Amazing things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a beautiful city with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites, enjoying local cuisine, or experiencing the city’s nightlife, there are plenty of things to do in Tallinn. Here’s a list of activities and attractions you might consider:

  1. Tallinn Old Town: Explore the charming medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and picturesque town square.
  2. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: Visit this stunning Russian Orthodox cathedral known for its intricate onion domes and ornate interior.
  3. Toompea Castle: Discover the historic castle that houses the Estonian Parliament, offering excellent views of the city from its terraces.
  4. Kadriorg Palace and Park: Enjoy the baroque architecture of Kadriorg Palace and the serene park surrounding it. The palace is also home to the Kumu Art Museum.
  5. Kumu Art Museum: Explore Estonia’s largest and most prestigious art museum, featuring both classic and contemporary Estonian art.
  6. Tallinn Maritime Museum: Learn about Estonia’s maritime history and explore historic ships at this engaging museum.
  7. Estonian Open-Air Museum: Step back in time and experience rural Estonian life from different eras in this outdoor museum.
  8. Seaplane Harbour Lennusadam: Visit the Seaplane Harbour, an interactive maritime museum housed in a seaplane hangar, which includes a submarine you can tour.
  9. Tallinn TV Tower: Take in panoramic views of the city from the Tallinn TV Tower and learn about Estonia’s broadcasting history.
  10. Estonian History Museum: Delve into Estonian history through interactive exhibits in this museum located in the Great Guild Hall.
  11. Telliskivi Creative City: Explore this trendy district filled with art galleries, shops, restaurants, and a vibrant creative community.
  12. Tallinn Zoo: Spend a day at the zoo and see a variety of animals from around the world.
  13. Balti Jaam Market: Sample local food, buy souvenirs, and experience the bustling atmosphere of this central market.
  14. Food and Drink: Try traditional Estonian dishes and local craft beers at restaurants and pubs throughout the city. Don’t forget to sample marzipan, a sweet treat with a long history in Tallinn.
  15. Tallinn Botanic Garden: Enjoy a peaceful stroll in the beautiful gardens and greenhouses filled with diverse plant species.
  16. Estonian Theatre and Music Museums: Learn about Estonia’s theatrical and musical heritage at these museums.
  17. Nightlife: Experience Tallinn’s vibrant nightlife by visiting bars, clubs, and live music venues. The Telliskivi district is a popular spot for nightlife.
  18. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds: Visit the historic site where the Estonian Song Festival, an important cultural event, takes place.
  19. Tallinn’s Bastion Tunnels: Explore the underground tunnels that once served as defense structures and are now open to the public for guided tours.
  20. Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park: If you have extra time, consider taking a day trip to Estonia’s largest national park, where you can explore pristine nature and coastal landscapes.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Tallinn. The city offers a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a great destination for travelers.

Few Important frequently asked questions about Tallinn ?

What is the best time to visit Tallinn?
The best time to visit Tallinn is during the summer months from June to August when the weather is pleasant and many outdoor events take place. However, the city is also charming during the winter holiday season when it's decorated for Christmas.
Do I need a visa to visit Tallinn?
Estonia is part of the Schengen Area, so if you are a citizen of a Schengen country or you have Schengen visa, you generally don't need a visa. Travel requirements may vary based on your nationality, so check with the Estonian embassy or consulate in your country for the most up-to-date information.
What currency is used in Tallinn?
The currency used in Tallinn is the Euro (EUR).
Is English spoken in Tallinn?
Yes, English is widely spoken, especially in the service industry. Many people in Tallinn, particularly those in tourist areas, speak English, so you shouldn't have significant language barriers.
How about the public transport in Tallinn ?
Tallinn has an efficient public transportation system, including trams, buses, and trolleys. You can also explore the Old Town on foot, and many attractions are within walking distance of each other. Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are also readily available.
What is the famous food i can try in Tallinn ?
Rye Bread (Leib): Estonian rye bread is a staple of the local diet. It's dense, dark, and often served with butter or various toppings like herring, cheese, or cold cuts. Be sure to taste this traditional bread, which has a unique, hearty flavor.Herring: Herring is a popular fish in Estonian cuisine, and it's prepared in various ways. Try marinated herring, which is often served with potatoes, sour cream, and onions.Verivorst (Blood Sausage): Blood sausage is a traditional Estonian dish, usually served during the Christmas season. It's made from pork, barley, and blood, and it's often accompanied by lingonberry sauce.Kartulipuder (Mashed Potatoes): Mashed potatoes are a common side dish in Estonian meals, typically served with meat dishes and gravies.Kama: Kama is a traditional Estonian dessert made from a mixture of finely ground roasted barley, rye, oat, and pea flour. It's often combined with kefir or yogurt and sweetened with sugar or honey.Estonian Black Bread Ice Cream (Must Leib): This unique ice cream flavor is made from the famous Estonian rye bread. It's a delightful blend of sweet and savory.Karask: Karask is a type of traditional Estonian bread or cake made from barley or rye flour. It's often baked in a pan and served as a side dish with butter and cheese or as a dessert with jam.Pirukas: Pirukas are savory pastries, usually filled with ingredients like meat, cabbage, rice, or mushrooms. They are a popular snack or street food in Estonia.Marzipan: Estonia has a long history of making marzipan, and it's often shaped into intricate figures or sold as small treats. You can find marzipan shops in Tallinn's Old Town.Estonian Craft Beers: Estonia has a growing craft beer scene. Sample some of the local brews at pubs and breweries in Tallinn.Vana Tallinn Liqueur: Try the famous Vana Tallinn liqueur, a sweet and aromatic spirit that can be sipped neat or used in various cocktails.Pickled Cucumbers: Pickled cucumbers are a common accompaniment to many Estonian meals. They can vary in flavor from sweet to sour and can be found at markets and restaurants.Chanterelle Mushrooms (Kukeseened): If you visit Tallinn during the late summer and autumn, be sure to taste dishes featuring chanterelle mushrooms, a beloved seasonal ingredient in Estonian cuisine.
Can i do one day Helsinki tour from Tallinn ?
Yes, 1 day Helsinki tour via ferry can be done from Tallinn and vice versa. It is around 2:30 hours one sided ferry to Helsinki. These are big ferries and vehicles can also be taken.
Which is the best location to stay in Tallinn ?
Tallinn Old Town (Vanalinn):Staying in the Old Town offers a unique and charming experience. You'll be close to historic sites, restaurants, and shops. It's a great choice if you want to immerse yourself in the city's medieval atmosphere. City Center (Kesklinn):The city center is a convenient location, with easy access to public transportation, shopping, dining, and nightlife. This area is ideal for travelers who want to be close to a variety of amenities. Kalamaja and Telliskivi Creative City:This trendy and up-and-coming neighborhood is known for its bohemian atmosphere, street art, and creative scene. It's a great choice for those interested in exploring local art, design, and culture. Kadriorg: Kadriorg is a peaceful and upscale district with beautiful parks, Kadriorg Palace, and various museums. It's an excellent choice if you prefer a more relaxed and green environment.
List of Best Clubs of Tallinn with location ?
Club Hollywood:Location: Vana-Posti 8, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia Club Privé:Location: Vana-Viru 13, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia Studio:Location: Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia (Telliskivi Creative City) PADA:Location: Kotzebue 18, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia (Telliskivi Creative City) Vabank Nightclub:Location: Harju 13, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia F-Hoone:Location: Telliskivi 60, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia (Telliskivi Creative City) Café VS:Location: Harju 6, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia The Club (Radisson Blu Hotel):Location: Ravala puiestee 3, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia Club Priveé:Location: Vana-Viru 6, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia Club Mynt:Location: Müürivahe 22, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia Koskenkorva Karaoke Bar:Location: Suur-Karja 23, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia