the intersection of Jokikatu and Mannerheiminkatu in Porvoo, Finland 06100.

We will visit the medieval city of Porvoo, which is located roughly 35 minutes of driving time away from the national park. The following two hours will be spent touring the most prominent sites in the old town, such as the cathedral that was built in the 13th century, the colorful village cottages, the market square, and the well-known chocolate shop in Porvoo.

We will leave Porvoo after spending around two hours there, and then travel back to Helsinki to deliver you to your lodging there.
Day 3 : Checkout from Helsinki Hotel + Transfer to Helsinki Train Station + Board Train to Rovaniemi (Approx 8 Hours) + Transfer to Rovaniemi Hotel + Checkin
On this day of your 9-night Finland-Lapland tour package, you will check out in the morning after having breakfast. After an early breakfast, get ready for pickup up to the Helsinki railway station, from where you will get a train to Rovaniemi.
It will be an approax 8 :30 hours Journey. If train schedules are available when you book this 9-night Finland-Lapland tour package,

From Helsinki - 8:24
Reaching Rovaniemi - 16:46

After arriving in Rovaniemi, you will be picked up for a transfer to the Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos. Check in to the hotel and have an amazing time searching for the Northern Lights.
Day 4 : Enjoy Husky, Reindeer Farm and Santa Village Experience From Rovaniemi
Enjoy three quintessential Lapland experiences without spending all day out in the snow. Visit a reindeer farm and have chance to ride in a reindeer-pulled sleigh, then visit a husky dog farm, where you can meet the dogs and puppies, and hop aboard for a short sled ride. Finally, arrive at the Santa Claus Village and enjoy free time to browse the shops, meet Santa, or post a letter from the official post office.

These are Inclusions -

Reindeer Farm Visit
Sleight Ride Reindeer 500 mts
Warm snacks & Tea
Pickup / Drop off at Hotel Accommodation in Rovaniemi
Husky Farm Visit
Husky Sleigh Ride 500 mts
Free Time in Santa Claus Village
Professional Guide in English
Day 5 : Today Enjoy Northern Lights Tour by Snowmobile from Rovaniemi ( Start 20:00 PM for approx. 3 hours)
In the morning, have breakfast and spend an amazing time in your beautiful accommodations. Then in the night, as you move ahead for your 3-hour snowmobile safari through Lapland's snowy trails, you can look for the Northern Lights in the night sky over Rovaniemi and the area around it. Stop to take pictures and enjoy sausages grilled over a fire.

As you ride your snowmobile through the dark, starry night in Lapland, you'll be amazed by how beautiful the night is. In search of the magical aurora borealis, or northern lights, you will go into the mysterious snowy forest and away from the city lights.

On a 2-hour ride through the forests of Lapland outside the city of Rovaniemi, you will learn the basics of how to drive a snowmobile.

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon that can't always be predicted. To see this spectacular show in the northern sky, you'll need to be in the right place at the right time.

Stop along the way to build a fire and cook some sausages on the grill. The whole program, including getting ready, takes 3 hours. Snowmobile rides take about an hour and a half to an hour and a half and a half.
Day 6 : Checkout from Rovaniemi Hotel + Transfer to Train Station + Train to Kemi (1:45 hours Approx.) + Pick Up from Kemi Station + Checkin to Hotel
On this day in the morning, have breakfast and get ready for your train journey to Rovaniemi. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Rovaniemi train station.
You will board the train at the scheduled time, and after arriving in Kemi, you will be picked up and dropped off at the hotel.

Free day for you today
Day 7 : Ice Breaker tour in Kemi
You will begin your journey after breakfast today, the eighth morning of your 9 nights Finland-Lapland tour package; it will be an icebreaker tour for you.
In Lapland, the Polar Explorer tourist icebreaker takes people on a 3-hour cruise on the frozen water of the Bothnian Sea. During the 3-hour tour, you'll see how well the ship breaks through ice and get a guided tour that goes all the way down to the engine rooms and all the way up to the captain's bridge. The tour is available in 16 languages through an audio guide app, and the icebreaker cinema has an 11-minute movie about icebreakers from all over the world. During the stop, you can chill out in the cozy saloon with a warm juice or go for a walk on the frozen sea ice. The icebreaker breaks up a pool of ice so that anyone can swim in the dark, cold water while wearing a survival suit. The captain will give everyone a Cruise and Swim Certificate as a gift to remember.

Icebreaker cruise 3 h
Guided tour by audio guide
Walking on ice
Swimming in survival suites
Film in icebreaker cinema
Hot drink
Cruise & Swim certificate
Day 8 : Checkout from Hotel + Transfer to Kemi Airport + Flight from Kemi to Helsinki + Transfer to Hotel + Free day
On this day, you will have breakfast and checkout from the hotel. You will be dropped off at Kemi Airport, from where you will take a flight to Helsinki. After arriving in Helsinki, you will be picked up and dropped off at a hotel in the city.
It will then be a free day for you to explore nearby markets.
Day 9 : Free Day in Helsinki for Shopping and self exploration
Free Day in Helsinki for Shopping and self exploration
Day 10 : Drop to Airport + End of 9 nights Finland Lapland tour package
Your 9 nights Finland Lapland tour package will come to an end today. After breakfast, you will be checked out of the hotel and transferred to the Helsinki airport. We're committed to providing you with a memorable service. You will never forget your vacation because you went to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


  • 2 nights Accommodation in Helsinki
  • 3 nights Accommodation in Rovaniemi
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Kemi
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Helsinki
  • Breakfast
  • Transport in Coach
  • Airport Transfer on PVT basis
  • 1 Day Helsinki city and Porvoo tour
  • Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass IgloosReindeer ride in Ivalo
  • Rovaniemi city tour
  • Santa Clause village tour
  • Husky sledge ride
  • Northern Lights Tour by Snowmobile from Rovaniemi
  • Ice Breaket Tour in Kemi
  • Shopping
  • Visa
  • Tips
  • Dinner
  • Lunch(Except Mentioned in Itinerary)
  • International flights
  • Domestic Flights from Helsinki to Ivalo
  • Domestic Flights from Rovaniemi to Helsinki

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Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos, Lehtoahontie, Sinettä, Finland


What should you bring on a Finland tour package ?
You should keep these things with you while on a Finland tour package -

Thermal underwear
Thin socks
Hiking socks/wool socks
Thin and thick sweaters
Jeans/long pants
Hiking pants
Wind- and rainproof jacket
Rainproof (overcoat) pants
Fleece jacket
Scarf/multi-functional scarf
Thin gloves
Waterproof (hiking) shoes
Slippers and/or flip-flops
Very important: Sleeping mask and
Cancellation Policy of 9 nights Finland Lapland tour package ?
Cancellation Policy (Per Person)
10 days before tour 100%
10 to 15 days 75% + Non Refundable Component
15 to 30 days 30% + Non Refundable Component
Hotel / Air 100% in case of non-refundable ticket / Hotel Room
Cruise / Visa On Actuals
Terms and conditions of 9 nights Finland Lapland tour package ?
All quoted costs are contingent on availability, but we do not anticipate any delays in validating the given quote at this time.

The tour fees are identical for both Indian nationals and non-citizens with a valid Resident Permit to reside in India.

Availability is verified prior to booking confirmation.

Hotel rooms are only guaranteed if they exist.

No hotel, airline, or conference room reservations are presently held in our name. We will not know if a particular date and time is available until we submit a reservation request.

Any applicable holiday surcharge is additional.

Flight delays, modifications, and cancellations are always the responsibility of the passenger. Akbar Holidays is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred as a result of the delay, modification, or cancellation.


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