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Best 7 nights 8 days Indonesia tour package

Jakarta, Indonesia
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2 nights Jakarta + 2 nights Labuan Bajo + 3 Nights Bali

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Best 7 nights 8 days Indonesia tour package

Best 7 nights 8 days Indonesia tour package – Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Indonesia, where culture, nature, and adventure converge. This meticulously crafted tour package weaves together the vibrant metropolis of Jakarta, the legendary Komodo Island, and the enchanting island paradise of Bali.

Discover the iconic National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta, a symbol of the nation’s independence, and delve into its historical treasures at the National Museum. Venture into the heart of Jakarta’s spiritual diversity with visits to Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral.

The adventure takes a thrilling turn as you fly to Labuan Bajo and set sail on a day trip to Komodo Island. Encounter the awe-inspiring Komodo dragons, snorkel in crystal-clear waters at Pink Beach, and soak in the breathtaking vistas of Padar Island.

Bali beckons with its cultural richness, from the dramatic cliffs of Uluwatu Temple to the serene shores of Lake Bratan’s Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. You’ll have the freedom to explore Bali at your pace, be it relaxing on pristine beaches, shopping for souvenirs, or diving into the island’s vibrant culture.

This Best 7 Nights 8 Days Indonesia Tour Package offers an unforgettable odyssey, showcasing the diverse facets of Indonesia. Each destination reveals a unique story, from Jakarta’s history to Komodo Island’s wild beauty and Bali’s spiritual allure.

DayTours and ActivitiesHectic LevelStay City
Day 1Arrival in Jakarta, Hotel Check-inLowJakarta
Day 2Monas, Merdeka Square, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, National MuseumModerateJakarta
Day 3Transfer to Labuan Bajo, Free DayModerateLabuan Bajo, Flores
Day 4Komodo Island Day TripHighLabuan Bajo, Flores
Day 5Flight to Bali, Uluwatu Temple VisitModerateBali
Day 6Nusa Penida TourHighBali
Day 7Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Handara Gate, Tanah Lot TempleModerateBali
Day 8Check-out, Airport TransferLowBali


Few Important Pointers

  • Cultural Exploration: Immerse yourself in Indonesia's rich cultural heritage with visits to iconic landmarks like the National Monument (Monas), Istiqlal Mosque, and Jakarta Cathedral. Discover the nation's history and traditions at the National Museum of Indonesia.
  • Natural Wonders: Witness the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, from serene lakeside temples like Ulun Danu Beratan to the dramatic sea temple of Tanah Lot. Explore the lush greenery and picturesque scenes at Handara Gate.
  • Adventure in Labuan Bajo: Embark on an adventure in Labuan Bajo, Flores, and embark on a day trip to Komodo Island. Encounter the legendary Komodo dragons, snorkel in crystal-clear waters at Pink Beach, and explore the beauty of Padar Island.
  • Balinese Culture: Experience Bali's vibrant culture with visits to Uluwatu Temple and traditional Kecak dance performances. Take in the spiritual ambiance and scenic beauty of Bali's temples.

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival at Jakarta Airport + Transfer from Airport to Hotel + Checkin to Jakarta Hotel + Free Day + Start of Best 7 nights 8 days Indonesia tour package
  • Arrival at Jakarta Airport: Your adventure begins as you arrive at Jakarta Airport, the bustling gateway to Indonesia. The airport is a hub of energy, reflecting the vibrant culture and warm hospitality of the nation.

  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel: A comfortable and hassle-free transfer is arranged to take you from the airport to your Jakarta hotel. Sit back, relax, and take in your first glimpses of the city's vibrant streets.

  • Check-In to Jakarta Hotel: Upon reaching your hotel, you'll have a smooth check-in process. Your accommodation is a haven of comfort, offering a warm welcome and a place to unwind after your journey.

  • Free Day: Day 1 is all about settling in and getting acquainted with Jakarta at your own pace. You have the freedom to explore the city or simply relax at your hotel. Take this opportunity to acclimatize and prepare for the adventures that lie ahead.

Start of Best 7 Nights 8 Days Indonesia Tour: Day 1 marks the commencement of your epic 7 nights, 8 days Indonesia tour package. It's the first chapter of a journey that promises cultural immersion, natural wonders, and unforgettable experiences in one of Southeast Asia's most diverse and enchanting destinations.

Get ready to embrace the beauty, history, and charm of Indonesia as your journey unfolds over the coming days.

Day 2: Breakfast + National Monument (Monas) + Merdeka Square + Istiqlal Mosque + Jakarta Cathedral + National Museum of Indonesia
  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your Jakarta hotel, energizing yourself for a day of exploration.

  • National Monument (Monas): Your first stop is the iconic National Monument, known as Monas, a towering symbol of Indonesia's independence. Climb to the top for panoramic views of Jakarta, where the city's vibrant energy meets historic charm.

  • Merdeka Square: Adjacent to Monas, you'll discover Merdeka Square, a historic site where Indonesia declared its freedom. Stroll through the square, surrounded by grand architecture, as you soak in the nation's rich history.

  • Istiqlal Mosque: Visit the grand Istiqlal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. Its impressive architecture and serene ambiance provide a glimpse into Indonesia's Islamic heritage.

  • Jakarta Cathedral: Just across from Istiqlal Mosque, explore the Jakarta Cathedral, a stunning Gothic-style cathedral. The juxtaposition of these religious landmarks reflects Indonesia's religious diversity.

  • National Museum of Indonesia: Immerse yourself in Indonesia's history and culture at the National Museum. The museum's exhibits showcase the nation's art, artifacts, and heritage, offering a comprehensive look into its past and present.

Day 3: Breakfast + Transfer to Jakarta Airport + Flight to Labuan Bajo (To be booked by you) + Transfer from Labuan Bajo airport to Hotel + Checkin + Free day to be explored by own
  • Breakfast: Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your Jakarta hotel, savoring the flavors that Indonesia has to offer.

  • Transfer to Jakarta Airport: After breakfast, you'll be smoothly transferred to Jakarta Airport. Our team ensures a hassle-free experience to make your journey comfortable.

  • Flight to Labuan Bajo (To be booked by you): You'll board a flight to Labuan Bajo, a charming town located in the western part of Flores Island. The flight offers panoramic views as you approach this gateway to adventure.

  • Transfer from Labuan Bajo Airport to Hotel: Upon landing in Labuan Bajo, our team will greet you and arrange a comfortable transfer to your hotel. Relax during the journey and take in the picturesque surroundings.

  • Check-In: Upon reaching your Labuan Bajo hotel, check-in and settle into your accommodation. Labuan Bajo is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly locals.

  • Free Day to Be Explored on Your Own: Day 3 offers you the freedom to explore Labuan Bajo at your own pace. Whether you wish to unwind on the beach, discover the town's vibrant markets, or embark on a local adventure, the choice is yours. Labuan Bajo is a haven for nature enthusiasts and offers an array of activities, including island-hopping, snorkeling, and more.

Day 3 marks the transition from Jakarta's urban charm to Labuan Bajo's natural beauty and adventures. It's a day of anticipation as you prepare to explore the wonders of Flores Island in the days ahead.

Day 4: 1 Day Trip To Komodo Island + Padar Island + Trekking Activity At Padar Island + Pink Beach + Snorkelling + Lunch + Taka Makassar + Manta Point + Kanawa Island With Speed Boat Transfer On Sic Basis.
  • Hotel Pick-Up:

    • Timing: 5:30 AM
    • Begin your exciting day with an early morning hotel pick-up in Labuan Bajo.
  • Cruising to Padar Island:

    • Timing: 6:30 AM - 8:00 AM
    • Embark on a scenic cruise towards Padar Island.
  • Trekking at Padar Island:

    • Timing: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Arrive at Padar Island and engage in a rewarding trekking activity to the viewpoint for breathtaking panoramic views.
  • Continuing to Komodo Island:

    • Timing: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Depart Padar Island and head to Komodo Island.
  • Komodo Island Exploration:

    • Timing: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Arrive at Komodo Island and embark on a trekking adventure to encounter the legendary Komodo dragons.
  • Pink Beach, Snorkeling, and Lunch:

    • Timing: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Proceed to Pink Beach for snorkeling in its crystal-clear waters.
    • Enjoy a delicious lunch amidst the stunning surroundings.
  • Taka Makassar and Manta Point:

    • Timing: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Continue the adventure by visiting Taka Makassar and Manta Point for more snorkeling and marine exploration.
  • Snorkeling at Kanawa Island:

    • Timing: 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    • Head to Kanawa Island for another captivating snorkeling experience.
  • Return to Labuan Bajo:

    • Timing: 5:30 PM - 5:30 PM
    • After a full day of exploration and adventure, return to Labuan Bajo.
Day 5: Breakfast + Transfer to Labuan Bajo airport + flight to Bali (On your own) + transfer to Hotel from bali airport + Uluwatu temple tour + Checkin to Bali hotel
  • Breakfast: Start your day with a delightful breakfast at your Labuan Bajo hotel, savoring the flavors of the island.

  • Transfer to Labuan Bajo Airport: After breakfast, you'll be smoothly transferred to Labuan Bajo Airport. Our team ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on the upcoming leg of your journey.

  • Flight to Bali (On Your Own): You'll board a flight from Labuan Bajo to Bali. This leg of the journey is booked by you, giving you flexibility in choosing your preferred flight schedule.

  • Transfer from Bali Airport to Hotel: Upon landing at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport, you'll be welcomed by our team and transferred to your Bali hotel. Bali is renowned for its warm hospitality and captivating landscapes.

  • Uluwatu Temple Tour: Your day continues with a visit to Uluwatu Temple, perched on dramatic cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. The temple's stunning location and traditional Kecak dance performances make it a must-visit attraction.

  • Check-In to Bali Hotel: After the Uluwatu Temple tour, you'll check in to your Bali hotel. Your accommodation in Bali is a haven of comfort and relaxation, providing a tranquil setting for your stay.

Day 5 is a dynamic shift from the natural wonders of Labuan Bajo to the cultural and scenic beauty of Bali. Uluwatu Temple's breathtaking views and cultural performances offer a taste of Bali's enchanting spirit.As you check in to your Bali hotel, you'll feel the warmth and charm of the island, setting the stage for the adventures that await.

Day 6: Nusa Penida tour on SIC basis
  • 7:00 AM: Pick-up from your hotel in Bali
  • Speed Boat Transfers:
    • 8:00 AM: Depart from the designated pier in Bali for the speed boat journey to Nusa Penida Island.
    • Enjoy the scenic ride across the azure waters of the Bali Sea.
  • Arrival at Nusa Penida:
    • 9:00 AM: Arrive at Nusa Penida Island and meet your tour guide.
    • Group Formation: Join the shared group for the Nusa Penida Island tour.
  • Nusa Penida Island Tour:
    • Explore the highlights of Nusa Penida Island, including stunning viewpoints and picturesque beaches.
    • Visit iconic sites such as Kelingking Beach, Angel's Billabong, and Crystal Bay.
    • Marvel at the dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Local Lunch:
    • Enjoy a delicious local lunch at a restaurant on Nusa Penida Island.
    • Indulge in traditional Indonesian dishes, showcasing the flavors of the region.
  • Snorkeling:
    • After lunch, gear up for an exciting snorkeling session in the clear waters surrounding Nusa Penida.
    • Discover the vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs beneath the surface.
  • Return to Bali:
    • Late afternoon: Depart from Nusa Penida Island by speed boat.
    • Enjoy the scenic ride back to Bali, capturing final glimpses of the beautiful island.
  • Drop-off:
    • Arrive at the designated drop-off point in Bali (specific location may vary).
    • Transfer to your hotel or designated drop-off location.
  • Evening: Return to your accommodation, concluding the full day Nusa Penida Island tour.
Day 7: Breakfast + Ulundanu temple + Handara gate + Tanha Lot temple
  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your Bali hotel, preparing for another day of exploration.

  • Ulundanu Temple: Your journey today starts with a visit to Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, a picturesque Balinese Hindu temple located on the shores of Lake Bratan. The temple's serene setting and exquisite architecture make it a spiritual and scenic marvel.

  • Handara Gate: Your next stop is the iconic Handara Gate, a popular Instagram-worthy spot. This picturesque gate is framed by lush greenery and the towering peaks of Bedugul. Capture the beauty of Bali's landscapes against this stunning backdrop.

  • Tanah Lot Temple: As the day progresses, you'll head to Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali's most famous sea temples. Perched on a rock formation in the Indian Ocean, Tanah Lot offers breathtaking sunset views and a chance to witness a unique blend of spirituality and natural beauty.

Day 7 is a journey into Bali's spiritual heart and its mesmerizing landscapes. The temples you'll visit are not only places of worship but also symbols of Bali's cultural richness.As the sun sets over Tanah Lot, you'll be captivated by the enchanting ambiance, creating a perfect end to your day of exploration.

Day 8: Breakfast + Checkout from Hotel + Transfer from Hotel to Airport + End of 7 nights 8 days Indonesia tour package
  • Breakfast: Begin your last day in Bali with a delicious breakfast at your hotel, savoring the tropical flavors that have accompanied you throughout your stay.

  • Checkout from Hotel: After breakfast, it's time to complete your check-out formalities. Your hotel has been your home away from home, providing comfort and relaxation during your stay in Bali.

  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport: Our team will arrange a smooth and comfortable transfer from your hotel to Ngurah Rai International Airport. Our commitment is to make your departure stress-free and convenient.

  • End of 7 Nights 8 Days Indonesia Tour Package: With your transfer to the airport, your unforgettable 7 nights, 8 days Indonesia tour package comes to a close. This journey has been filled with cultural exploration, natural wonders, and cherished moments. As you bid farewell to Bali, you take with you not only memories but a deep appreciation for Indonesia's beauty and culture.

Your adventure may be ending, but the memories and experiences you've gathered will stay with you forever. We hope you've enjoyed every moment of this remarkable journey through Jakarta, Komodo Island and Bali.

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  • 2 nights Stay in a 4-star Hotel in Jakarta
  • 2 nights Stay in a 4-star Hotel in Labuan Bajo
  • 3 nights Stay in a 4-star Hotel in Bali
  • Breakfast
  • Airport transfers from Jakarta Airport to Hotel
  • Airport transfers from Jakarta Hotel to Airport
  • Airport transfers from Bali Airport to Hotel
  • Airport transfers from Bali Hotel to Airport
  • Sightseeing of Jakarta as mentioned in Itinerary
  • Entry Fee
  • Parking fee
  • Any Domestic or International flight
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Alcohol
  • Insurance
  • Shopping
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Very Good

We thoroughly enjoyed our Indonesia tour with

We thoroughly enjoyed our Indonesia tour with The itinerary was well-planned, the accommodations were comfortable, and the guides were knowledgeable. We had an incredible time exploring Jakarta, meeting the Komodo dragons, and discovering Bali's spiritual side. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!

I can't thank enough for this remarkable tour.

I can't thank enough for this remarkable tour. It was a blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation. The guides were passionate about their country, and it showed. I'll cherish the memories of Komodo Island's dragons and Bali's breathtaking temples forever.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a diverse and well-organized journey. knows how to plan an Indonesia tour. Jakarta's historic sites were intriguing, and Komodo Island was an adventure like no other. Bali's temples and beaches were the perfect way to unwind. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a diverse and well-organized journey.

This tour is a gem! made our dream of visiting Komodo Island a reality

This tour is a gem! made our dream of visiting Komodo Island a reality. The attention to detail was remarkable, and every day brought new adventures. Bali's temples and landscapes were stunning. I'm grateful for this unforgettable experience.

The guides were attentive, and the hotels were top-notch.

We had a fantastic time on this tour. Jakarta's cultural treasures, the adrenaline rush on Komodo Island, and the serene ambiance of Bali—all perfectly balanced. The guides were attentive, and the hotels were top-notch.

I can't express how incredible our Indonesia tour was with

I can't express how incredible our Indonesia tour was with! From the moment we arrived in Jakarta, everything was seamless. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and made every experience memorable. The highlight was definitely our Komodo Island adventure, where we got up close with the Komodo dragons. Bali's serene temples and natural beauty were equally enchanting. I highly recommend this tour
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