Best Sauna Bath Options in Rovaniemi

Best Sauna Bath Options in Rovaniemi: Well, Finland is famous for its sauna, especially during the winter. The demand for Finnish sauna baths & SPAs has increased in recent years. Rovaniemi, because of Santa Clause Village, several winter activities, and hotel properties, has become a hub for foreign tourists during the winter. If you are also looking for the best sauna bath options in Rovaniemi, read this article.

Best Sauna Bath Options in RovaniemiFeaturesIdeal For
Arctic Snow hotel and IgloosOffers sauna bath and sauna SPA for groups and Individuals with transfer options from CitySeeking easy access and great experience
Arctos Lapland’s Winter SpaPrivate session with a wood-heated sauna and hot tub illuminated by candles. Ice-dipping and dinner in a traditional Lappish hut.Those seeking an exclusive and magical experience.
Wild Blueberry’s Aurora SpaRustic adventure with a traditional sauna, hot tub, and ice swim. Delectable local food in a cozy Lappish hut under the Northern Lights.Adventurous souls under the enchanting Aurora.
Seven Star Smoke SaunaAge-old tradition of smoking saunas surrounded by charred birch logs. Peat moss treatment and lake dip (summer) or ice hole dip (winter).Those craving an authentic sauna experience.
PajasaunaA classic Finnish sauna experience by the Kemijoki River. Refreshing dip in cool river water.Travelers seeking an easy-access authentic sauna.
Arctic Light HotelPrivate sauna in the hotel room for a relaxing session at your leisure.Luxury seekers want privacy during their stay.
Original Sokos Hotel VaakunaTraditional Finnish sauna for guests.Guests desiring a comfortable sauna experience.

Arctic snow hotel and Igloos

  • Visiting package: Snow sauna experience with food by the fire
  • Finnish sauna, Snow Sauna and Spa Packages

Here’s a properly formatted table summarizing the rates for private sauna experiences in Rovaniemi:

Sauna PackageDurationPrice (Adult)Price (Child)Additional Options
Finnish Sauna + Outdoor Jacuzzi1.5 hours€69€39
Arctic Sauna Package1.5 hours€89€45Sauna Beverage Included
Private Sauna Experience with Spa Package2 hours€129€69Snow Sauna (Dec 15th – Mar 31st)
Additional Options
Sparkling WinePer Bottle€39€29Non-Alcoholic Option Available

Arctos Lapland's Winter Spa Experience

  • Private session featuring a wood-heated sauna and a hot tub illuminated by cozy candles.
  • Enjoy ice-dipping and a delicious dinner served in a traditional Lappish hut.
  • Perfect for those seeking a magical and exclusive sauna experience.

Here’s the information presented in a table format:

Sauna PackageGroup SizeSessionDescriptionPrice (Adult)Price (Child)Duration
Arctos Winter Spa for 3-6 persons: day session3-6 personsDayIdyllic spa against an Arctic backdrop. Experience the thrill of taking an ice-bath and enjoy the sauna & hot-tub with your private group.€165€854 hours
Arctos Winter Spa for 3-6 persons: evening session3-6 personsEveningCandles and lights turn the spa area into a magical place. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!€199€994.5 hours
Arctos Winter Spa for 2 persons: Day session2 personsDayStraight from the sauna & hot tub, you have a stunning view of the frozen lake. Time to recharge your body & soul on your well-deserved relaxing day. All facilities are just for the two of you.€449N/A4 hours
Arctos Winter Spa for 2 persons, evening session2 personsEveningCandles and lights turn the spa area into a magical place. With a bit of luck, you might see the Northern Lights straight from the hot tub. All facilities are just for the two of you.€549N/A4.5 hours

Wild Blueberry's Aurora Spa Package

  • Embark on a rustic adventure at Wild Blueberry’s cabin in Norvajärvi.
  • Experience a traditional sauna, a hot tub, and a refreshing ice swim.
  • Indulge in delectable local food savored in a cozy Lappish hut under the Northern Lights.
ExperienceDescriptionPrice (Adult)Price (Child)DurationMinimum Persons
Aurora SpaPrivate wellness event including sauna, hot tub, ice swimming, warm hut, Fire Blazed Salmon Dinner or Reindeer Dinner, and Soft Drinks.€279€1294 Hours2
Laplander’s Warm HutReindeer hides, local food, and Lappish warm atmosphere. Included in all experiences.€149€992 Hours3
Ice FishingDrill a hole into the ice, start fishing, and enjoy.€992 Hours4
Ice SwimmingDip in a small ice hole to boost circulation. Recommended during sauna sessions.
Hot TubComfortable place to watch the Northern lights and stars.
Local FoodTasteful fish/reindeer with accompaniments. Organic and nature first.
SnowshoeingSnowshoeing adventure across the lake towards an old bear’s nest.€992 Hours4
Northern LightsHigher possibility to see the Aurora Borealis.€139€694 Hours
VIP Aurora HuntPrivate VIP experience including salmon soup, soft drinks, and blueberry chocolate.€1100

Seven Star Smoke Sauna at Isokenkäisten Klubi

  • Immerse yourself in the age-old tradition of a smoke sauna surrounded by charred birch logs.
  • Enjoy the gentle warmth and smoky aroma, followed by a peat moss treatment.
  • Culminate your experience with a dip in the lake, either through a pier in the summer or an ice hole in the winter.
Sauna OptionContact InformationPrice (Adult)Price (Child)IncludesDuration
An unforgettable sauna experience featuring the cleanest water sourced from their own well, birch whisks (vasta), and peat masks. It’s a “mixed” sauna, accommodating both ladies and gentlemen simultaneously.For more information, email or call +358 400 972 260 or +358 40 706 6839.Adults: €74/personChildren: €28/personTowels, sauna hats, genuine sauna whisks, and hand-made soap.2 hours

Pajasauna by the Kemijoki River

  • Offers a classic Finnish sauna experience in a public setting.
  • Enjoy the dry heat followed by a refreshing dip in the cool river water.
  • Perfect for those seeking an authentic sauna experience with easy access.

Arctic Light Hotel

  • Unwind in the comfort of your own private sauna within your hotel room.
  • Convenient option allowing you to enjoy a relaxing sauna session at your leisure.
  • Ideal for travelers seeking luxury and privacy during their stay in Rovaniemi.

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

  • Features a traditional Finnish sauna for guests to use.
  • Provides a convenient way to experience this cultural tradition during your stay.
  • Perfect for travelers looking for a comfortable sauna experience within their hotel premises.

Remember, while some saunas are public, many require reservations, especially for private experiences. It’s recommended to research and book your preferred option in advance, especially during peak season. Whether you choose a private winter spa experience or a traditional Finnish sauna by the river, Rovaniemi promises a rejuvenating and memorable sauna bath experience amidst the enchanting Lapland landscape.