Best Hotels In Bali that serves Indian Vegetarian Food

Bali is the most famous holiday destination among Indian travellers. These travellers are usually Honeymooners, families and religious tourists. Bali gives a package of everything that includes adventurous activities like ATV rides and water sports, also Hindu temples at the most amazing Sunset points. There are lush green forests where active volcanoes exist. Romantic candlelight options also give a romantic theme to the Bali tour. Indians are usually more inclined towards their food and more importantly if the person is vegetarian. We have experienced a lot of demand where Indian travellers usually ask for Indian vegetarian food where they are staying. In this article, we are going to discuss on best hotels in Bali that serve Indian Vegetarian food.

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Important to know about vegetarian food in Bali

Floating breakfast with Vegetarian meal served in Bali

List of Best Hotels in Bali that serves Indian vegetarian food

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1) The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

Westin Resort Nusa Dua is a reputed 5* hotel in Bali. Everyone knows about this Marriot brand’s service quality. In Bali, the speciality of this beach resort is the food by Indian Chef Mr Manoj Rawat. The Indian vegetarian Meal food in Westin Nusa Dua is served in the restaurant area.

There are below restaurants in Westin Nusa Dua in which they serve different cuisines – 

  1. Prego – Italian
  2. Hamabe Japanese Restaurant – Japanese

  3. The Lobby Bar & Lounge – Deli

  4. Seasonal Tastes – International

  5. Ikan Restaurant & Bar – Indonesian -Cuisine

  6. Velada- Temporary – Asian

  7. By The Water – Other

  8. The dream Indian Dinner at Dream Bed on the beach 
  9. The Indian dinner under Gazebo on Beach

2) Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali serves Indian vegtarian food

The enticing combination between makings and the attractiveness of condiments is delivered at Grand Mirage resort in Bali. Grand Mirage is a popular 5-star beach resort in Bali. The resort offers luxury stays to clients with ample quality amenities. It is also having Indian vegetarian food on its menu that is served to the guests.

There are passionate Indian Chefs that prepare the food sometimes it can be customised to demand.

Restaurants that serves food in Grand Mirage

  1. Bumbu Delhi Indian Restaurant in Bali
  2. Panorama Bar & Music Lounge
  3. Grand Café Restaurant
  4. Jukung Seafood
  5. Julie’s Italian
  6. JJ Rooftop Lounge
  7. Rama Live Entertainment
  8. Ibu Kitchen
  9. Mahi-Mahi Kitchen
  10. Coconut Pool Bar
  11. Chopstick Chinese Seafood Restaurant

3) Swiss Bel Tuban

Swiss-Bel Tuban is the 4* classic Hotel in Kuta. It is around 5 km from the Bali international airport. Swiss bel Tuban is an Indian friendly hotel that serves Indian Vegetarian Cuisine also. In 2109, when tourism in Bali was at peak, and Indian travellers were travelling in Bulk, Swiss-Bel Tuban started offering Indian vegetarian food options on their menu.

2 restaurants that serves Indian vegetarian food In Swiss Bel Tuban


4) Kana Kuta Serves Indian Vegetarian food in Bali

Kana Kuta is another 4 Star Hotel in the mains of Kuta. This hotel also serves a good number of Indian visitors. The hotel offers quality amenities as well as well structured rooms. It is 20 mins journey from the international airport of Bali. Kana Kuta serves Indian vegetarian food to guests, however, the chefs won’t be Indian.

5) Nandini resort Ubud serves Indian Cuisine

Nandini Jungle resort is in the Ubud area of Bali. This is in the lush green amazing forest area of Bali. The distance from Bali airport is more than 30kms. Nandini Jungle resort is having Indian cuisine on its menu. However, there is no particular Indian chef in the Kitchen of Nandini Jungle resort.

Dining options in Nandini Jungle Resort Ubud


6)Alam Puisi Villa serves Indian Cuisine

Alam Puisi Private Pool Villa’s are quite famous among Indians for stay. These are beautifully curated private Pool villas which give an aroma of romance and love. Alam puisi villa is proficient in serving Indian customers and has served Indian vegetarian cuisine on demand. Though there are no Indian chefs in this villa, however, they customise the food as per the request.

Dining options in Alam Puisi Villa


7) Maua Nusa Penida

MAUA in Nusa Penida is the first 5-star property there. MAUA comes under the SWISS BEL chain which is having 7 hotels in Bali. MAUA is a newly built property in Nusa Penida that has luxury private pool villas and tremendous amenities. They do have Indian food options on their menu, however, the chef is not Indian. Food can be ordered on-demand with prior notice.

Dining options at MAUA Nusa Penida

  1. KŌWHAI Restaurant

8) Danakha Villa Ubud serves Indian Vegetarian meal

Danakha villa in Bali Ubud serves India Vegetarian meals on Demand, though the chef is not Indian. These private pool villas are built with elegance. In this ambience, one can feel romance, love, sanity, flowers and blessing. The location is around 40kms from the international airport of Bali.

Dining options at Danakha Villa

  1. Paddy’s Restaurant

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