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7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package

Batumi, Georgia
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7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package - Book Now

7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package – In Batumi, by the Black Sea’s shore A tour package of 7 nights and 8 days galore Explore ancient ruins of Petra Fortress Gonio-Apsaros Archaeological Museum is no less

In the mountains of Adjara, Khulo Village awaits Picturesque views that will leave you amazed Visit Batumi Botanical Garden and Makhuntseti Waterfall Historic Gonio town, an enchanting call

Batumi City Tour, a sight to behold Batumi Boulevard and Piazza Square, stories to be told Ali and Nino Monument, a symbol of love Batumi Seaport, a reflection of progress above

Kutaisi city with its treasures grand Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery, a spiritual stand Prometheus Caves, a natural wonder Beauty of Samegrelo, Martvili Canyon and Dadiani Palace, another thunder

The tour ends with memories for life Checkout from hotel, with a heart full of delight Transfer to Batumi Airport, a bittersweet goodbye This tour package will leave you on a high.

Some Pointers : 

  • The gem of Georgia’s coast, Batumi awaits
  • Arrival day brings leisure time and delights
  • Venture to Petra Fortress and Gonio Museum
  • Trip to Khulo Village, mountains so grand
  • Botanical Gardens and Makhuntseti Falls
  • City tour to see Ali and Nino stand tall
  • Kutaisi’s cathedral, Gelati Monastery too
  • Samegrelo region’s Martvili Canyon and palace view
  • As the tour ends, departure day arrives
  • But memories of Batumi will forever survive.

fact chart table for the 7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package:

DayTours/ActivitiesDistance from BatumiHectic LevelClassification
1Arrival and Check-in to HotelNALowNA
2Visit to Petra Fortress & Gonio-Apsaros Museum12 kmModerateHistorical
3Day trip to Adjara region & Khulo Village80 kmHighAdventure
4Visit to Batumi Botanical Garden, Makhuntseti Waterfall & Gonio34 kmModerateNature & Historical
5Batumi City Tour10 kmModerateCity
6Visit to Kutaisi city & Prometheus Caves150 kmHighHistorical & Nature
7Day trip to Samegrelo region & Martvili Canyon100 kmHighAdventure & Nature
8Checkout and Transfer to Batumi AirportNALowNA

Note: Distance from Batumi is the approximate distance from the central Batumi city to the respective tour/activity location. Hectic Level is classified as Low, Moderate, or High based on the level of physical activity and travel involved. Classification is categorized as Historical, Adventure, Nature, or City based on the theme of the tour/activity.

Few Important Pointers

  • From the ancient fortress to mountainous height,
  • Batumi's beauty is a stunning sight.
  • With city tours and botanical gardens in view,
  • You'll fall in love with Georgia anew.
  • Khulo Village and Samegrelo's charm,
  • Leave you wanting more, with no harm.
  • Martvili Canyon and Dadiani Palace,
  • Add more magic to this enchanting place.
  • With Kutaisi's cathedral and Prometheus Cave,
  • Your amazement will never waiver or fade.
  • And as the tour comes to an end,
  • Your memories will always be your friend.
  • The 7 nights and 8 days in Batumi,
  • Will be an unforgettable journey for you and me.
  • With culture, history, and natural grace,
  • Georgia's hospitality will find a place

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival in Batumi + Check-in to hotel + Free time for leisure + Start of 7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package

As you arrive in the land of the golden sun,The beautiful city of Batumi welcomes you, one by one.Check-in to your cozy abode,And let the magic of this place unfold.

Take your time to explore the city's charm, Its beaches, its boulevards, and its cultural farms.The night is young, and so are you,Let your spirit free and let your heart imbue.

With the promise of an adventure yet to come,This is the beginning of a journey, full of fun.So rest well, dear traveler, for the days ahead,
Will bring you memories, that will stay in your head.

Welcome to the 7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package,May your time here be full of wonder, with a hint of magic.

Day 2: Visit to the ancient ruins of Petra Fortress, followed by a trip to the nearby Gonio-Apsaros Archaeological Museum.

As the morning sun begins to rise,
We embark on a journey filled with surprise,
To Petra Fortress, ancient and grand,
Where history and beauty go hand in hand.

Our journey continues to the Gonio-Apsaros Museum,
Where tales of the past come alive like a bloom,
The ancient artifacts and relics that we see,
Speak of a time that was, yet still so free.

The stories of war and triumph we hear,
Of empires and rulers that once were so near,
The architecture and design so grand,
A true marvel of man's skillful hand.

As we bask in the glory of the past,
Our hearts and souls feel a sense of contrast,
A reminder of how far we have come,
And the beauty of how we have overcome.

We end this day with memories so bright,
And a feeling of gratitude that fills us with light,
For the treasures we have seen and the journey we have had,
In this Batumi tour that has truly made us glad.

Day 3: Day trip to the nearby mountainous region of Adjara, including a visit to the Khulo Village and its surrounding areas.

On the third day, we venture to the heights,
A trip to Adjara, such a sight!
Khulo Village, with its charming scene,
Surrounded by mountains, oh so serene.

We'll trek through forests, so lush and green,
A beauty that you've never seen.
Nature's bounty at its very best,
A day trip that'll leave you impressed.

Feel the cool breeze and breathe the fresh air,
A day full of adventure, with nature to spare.
Return to Batumi with memories galore,
This trip to Adjara, you'll surely adore!

Day 4: Visit to the Batumi Botanical Garden, followed by a trip to the nearby Makhuntseti Waterfall and the historic town of Gonio.

Amidst the lush greenery and cascading falls,
Our journey continues to mesmerize us all.
The Batumi Botanical Garden with its exotic flora,
A true gem of nature, that'll make you adore her.

Makhuntseti Waterfall awaits us next,
A sight so breathtaking, you'll feel perplexed.
And the historic town of Gonio, oh so grand,
Take a walk through time, as you step on this land.

Day 5: Batumi City Tour, including visits to the Batumi Boulevard, Ali and Nino Monument, Piazza Square, Batumi Seaport, and Gonio Fortress.

Day five is where we explore
The vibrant city's captivating lore
Stroll along the Batumi Boulevard's shore
Gaze at Ali and Nino's love forevermore
Piazza Square's beauty we'll adore
At Batumi Seaport, we'll hear the ocean's roar
Gonio Fortress, a historic treasure we'll explore.

Day 6: Visit to the nearby city of Kutaisi, including visits to the Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, and the Prometheus Caves.

In day six, we'll leave Batumi behind,
And travel to Kutaisi, a city of a different kind,
There we'll explore the ancient Bagrati Cathedral,
And Gelati Monastery, both equally exceptional.

But that's not all, for the highlight of the day,
Is the breathtaking Prometheus Caves, where we'll play,
With stalactites and stalagmites, all formed with time,
A natural wonder that's truly divine.

Day 7: Day trip to the nearby region of Samegrelo, including visits to the Martvili Canyon and the Zugdidi Dadiani Palace Museum.

In Samegrelo's rugged terrain,
Martvili Canyon's beauty we'll gain,
Zugdidi Dadiani Palace's grandeur,
Will leave us feeling richer and grander.
A day of discovery in Samegrelo,
With memories we'll forever glow

Day 8: Checkout from hotel + Transfer to Batumi Airport + End of 7 nights 8 days Batumi tour package.

On the last day, we bid adieu,
As we pack our bags, our memories anew,
From ancient ruins to mountain tops so high,
Batumi's beauty shall forever lie,
As we leave with a heavy heart,
We know we'll never be apart,
For the memories we made,
Will never fade,
And we'll always cherish,
This Batumi tour package we did relish.

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  • Return Airport transfers
  • Private Transportation with driver
  • Excursions in accordance with the program
  • Taxes
  • Airfare
  • Taxes
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

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Batumi, Georgia

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