Bosnia-Herzegovina Holiday package

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nation placed in Southeastern Europe comprehended as BiH or merely Bosnia. One of the nations in the Balkan part of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina communicates frames with Serbia to the east, Croatia to the north, west and south and Montenegro to the southeast. In the remaining territories of it, Bosnia is hilly whereas the northeast territory is largely lusterless. Bosnia is nearly landlocked with a surplus of crude magnificence. You can analyse the stunning topography of Bosnia and Herzegovina on arranged Bosnia-Herzegovina holiday Package.

The ground maintained an enduring population settlement in the Neolithic age, approximately twelve thousand years back which was observed by Illyrian and Celtic societies occupying the ground of Bosnia. This nation has a creamy chronological legacy as well. Bosnia was also annexed into Ottoman Empire from mid-15th to late 19th century behind which it evolved as a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia after the 2nd World War Bosnia got full republic status in the new setup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Bosnia was independent in 1992 after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

Best Itinerary of Bosnia-Herzegovina Holiday package

Day 1 and 2: Sarajevo

The capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina just so happens to also be one of the most fascinating cities in Eastern Europe. Retrace the Siege of Sarajevo — from the Tunnel of Hope to Sniper Alley to the Republic of Srpska — with a local who lived through it as a child. This multicultural integration serves as a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance following decades of historical turbulence. Of course, an entire day spent in Sarajevo will allow you to witness this melding firsthand. Set out on a guided tour through the 15th-century Old Town, including lunch at Bascarsija Square. Take a stroll across the Latin Bridge, famous for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Overnight in Sarajevo. East collides with the West as Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals as well as mosques and synagogues coexist side by side. A fantastic way to be introduced to Sarajevo would be to join one of the many free walking tours. Several companies, such as Meet Bosnia, Insider, and Neno and Friends offer this tip-based tour which stretches for around two hours, taking you around the Old Town and offering tidbits of information along the journey.

DAY 2 | Trek to Lukomir

An hour southwest of Sarajevo rests the Olympic mountain Bjelašnica and the tiny townlet of Umoljani, your starting pinpoint for an outstanding picturesque hike across Obalj cliff. It is also thought an official artistic terrain and nationwide genealogy site. You will understand up close the definitive Bosnian culture contained in this mountain village during dinner and an overnight stay at a local Farmville. Overnight in Lukomir. Your last terminus is Lukomir, the most heightened and most aged village in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

DAY 3 | Bike to Boračko Lake

Overnight at Boračko Lake. For a counted experience, believe in terminating your daylight with a “glamping” knowledge along the beaches of the lake. Sink the cliff from Lukomir on a compelling driven cliff cycle tour following the Studeni Creek over Visočica cliff to Boračko Lake, the cliff-eye of Herzegovina.

DAY 4 | Raft on Neretva River

A rafting float is definitely exciting, but it is gratefully sufficed with an abundance of leaves for swimming and dining on delectable barbecue lunches riverside. Concealed in the hills is one of the best-kept service mysteries in Yugoslav history, Tito’s Bunker. It was made to weather a nuclear invasion seven times more powerful than that in Hiroshima. Overnight in Konjic. Your day finishes in Konjic, a townlet outstanding for its well-preserved Ottoman era Stara Cuprija (Old Bridge). The most extensive river in the eastern Adriatic basin, Neretva stands out for its crystal clear, drinkable water. This will no doubt be the best day in your Bosnia-Herzegovina holiday package.

DAY 6 | Canyoning the Rakitnica

You will need to swim, dive, climb, float, and jump to overcome many of the hurdles Rakitnica presents, but thankfully you will be rewarded with several small beaches along the canyon allowing breaks for meals and photos. Next, plunge into the spectacular Rakitnica, Europe’s most unexplored canyon. Overnight in Konjic.

DAY 7 | Departure from Bosnia-Herzegovina

This is your last day in Bosnia-Herzegovina. As per us is the best itinerary for someone who wants to do the Bosnia-Herzegovina holiday in a package.

Frequently asked questions about Bosnia-Herzegovina

What is the currency of Bosnia-Herzegovina ?
The currency of Bosnia-Herzegovina is Convertible Mark (BAM).
What is the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina ?
Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
With which other country Bosnia-Herzegovina can be clubbed with ?
One can include Croatia, Montenegro and Albania can be easily clubbed with Bosnia-Herzegovina.
What is the Average cost of Bosnia-Herzegovina ?
The average cost is around 400 USD per person for 6 nights 7 days Bosnia-Herzegovina holiday package.
Is Bosnia-Herzegovina a Schengen country ?
No, Bosnia-Herzegovina is a Balkan country, it does not come under Schengen country list.
Which is the main airports of Bosnia-Herzegovina ?
Sarajevo airport is the main airport in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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