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Albania food tour package

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7 nights / 8 days Albania Itinerary

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7 nights Albania food tour package

This Albania food tour package is going to offer you a lot. You will almost be going to cover the whole country, the entire CULINARY, cuisine and food Joints. If you have an interest in Special Halal food in Albania, then you must follow this itinerary of Albania food tour.

The special food of Albania which you should definitely be trying when in the Country.

  • Kacamak
  • Foglio pie
  • Thana raki
  • Spinach and lemon soup
  • Shendetli
  • Narta
  • Pita bread
  • Oven-baked mussels

Appreciate incredible vistas and evenings over the oceans, calming treks via some of the numerous attractive townlets of Southern Albania, breathtaking coastal surroundings, and compelling culinary experiences. There will be late-night feasts and extended leisurely meals with some of the numerous scrumptious eats you have ever tasted. You will dwell in cozy accommodation with the prodigality concentrated on the atmosphere, parks, nutrition, and hospitality.

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Frequently asked Questions about Albania food tour package

How much Money should i keep for to explore the culinary of Albania ?
One should atleast carry 1000 Euros per person if visitng Albania for a food tour package.
What is the best time to visit Albania ?
Just like the neibouring countries, you should visit Albania from the month of April till September.You will be able to Ultilize the day in a better way during this time.
Can i chose the category of Hotels in this Albania tour Package ?
You can connect with our executive for the same.They will customise the package as per your requirements.
Will Vegetarian person enjoy food tour in Albania ?
Though there are many vegetarian food options in Albnia, however if you talk about speciality, then Mutton and chicken are very famous. Vegetartian person will definitely wont be able to enjoy special dished of Albania.

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Few Important Pointers

  • Tirana
  • Berat
  • Appolonia
  • Gjirokaster
  • Blue Eye
  • Sarande
  • Vlore

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival At Albania's Capital city Tirana

Pick up from the Tirana International Airport and drive to the hotel. This is the start of your Albania food tour package.
After check-in to the hotel, it will be free time.
Optional visiting the National Historical Museum.
19:00 Dinner at the restaurant.
Food That you should try in Tirana during dinner: Egg and cheese pie, baked snipe with peas, ‘hachure’ wheat and nuts dessert, fruits, Stela beer.
Overnight in Tirana.

Day 2: Checkout from Tirana hotel + transfer from Tirana to Shkodra (103KM)

08: 00 After breakfast to the hotel driving to Shkoder, in the North-West of Albania.
10:00 Arriving in Shkoder and visiting the castle and the Marubi Phototheke.
12: 30 Driving to Malesia e Madhe.
13.30 Arriving and visiting an artisanal cheese dairy.
Knowing the process of fermenting the cheese.
Tasting the different sorts of cheese. Only in this region, we can taste spicy cheese called ‘Mishanika’ blended with herbs, garlic, prunes, etc.
Also, the yogurt from the goat milk is lovely.
14:30 Lunch with the traditional dishes.

Food that you should try in Shkodra: Season salad, ‘Kacamak’, polenta dish, ‘Ferlik’ roasted sheep meat, ‘Fli’ multi-layed Foglio pie filled with butter
and milk, and thana raki, traditional sweet and season fruits, baked chestnuts and dried plums. Finish with a Turkish coffee.

15:30 A short tracking to the village.
16:00 Driving back to Shkodra.
17:00 Visiting the lake and the fish market.
18:00 Free time.
19:30 Dinner at the restaurant dressed
salad, cabbage soup, Shkodra baked ‘Carp’ fish with sauce, onions and herbs, sweet with caramelized quince and dates fruits, white wine of local cantine and finishing with an Italian expresso and cognac liquor.
21:00 Accommodation in Shkodra.

Day 3 - Checkout from Shkodra + Transfer from Shkodra to Berat (200km)

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Berat.
Short stops in the trajectory.
11:00 Visiting the castle and the Onufri museum.
12:30 Lunch at the restaurant
Food that you should try in Berat: Cheese and olive salad, filled paprika with rice, leeks pie, kukureci made red wine. Finishing with fernet, nuts-made digestive drink.
14:00 Visiting the Ethnographical Museum and the Lead Mosque.
16:00 Driving to Kutalli.
16:30 Visiting the ‘Cobo’ wine cantine. Degustating the different sorts of wines and spirits, walking in the graveyard.
17:30 Driving back to Berat.
18:00 Accommodation in the hotel.
20:00 Dinner at the restaurant.
This food you must try in Berat during Dinner: Spinach and lemon soup, fried-eggs cauliflower, river ale dipped in apple vinegar and tomato sauce, ‘shendetli’ almond baked cake, homemade white wine, iced-pomegranate juice, dried apples and pear–made digestive liquor.
21:30 Accommodation in Berat.

Day 4- Check out from Berat + Transer from Berat - Apollonia - Zvernec - Vlora

This is going to be a finger-licking day of your Albania food tour package. Let us check the plan.

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Apollonia.
09:30 Visiting the Apollonia site.
11:00 Driving to Zvernec.
12:00 Visiting the monasteries.
13:30 Lunch at the aisle.
Must try them: Peasant salad, nettles pie, vegetable soup, grilled mullet, oven-baked bass, ‘Kabini’ cake, orange and medlar fruits, Norga beer. Finishing with rose tea.
15:00 Driving to Vlora.
15:30 Accommodation in the hotel.
17:00 Visiting the Independence Museum and the Kus-Baba hill.
18:30 Driving to Kanina hill.
19:00 Dinner.
Must try them: Grilled vegetables, peasant bread, marinated olives, the mix of young goat meat in a broach, ‘Narta’ red wine, lemon-compote, thana fruits, finishing with grape cider.
20:30 Driving back to Vlora.
21:00 Accommodation in Vlora.

Day 5: Checkout from Vlora + Transfer from Vlore - Borsh - Saranda

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to the Riviera.
08:30 A coffee break to Llogara pass.
09:00 Driving down to Borsh.
10 00 Visiting the Ali Pashe Tepelen castle in Porto Palermo.
11:00 Driving to Borsh.
11:30 Visiting the ‘Borshi’ olive oil cantine.
Degustating the olive oil, the homemade wine.
12;30 Driving to Saranda.
13:00 Lunch.
Must try food in Borsh: Filled cheese in the oven, ‘harapash’ dish, baked common cuttlefish and squid fish with orange juice, apple pie, pompelmous fruit, white wine, finishing with a thana drink.
14:30 Accommodation in the hotel.
16:30 Driving to Butrint.
17:00 Visiting the Butrint amphitheatre.
18:30 Driving to the mussels aquafarm.
19:00 Visiting the process of breeding the mussels
19:30 Dinner.
Food that you should try in Saranda: Mushroom soup, oven-baked mussels, grilled octopus, pita bread, cake, apple, white wine, finishing with orange liquor.
21:00 Driving back to the hotel.
21:30 Accomodation in Saranda.

Day 6 - Checkout from Saranda + Transfer from Saranda - Blue Eye - Gjirokastra

This will prove to be another amazing day in your Albania food tour package.
07:00 Breakfast in the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Blue Eye spring.
08:30 Visiting the spring.
09:15 Driving to Gjirokastra.
10:15 Visiting the ‘Skenduli’ and ‘Ismail Kadare’ houses,
12:30 Visiting the castle
13:30 Lunch in the restaurant.
The food you should try in Gjirokastra: ‘Qehai’ regional pie. ‘Qifqi’ spicy meat balls, marinated lamb ribbons, cheesecake, dessert, quince fruit, mulberry, raki drink, finishing with Turkish coffee
15:00 Accommodation in the hotel.
18:30 Visiting the anti-atomic bunker, a communist-era underground fortification.
19:30 Dinner at the restaurant
Must try them: Chicken soup, grilled river trout fish, homemade white wine, ‘kompekai’ dessert, fruits, finishing with plum raki drink.
21:00 Accommodation in Gjirokastra

Day 7 -Checkout from Gjirokaster + Transfer from Gjirokaster to Tirana

07:00 Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 Driving to Tirana
12:30 Lunch in the restaurant with only slow-food farm products, tasting the ‘Kallmet’ wine
14:00 Driving to Tirana
16:00 Accommodation in the hotel
17:00 Optional a panoramic tour of the Tirana centre
19:00 Dinner in the restaurant
Must try them: Filled eggplant, kefta with wine and tomato sauce, chicken porridge, Tirana beer, dessert, fruits, finishing with a digestive drink.
21:00 Accomodation in Tirana.

Day 8 - Last day of Albania food tour package

This is the last day of your Albania food tour package. In The previous 7 days, you would already have eaten so much amazing food from Albania, that it will be very difficult for you to leave the country and its cuisine.

After breakfast, you will check out from Hotel and you will be dropped to Tirana airport.

Compare the Inclusions and Exclusions

  • 2xOvernight in Tirana
  • 1xOvernight in Shkodra
  • 1xOvernight in Berat
  • 1xOvernight in Vlora
  • 1xOvernight in Saranda
  • 1xOvernight in Gjirokastra
  • Transfer from -
  • Tirana to Shkodra
  • Shkodra to Berat
  • Berat to Appolonia
  • Appolonia to Vlora
  • Vlora to Saranda
  • Saranda to Gjirokaster
  • Gjirokaster to Tirana
  • Site seeing as mentioned in the Itinerary
  • History and traditions of Albania 
  • Transport per all itinerary Equipped with A/C Radio
  • Special Food areas and restaurants covered( Pay on your own)
  • All entrance fees
  • Breakfast
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Shopping
  • Tips
  • Any Flight
  • Any Visa Assistance

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