T20 World Cup holiday package from India.- India loves cricket more than any country around the world. Though Britishers invented cricket as a game, in a true sense Indians own it. It has been a long journey starting from when Indians played their first international game without shoes and kit but tables have turned up now :).If you are a cricket lover and loves to be in stadiums for live matches, then you must be seeking T20 world packages from India in UAE and Oman. Also, read – T20 world cup 2021 travel package & India Vs Pakistan match ticket price

T20 World Cup Packages from India

Planning for an event in middle east countries and that too in Covid times is a difficult thing to do. We as a travel coordinator has taken up the responsibility to make it easier for you. We have experience in arranging travel for Dubai Expos, Fifa world cups packages, Cricket tournaments and Olympic games.

With our experiences, we are jotting down points that are required to be considered before booking T20 world cup packages from India.

Covid Restrictions

Travel is the most affected thing after COvid around the world. There were travel restrictions implemented by almost every country around the world due to Covid. However things got better, authorities learnt how to deal with travellers at airports. Covid tests got reasonable and the world is getting vaccinated with pace.

Though restrictions are eased by most of the countries, it is not totally lifted. There are still a lot of formalities one will have to go through before travelling to UAE & Oman.

After the second wave and the emergence of the Delta variant in India, most countries restricted people who were travelling directly from India.UAE was one of those, however, from August-end UAE are allowing people from India to be in the country. Many people were already expecting this move because of the Dubai Expo, IPL and world cup which is going to happen in the UAE in the last months of 2021.

Match schedule of your favourite team

The match schedule is obviously one of the most important factors one will have to consider before booking a T20 world cup package from India in 2021. One will have to check the schedule of the matches of the favourite team. The date of travel will largely be dependent on the schedule of the matches one would want to attend. This world cup 2021 is happening in UAE and Oman and the match venues will obviously be in different regions.

Visa formalities

As already mentioned T20 world cup 2021 is going to happen in 2 different countries and for Indians, a visa is a requirement. However, UAE and Oman are giving an option of Applying e-visa without submitting passports to the embassy. Though the visa is not a big issue for these countries, it is very important to keep it in line otherwise the whole plan can be ruined.

Documents required for Visa processing
  • Scanned Passport copies
  • Scanned Passport size photos
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Return Air ticket

Match Ticket categories

Well, when you will at the stadium you would want the clear and best view. There are different classes of tickets that will be sold depending on the view, comfort and inclusions. It is very important to book the preferred match seats on time otherwise the whole experience will be ruined.

Ticket categories in the T20 world cup matches
  • Gold Tickets
  • Platinum Tickets

Airlines policies

Airlines policies are very important to be checked before initiating for booking, though there are many considerations still we will try to convey few in layman language –

  • Cancellation Policy
  • RTPCR test requirement and time frame
  • Rapid PCR test requirement
  • Layover policy (If the flight is via any other country)
  • Baggage policies
  • Meal Policies
  • Consent form Signing
  • Web checkin policy

Hotel Accomodation

To enter Dubai one will have to show proper accommodation details. It is very important to book accommodation as per the scheduled matches.UAE and Oman have an infrastructure that offers a wide range of accommodation options as per the preference of customers. Starting from 2* options to 7*, these countries are capable of everything.


Connectivity from Airport to Hotel, Hotel to Stadium, other stadiums and all other important points is very important. To ignore missing out on an important part of the itinerary, it is very important for all the transfers to be pre-arranged.

In which stadiums T20 world cup matches will be played?

Below are the stadiums in which T20 world cup matches will be played-

  • Dubai International Cricket Stadium

  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium

  • Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium

  • Oman Cricket Academy Ground
  • What will be the Cost of the T20 world cup package from India?

    The cost will depend on the matches one would want to follow and how the teams perform. However, without match tickets, the T20 world cup package from India would cost somewhere around 2500 USD with 4* hotels and flights.

    When is the India vs Pakistan match of the T20 world cup?

    The India vs Pakistan T20 world cup match will be played on 24th October.

    In which Stadium India vs Pakistan T20 match will be played?

    The India vs Pakistan T20 match will be played at Dubai international stadium, Dubai

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