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7 days Finland and Iceland tour package

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7 days Finland and Iceland tour package

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7 days Finland and Iceland tour package

About Finland

7 days Finland and Iceland tour package –  Finland is a fantastic travel destination since it is endowed with a magical Lapland, charming cities, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Start your Finland holiday package by preparing to be enchanted by the country’s endless lakes, reviving forests, and pristine natural landscapes, all of which will do wonders for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Like the allure of the wild and the mystery of the Northern Lights, the allure of its well-designed modern towns and distinctive cuisine is undeniable.
Finland is a terrific vacation destination because of its stunning natural features, lovely cities, the appeal of Lapland, and the abundance of options for outdoor adventure. Finland’s natural beauty will do wonders for your emotional, bodily, and spiritual well-being, so pack your bags and get ready to be enchanted by the country’s countless lakes, revitalizing woods, and untouched landscapes. The well-planned, contemporary cities and distinctive cuisine are just as appealing as the outdoors and the mystique of the Northern Lights.
Helsinki serves as a gateway to the rest of Finland and Scandinavia, and the city itself is worth visiting for its stunning architecture, delicious island eateries, lively music festivals, and traditional Suomi cuisine. Tourists flock to Arctic Lapland in the north to see the beautiful northern lights and to Western Finland, commonly called “A Land of Thousand Lakes,” for its endless picturesque lakes. Adventure tourists will love cruising the Helsinki archipelago and exploring the area’s untamed wildness. Relax in the hotel’s Finnish-style sauna after a day of sight-seeing and adventuring. National parks and forest trails are ideal for hikers, and exotic adventure activities like reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, and canoeing attract adrenaline junkies. We propose ending your fantastic adventure through Finland with a visit to Rovaniemi, where Santa Claus Town is located, and letting your inner child run wild.

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About Iceland

7 days Finland and Iceland tour package – Iceland is a nation consisting of a chain of islands in the North Atlantic. Due to its location on the ever-changing geological boundary between North America and Europe, Iceland is a country with striking climatic, physical, and cultural differences. Many homes and structures are heated by hot geysers, and year-round hothouse farming is possible. The Gulf Stream, which flows offshore, is responsible for the area’s very mild temperature, especially considering its position as one of the world’s most northernly inhabited regions. The country is dotted with glittering glaciers, the greatest of which is Europe’s Vatna Glacier (Vatnajökull).

Over a thousand years ago, at the time of the Viking exploration, a culture with roots in both Norse and Celtic traditions settled in what is now Iceland. Norwegian sailors and explorers made up the majority of the first settlement, which sparked further exploration of Greenland and the North American coast (which the Norse called Vinland). Isolated from its closest European neighbor, Scotland, by roughly 500 miles, Iceland has historically preserved a sizable portion of European culture (800 km). The Icelandic sagas are widely considered to be among the greatest literary achievements of the Middle Ages due to the unique way in which they convey a European viewpoint while yet honoring the history and traditions of a people located far from the commercial and cultural hubs of Europe. Most of the sagas focus on heroic deeds committed by early settlers to the island.





  • Golden Circle Tour of Reykjavik
  • Seljalandsfoss Visit
  • Skogafoss
  • Black sand Beach
  • Vik
  • Skaftafell National park
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Northern lights hunt at Night in Rovaniemi


Day 1 : Arrival at Helsinki Airport of Finland + Checkin to Hotel
On day 1 of your 6 nights 7 days Finland and Iceland tour package, you will arrive at the Helsinki airport. After you've done everything you need to do at the airport, our driver will be waiting for you in the area marked for airport arrivals. Following the pick-up, you will be delivered to Helsinki Airport, which is also the location of your food service.
Day 2 : Checkout from Helsinki Hotel + Drop to Hotel + Flight to Reykjavik + Checkin to Reykjavik Hotel
In the morning, have breakfast and get ready for the pickup for your flight to Reykjavik. It will be an amazing journey for you, and the destination is even more beautiful. Once you reach Reykjavik Airport, you will be transferred to the Reykjavik Hotel.
Check in to the hotel and explore the amazing city on your own. Trust us, Lestacworld is going to make your 7 days Finland and Iceland tour package mindblowing.
Day 3: Golden Circle Tour of Reykjavik
In the morning, after breakfast in your hotel, please get ready for the Golden Circle Tour of Reykjavik.
Experience the Golden Circle on a Grand Tour. Iceland is a popular destination for tourists who want to learn about the country's rich history, unique culture, and beautiful scenery. Visit all the tourist hotspots in Iceland, and you'll pick up a wealth of information about the country's rich history.

You can Acquire knowledge about past civilizations and ways of life
One of the best parts of this "golden circle" trip through Iceland is going to Ingvellir National Park, which is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also has a lot of cultural, historical, and geological value. Seeing as how it is a guided nighttime tour of the Golden Circle, you will be able to learn all the insider tips and tricks about the area.
A famous hot spring can be found here, not far from the Haukadalur Valley, surrounded by boiling pools and scalding muck. Stokkur, one of the hot springs that erupts every 6–10 minutes, is also accessible on this Golden Circle tour of Reykjavik.
Gullfoss Waterfalls, one of the most popular cascading waterfalls you'll see on your journey to the Golden Circle, is a sight to see. The abundance of silt and other particles give the water in this area its distinctive golden hue, which is one of the reasons why the area is so popular. This Reykjavik trip, the Golden Circle Tour, will take you to the sites of several well-known acts of environmental resistance.
This evening's Golden Circle trip will help calm your racing heart with its breathtaking scenery and seemingly endless options for adrenaline-pumping activities. Our tour guides and adventure leaders are very knowledgeable, and they will teach you the basics and go over safety procedures. We guarantee that you will have a fantastic experience participating in these activities with the help of our knowledgeable guides.

Schedule-wise, the trip would begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. On the Golden Circle trip, you will spend roughly 8 hours touring Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal region, and the Gullfoss Waterfall.
Day 4: Checkout from Reykjavik Hotel + Seljalandsfoss Visit + Skogafoss + Black sand Beach + Vik
In the morning, have breakfast and checkout from the Reykjavik Hotel, then start your journey for Seljalandsfoss.
The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, which is 60 meters tall and is on the southern coast of Iceland, is a popular tourist spot because it can be walked around (200 feet).

It's easy to find vacation packages, like this 6-day summer tour, or independent travel itineraries, like this 10-day road trip, that provide ample time to see Seljalandsfoss. Those who take a trip along the South Coast or drive themselves can get to the waterfall within a few hours from the city center.

Because it is close to the Ring Road and has beautiful natural features, the waterfall is a popular place for tourists to visit. It's one of the most iconic images of Iceland because of how majestic and beautiful it is.

Ecology and Geology of the Area
The Seljalandsfoss waterfall is located on the river Seljalandsá, which has its source in the glacier Eyjafjallajökull. There was a volcano beneath this ice cap that erupted in 2010, closing airports across Europe.

From the location, you can see the sea, which is now located across a stretch of lowlands, and the narrow but high cliff from which the falls drop.


With a staggering breadth of 25 meters (82 feet) and a plunge of 60 meters (197 feet), Skógafoss is one of Iceland's largest and most spectacular waterfalls.

A stop at the waterfall is part of many self-drive tours and vacation packages across the country, like this 10-Day Road Trip and this 6-Day Winter Guided Tour. Skogafoss is a staple of nearly every South Coast itinerary. Those who have rented a car will find it easy to get to this waterfall because it is close to the Ring Road.

This impressive waterfall on the Skógá river can be seen from Route 1, making it a great rest stop for anyone touring the south coast of Iceland. Anglers go to the river below Skógafoss every summer to take advantage of the abundant char and salmon populations.

The spray from the waterfall guarantees the presence of at least one rainbow whenever the sun pokes out from behind the clouds.

Black Sand beach Iceland

On the south coast of Iceland, near the sleepy fishing town of Vik Myrdal, sits the world-famous black-sand beach known as Reynisfjara.

Many South Coast tours, like this 6-day summer getaway package, include stops there. Guests who want to be in charge of their own transportation can choose a self-drive trip, like the 10-Day Summer Adventure, or hire a vehicle to see Iceland's natural beauty at their own speed.

Vik Iceland

Vk may be found due south of Mrdalsjökull, a glacier that rests on the Katla volcano. Katla has been inactive since 1918, which is significantly longer than its average dormant period, leading some to believe that an eruption is imminent. Katla's eruption might cause enough ice to melt to set off a massive flash flood, one that could wash away the entire town. The town's church, perched on a hilltop, is perhaps the only structure in town that could withstand such a deluge. [6] As a result, the VK population has regular exercises and is prepared to flee to the church at the first hint of an eruption. (Citation required) Scientists and visitors can stay in one of the town's 1,400 hotel rooms, where they will receive a safety briefing on Katla.
Day 5: Skaftafell National park + Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
Both Skaftafell National Park and the Jokulsárlón glacial lagoon are considered to be among the most breathtaking natural sights in all of Iceland, and we will get the opportunity to visit both of these locations today. The breathtaking Skaftafell National Park is where the day starts off for you. In the midst of the Skeiarárasandur sand dunes and the huge tongues of the Vatnajokull glacier lies a birch grove that serves as somewhat of an oasis. The next stop will be to Jokulsárlón, a glacial lagoon known for being one of the most popular tourist locations in Iceland. Occasionally, a large number of massive icebergs may break off of the glacier and calve into the lagoon. These icebergs will ultimately melt as they make their way out to sea. A pause for photographs and a leisurely stroll around the lagoon, taking in the beautiful surroundings, are in order. Visitors to this lagoon have the opportunity to go on a ride in a boat populated by amphibians from the months of May through November (Subject to weather condition). Diamond Beach is located on the other side of the lagoon, and it is a beach composed of volcanic ash and black sand. Icebergs that have floated down from the Breidamerkurjokull glacier wash up on this beach.
Day 6: Checkout Vik Hotel + Transfer to Reykjavik Airport + Flight Rovaniemi + Checkin to Rovaniemi Hotel + Norhtern lights hunting tour
On this day in the morning after breakfast on the 6th day of your 7 days Finland and Iceland tour package, get ready to get transferred to Reykjavik Airport. Take your flight to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland and check in to your hotel. In the night, do your Northern Lights hunting tour; if you are lucky, you will be experiencing one of the best miracles of nature in the form of the Northern Lights.
Day 7 : Checkout from Rovaniemi Hotel + Transfer to Rovaniemi Airport + End of your 7 days Finland and Iceland tour
In the morning of the 7th day of your 6 nights Finland and Iceland tour package, you will be transferred to Rovaniemi international airport for your flight to your native place. It marks an official end to your Finland and Iceland tour package.


  • 1 night Accommodation in Helsinki
  • 2 nights Accommodation in Reykjavik
  • 1 Night stay in Vik
  • 1 night Accommodation in Rovaniemi
  • Breakfast
  • Domestic Flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and return
  • Transport
  • Airport Transfer
  • Golden Circle Tour of Reykjavik
  • Seljalandsfoss Visit
  • Skogafoss
  • Black sand Beach
  • Vik
  • Skaftafell National park
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Northern lights hunt at Night in Rovaniemi
  • Shopping
  • Visa
  • Tips
  • Dinner
  • Lunch(Except Mentioned in Itinerary)
  • International flights

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