Hello, fellow travelers! I am Martin, hailing from Boston, and I am thrilled to share the incredible experience of our Finland tour  from USA in December 2023, organized seamlessly by Lestacworld.com. My wife and I had long dreamt of witnessing the Northern Lights and experiencing the enchanting winter wonders of Finland, and we actually lived our dream by God’s grace.

Planning of Our Finland tour from USA

Navigating the complexities of planning a Finland tour from the USA proved challenging until we discovered Lestacworld.com. Unlike other agencies, Lestacworld’s executives showcased unparalleled knowledge about Finland, answering our queries and providing invaluable insights. They not only suggested the best time to travel but also tailored our itinerary to match our preferences. The local Finland team, easily reachable via WhatsApp, further personalized our journey, making the planning process a breeze.

Igloo Accommodation in Ivalo

We went to Ivalo, where we experienced a winter wonderland like never before. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, booked by Lestacworld, offered an unforgettable stay in a large Igloo room. From exhilarating snowmobile safaris to husky rides and witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights, our time in Ivalo was nothing short of enchanting.

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Exploring Rovaniemi's Charms

Continuing our adventure, we ventured to Rovaniemi, where the Arctic City Hotel provided cozy accommodation in the heart of the city. The highlight was the Sampo Icebreaker Cruise in Kemi, a surreal experience floating on a sea of ice. Our visit to Santa Claus Village, crossing the Arctic Circle, and exploring Snowman World added magical moments to our Finland tour.

Tallinn Adventure

Leaving the winter wonderland behind, we flew from Rovaniemi to Tallinn, Estonia. This one-night stopover enriched our journey with Tallinn’s old-world charm. Lestacworld.com orchestrated our stay, allowing us to stroll through cobbled streets, admire medieval architecture, and savor the unique atmosphere of this Baltic gem.

Review of Lestacworld for our Finland tour from USA

Commendations are due for Lestacworld.com’s exceptional service. Their local presence in Finland, responsive contact number, and personalized attention transformed our journey into a masterpiece. Regular check-ins, seamless logistics, and unexpected surprises like Tallinn underscored Lestacworld.com’s commitment to crafting extraordinary travel experiences.


Our Finland tour from the USA, choreographed by Lestacworld.com, transcended mere travel—it became a symphony of enchantment. If you seek a winter escapade brimming with surprises and personalized touches, entrust your journey to Lestacworld.com. As we bid farewell to the Northern Lights and snowy landscapes, the echoes of Tallinn’s charm linger, making our Nordic adventure an everlasting tapestry of memories.