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7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package

Jakarta, Indonesia
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7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package

Experience the best of Indonesia with our 7 nights, 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Jakarta, the capital city, before venturing to the enchanting island of Bali. This meticulously crafted itinerary combines urban exploration with natural beauty, promising a diverse and memorable journey.

Your adventure begins in Jakarta, where you’ll explore iconic landmarks such as the National Monument (Monas), Merdeka Square, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, and the National Museum of Indonesia. These cultural gems offer a glimpse into Indonesia’s history and architecture.

A day trip to the Thousand Islands archipelago invites you to soak in the sun on pristine beaches and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. Your journey then takes you to Bali, where you’ll discover the beauty of Uluwatu Temple perched on dramatic cliffs.

Nusa Penida, a hidden gem off Bali’s coast, beckons with its natural wonders, including Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Kelingking Beach. Bali’s cultural richness comes to life with visits to Tirta Empul Temple, Kintamani with its mesmerizing Mount Batur view, Monkey Forest, and picturesque rice terraces.

A day of relaxation awaits at your private pool villa, complete with a 1-hour spa session. Finally, bid farewell to Bali with cherished memories as you return home.

This Indonesia tour package itinerary seamlessly blends culture, nature, and relaxation, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the heart of Indonesia.

Book your 7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package now and embark on a captivating adventure through Indonesia’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.

DayActivityStay CityHectic Level
Day 1Arrival at Jakarta Airport + Hotel Transfer + Check-In + Free DayJakartaLow
Day 2National Monument (Monas), Merdeka Square, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, National Museum of IndonesiaJakartaModerate
Day 3Day Trip to Thousand IslandsJakartaModerate
Day 4Flight to Bali, Uluwatu Temple VisitBaliModerate
Day 5Nusa Penida TourBaliHigh
Day 6Tirta Empul Temple, Kintamani Mt Batur View, Monkey Forest, Rice Terrace, Check-In to Private Pool VillaBaliHigh
Day 71-Hour Spa Session, Free Day, Rest at Private Pool VillaBaliLow
Day 8Check-Out + Transfer to Bali AirportBaliLow

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Few Important Pointers

  • 4 Star Hotel Stay
  • Stay in a Private pool
  • Diverse Experiences: Immerse yourself in the dynamic culture of Jakarta, explore its historic landmarks, and then venture into the natural beauty of Bali, offering a perfect blend of city life and natural wonders.
  • Island Paradise: Discover the pristine beauty of the Thousand Islands and Nusa Penida, with opportunities for beach relaxation, snorkeling, and awe-inspiring landscapes.
  • Cultural Exploration: Visit iconic temples, such as Uluwatu and Tirta Empul, and delve into Balinese traditions while enjoying cultural performances like the Kecak Dance.
  • Natural Wonders: Explore Bali's natural treasures, from the breathtaking views of Mount Batur to the terraced landscapes of Tegallalang Rice Terrace.
  • Warm Hospitality: Experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of Indonesia's people throughout your journey, creating lasting memories of your adventure.

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival at Jakarta Airport + Transfer from Airport to Hotel + Checkin to Jakarta Hotel + Free Day + Start of 7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package
  • Arrival at Jakarta Airport: Your adventure begins as you touch down at Jakarta Airport, the vibrant capital of Indonesia. Be prepared to be welcomed by the warm Indonesian hospitality that will accompany you throughout your journey.

  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel: After clearing customs and collecting your luggage, you'll be met by a friendly and knowledgeable local guide who will ensure your seamless transfer to your Jakarta hotel. The comfortable transfer provides a glimpse of the bustling city's energy and diversity.

  • Check-In to Jakarta Hotel: Upon arriving at your Jakarta hotel, you'll have the opportunity to check in and freshen up. Your accommodation is a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation amidst the urban bustle.

  • Free Day to Unwind: Day 1 offers you the freedom to unwind at your own pace. You can choose to explore Jakarta's nearby attractions, sample Indonesian cuisine, or simply relax at the hotel. The day is yours to kickstart your Indonesian adventure as you wish.

  • Start of 7 Nights 8 Days Jakarta & Bali Tour: Day 1 marks the exciting start of your 7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package. It's a day of anticipation, relaxation, and the promise of incredible cultural experiences and natural wonders awaiting you in the days ahead.

Your journey begins in Jakarta, a city where tradition meets modernity, and as you immerse yourself in its dynamic atmosphere, you'll soon discover the wonders that lie ahead in Bali, the Island of the Gods.

Day 2: Breakfast + National Monument (Monas) + Merdeka Square + Istiqlal Mosque + Jakarta Cathedral + National Museum of Indonesia
  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a delicious breakfast at your Jakarta hotel, energizing yourself for a day filled with cultural exploration.

  • National Monument (Monas): Your first stop is the iconic National Monument (Monas), a towering symbol of Indonesia's independence and unity. Ascend to the observation deck to witness panoramic views of the cityscape and gain insights into the nation's history.

  • Merdeka Square: Just a stone's throw away, Merdeka Square awaits. This historic square is a symbol of Indonesia's struggle for freedom and is surrounded by important landmarks, including the Presidential Palace and the National Museum.

  • Istiqlal Mosque: Visit the grand Istiqlal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. Marvel at its impressive architecture and appreciate its significance as a place of worship for Jakarta's diverse population.

  • Jakarta Cathedral: Right across from Istiqlal Mosque, you'll find Jakarta Cathedral, a stunning Gothic-style cathedral that stands as a testament to the city's religious diversity.

  • National Museum of Indonesia: Your cultural journey continues with a visit to the National Museum of Indonesia. Explore its vast collection of artifacts, art, and historical items that offer a deep dive into the nation's heritage.

Day 2 of your Jakarta & Bali tour immerses you in Jakarta's cultural marvels and historical treasures. From the towering Monas to the serene Istiqlal Mosque, you'll gain a profound understanding of Indonesia's rich history and diverse culture. This day sets the stage for the adventures that await you as you journey from Jakarta to the enchanting island of Bali.

Day 3: Breakfast + Day Trip to Thousand Islands
  • Early Morning Departure: Rise and shine for an early morning departure from your Jakarta hotel. Today, you're in for a slice of paradise as you embark on a day trip to the Thousand Islands, an archipelago of stunning islets.

  • Thousand Islands Adventure: Board a boat that will take you to the Thousand Islands archipelago, known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. The journey to this island paradise is an adventure in itself, as you glide through the azure waters.

  • Island-Hopping: Explore the Thousand Islands by hopping from one picturesque island to another. Each island has its own unique charm, whether it's a tranquil beach, a snorkeling haven, or a spot for sunbathing. Your day is a blend of relaxation and adventure, with opportunities for water activities like snorkeling and swimming.

  • Seafood Lunch: Savor a mouthwatering seafood lunch amidst the idyllic surroundings of the Thousand Islands. The local flavors and fresh catch of the day make for a memorable culinary experience.

  • Breathtaking Views: Throughout the day, take in the breathtaking views of the Indonesian archipelago, where blue skies meet turquoise waters. Don't forget your camera to capture the natural beauty surrounding you.

  • Return to Jakarta: As the day draws to a close, you'll head back to Jakarta, bringing with you the memories of a day spent in island paradise.

Day 3 is a tropical escape to the Thousand Islands, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. From exploring pristine beaches to snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs, it's a day that invites you to unwind in the midst of Indonesia's natural beauty. Your Jakarta & Bali tour continues with unforgettable experiences waiting on the horizon.

Day 4: Breakfast + Transfer to Jakarta Airport + Flight to Bali (To be booked by you) + Transfer from Bali airport to Hotel + Checkin + Uluwatu Temple visit + end of the day
  • Breakfast: Enjoy a delicious breakfast at your Jakarta hotel, savoring the flavors that kickstart your day.

  • Transfer to Jakarta Airport: After breakfast, bid farewell to Jakarta as you embark on the next leg of your journey. A comfortable transfer will take you from your hotel to Jakarta Airport, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Flight to Bali (To Be Booked by You): You'll book your own flight from Jakarta to Bali, which offers multiple options for airlines and schedules. Bali, often referred to as the "Island of the Gods," awaits your arrival.

  • Transfer from Bali Airport to Hotel: Upon landing in Bali, you'll be greeted by a local guide who will facilitate your transfer to your Bali hotel. Bali's warm hospitality and serene ambiance welcome you.

  • Check-In at Bali Hotel: Check in at your Bali hotel, where you'll find comfort and relaxation amidst Bali's natural beauty. Take a moment to settle in and refresh.

  • Uluwatu Temple Visit: As the day draws to a close, embark on a visit to Uluwatu Temple, perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. This ancient temple is renowned for its stunning sunset views and traditional Kecak dance performances.

  • End of the Day: Your day concludes with the enchanting beauty of Uluwatu Temple and the anticipation of the adventures that await in Bali. Rest and rejuvenate at your Bali hotel as you prepare for the next exciting days of your Jakarta & Bali tour.

Day 5: Nusa Penida tour on SIC basis
  • Early Morning Departure: Your day begins with an early morning departure for an exciting tour to Nusa Penida, one of Bali's most breathtaking and pristine islands. You'll join a Shared (SIC) tour for this adventure.

  • Ferry Ride to Nusa Penida: Board a ferry that will take you across the Bali Sea to Nusa Penida. As you sail, enjoy the scenic views of the crystal-clear waters and the rugged coastline.

  • Angel's Billabong: Your first stop on Nusa Penida is Angel's Billabong, a stunning natural rock formation that creates a natural infinity pool. You can take a dip or simply marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

  • Broken Beach: Nearby, you'll visit Broken Beach, a unique geological formation where a natural bridge has formed over the sea. It offers spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding cliffs.

  • Kelingking Beach: Prepare to be awe-struck at Kelingking Beach, often referred to as the "T-Rex Beach" due to its distinctive cliff formation. The panoramic views from here are simply breathtaking.

  • Lunch: Enjoy a delicious Indonesian lunch at a local restaurant on Nusa Penida, savoring the flavors of the region.

  • Crystal Bay: Your final stop is Crystal Bay, a pristine beach known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. It's an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling.

  • Return to Bali: In the late afternoon, you'll return to Bali by ferry, bringing with you memories of Nusa Penida's natural wonders.

  • Evening at Leisure: Back in Bali, the evening is yours to relax and unwind. You can explore your surroundings, indulge in Balinese cuisine, or simply rest at your hotel.

Day 5 takes you on a memorable journey to Nusa Penida, where you'll discover the island's natural beauty, unique formations, and pristine beaches. It's a day of adventure and exploration in the heart of Bali's natural wonders.

Day 6: Breakfast + Checkout from Hotel + Tirta Emphul temple + Kintamani Mt Batur view + Monkey forest + Rice Terrace + Checkin to Private Pool Villa
  • Breakfast: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at your Bali hotel, savoring the flavors that reflect Bali's culinary richness.

  • Checkout from Hotel: After breakfast, it's time to bid farewell to your current hotel in Bali. Your adventure continues, and today, you'll explore some of Bali's most captivating cultural and natural attractions.

  • Tirta Empul Temple: Your first stop is Tirta Empul Temple, a sacred site known for its holy spring water. Here, you can observe and even participate in a traditional cleansing ritual, a serene and spiritual experience.

  • Kintamani Mt Batur View: Journey to Kintamani, where you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Mount Batur and its serene crater lake. This volcanic landscape is a testament to Bali's remarkable natural beauty.

  • Monkey Forest: Continue to the Monkey Forest in Ubud, a sanctuary for playful macaques. Explore the lush jungle surroundings and observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Rice Terrace: Bali is renowned for its terraced rice fields, and today, you'll visit one of these picturesque rice terraces. Take leisurely walks among the vibrant greenery and immerse yourself in the rural charm of Bali.

  • Check-In to Private Pool Villa: As the day unfolds, you'll check in to a private pool villa, a haven of luxury and relaxation. Your villa offers seclusion and tranquility, allowing you to unwind in style.

Day 6 is a blend of cultural exploration and immersion in Bali's natural beauty. From the spiritual experience at Tirta Empul Temple to the awe-inspiring views of Mount Batur and encounters with playful monkeys, it's a day filled with diverse and memorable experiences. Your private pool villa promises a perfect ending to your day, providing a luxurious and comfortable retreat.

Day 7: Breakfast + 1 Hours SPA + Free Day + Rest at private pool Villa
  • reakfast: Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast at your private pool villa, savoring the tropical flavors and fresh delights.

  • 1-Hour Spa Session: Today is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy a blissful 1-hour spa session at your private pool villa. Let expert therapists pamper you with traditional Balinese treatments, easing away any tension and leaving you refreshed.

  • Free Day: Day 7 offers you the gift of time. It's a free day to indulge in your preferred activities. Whether you choose to soak up the sun by your private pool, explore the local surroundings, or venture into nearby villages, the day is yours to customize.

  • Rest at Private Pool Villa: Your private pool villa is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Spend your day basking in the tranquility of your villa, lounging by the pool, or simply unwinding in the lush tropical surroundings.

Day 7 is a day of indulgence and relaxation, perfectly tailored to your desires. Whether you opt for spa treatments, exploration, or simply unwinding by your private pool, it's a day designed for you to savor Bali's beauty and serenity at your own pace. Your private pool villa is your sanctuary, promising a day of bliss and tranquility.

Day 8: Breakfast + Checkout from Hotel + Transfer from Hotel to Airport + End of 7 nights 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package
  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at your private pool villa, savoring the last moments of Bali's culinary delights.

  • Checkout from Hotel: After breakfast, it's time to bid adieu to your private pool villa, leaving behind the serenity and luxury it provided throughout your stay.

  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport: A comfortable transfer will be arranged to take you from your hotel to the Bali Airport. This ensures a seamless and stress-free transition as you prepare for your journey back home or onward adventures.

  • End of 7 Nights, 8 Days Jakarta & Bali Tour: Day 8 marks the conclusion of your 7 nights, 8 days Jakarta & Bali tour package. You'll depart with cherished memories, newfound cultural insights, and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and hospitality of Bali.

As you board your flight and soar into the skies, you'll carry with you the enchanting experiences and the warm embrace of Bali, leaving you with lasting impressions of this remarkable journey. Your Jakarta & Bali adventure may be coming to a close, but the memories will stay with you for a lifetime.

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  • 2 nights Stay in a 4-star Hotel in Bali
  • 2 nights Stay in a 4-star Private Pool Villa in Bali
  • Breakfast
  • Airport transfers from Jakarta Airport to Hotel
  • Airport transfers from Jakarta Hotel to Airport
  • Airport transfers from Bali Airport to Hotel
  • Airport transfers from Bali Hotel to Airport
  • Sightseeing of Jakarta as mentioned in Itinerary
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Very Good

We had a wonderful time on this tour. Jakarta's historical sites were impressive, and Bali's scenery was breathtaking.

We had a wonderful time on this tour. Jakarta's historical sites were impressive, and Bali's scenery was breathtaking. Nusa Penida was a bit crowded, but the landscapes were still stunning. The private pool villa was a luxurious touch, and the spa day was much-needed relaxation. Overall, a great experience

Our 7 nights, 8 days tour of Jakarta and Bali was a magical experience.

Our 7 nights, 8 days tour of Jakarta and Bali was a magical experience. The attention to detail and seamless organization made it stress-free. We fell in love with the cultural richness of Jakarta and were enchanted by Bali's natural beauty. The private pool villa was a highlight, and the spa day was pure bliss. A heartfelt thank you to the team for creating such a memorable trip

It was a fantastic blend of adventure and relaxation.

It was a fantastic blend of adventure and relaxation. The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Nusa Penida was a paradise, and the spa day in Bali was pure indulgence. This tour exceeded our expectations, and we left with beautiful memories.

Indonesia's diverse landscapes and culture truly shine in this tour package.

Indonesia's diverse landscapes and culture truly shine in this tour package. Jakarta's historical sites were fascinating, and Bali's natural beauty left us in awe. The Nusa Penida day trip was a bit hectic, but the sights were worth it. The private pool villa in Bali was a dream come true. Overall, a wonderful journey!
Jennifer S

Our Jakarta & Bali tour was an absolute delight!

Our Jakarta & Bali tour was an absolute delight! The itinerary was perfectly balanced, offering a mix of cultural exploration and relaxation. From the bustling streets of Jakarta to the serene beauty of Bali, every moment was memorable. The Nusa Penida tour was a highlight, and our private pool villa in Bali was pure luxury. Thanks to the tour organizers for an unforgettable experience
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