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4 nights 5 Days Israel

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4 nights 5 days Israel tour package

Explore the wonders of Israel with our meticulously crafted 4 nights 5 days Israel tour package. This journey invites you to delve deep into the heart of Israel, where history, spirituality, and modernity intertwine. Discover ancient cities, iconic landmarks, and the rejuvenating Dead Sea, all while enjoying the comforts of excellent accommodations.

Highlights of Your Journey:

  • Tel Aviv: Begin your adventure in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, where you’ll explore historic neighborhoods, bustling markets, and the lively Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Jerusalem: Embark on a day trip to the awe-inspiring city of Jerusalem, where you’ll visit sacred sites such as the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Dead Sea Excursion: Experience the natural wonder of the Dead Sea with a day trip that allows you to float effortlessly in its mineral-rich waters and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the mud.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Israel, from its ancient history to its modern art and cuisine.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Throughout your journey, enjoy comfortable stays in carefully selected hotels, ensuring a restful night’s sleep after each day of exploration.
  • Expert Guides: Benefit from the insights of knowledgeable guides who will provide context and enrich your understanding of each location’s significance.
  • Seamless Transfers: We take care of all your transfers, making your travel hassle-free and allowing you to focus on the incredible experiences Israel has to offer.

This 4 nights 5 days Israel tour package promises a well-rounded and immersive experience that will leave you with lasting memories of the Holy Land. Whether you seek spirituality, history, or simply a relaxing getaway, this itinerary has something to offer every traveler. Explore, discover, and create unforgettable moments on your journey through Israel.

DayActivitiesHectic LevelHotel Stay City
Day 1Arrival at Tel Aviv Airport + Transfer to HotelLowTel Aviv
Day 2Jaffa Old City + Carmel Market + Rothschild BoulevardModerateTel Aviv
Day 3Day Trip to JerusalemHighTel Aviv
Day 41-Day Dead Sea ExcursionModerateTel Aviv
Day 5Checkout + Transfer to Tel Aviv AirportLowEnd of Tour

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival at Tel Aviv airport (Ben Gurion Airport) + Transfer to Airport + Start of 4 nights 5 days Israel tour package
  • Arrival at Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion Airport): Your journey begins as you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, the main international gateway to Israel. Expect a warm welcome and efficient immigration procedures.

  • Transfer to Hotel: After clearing customs and collecting your luggage, you will be met by our tour representative who will assist with your transfer to your hotel in Tel Aviv. The journey to the hotel provides your first glimpses of Israel's landscapes and urban areas.

  • Check-in at Hotel: Upon arrival at your hotel in Tel Aviv, complete the check-in process. You can then settle into your accommodations, freshen up, and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

  • Start of Israel Tour Package: With check-in complete, your 4 nights 5 days Israel tour officially begins. You are now ready to explore the rich culture, history, and beauty of this captivating country.

Day 1 is all about arrival, transfer, and getting acclimated to your surroundings in Tel Aviv. It sets the stage for the adventures and discoveries that await you during the rest of your tour.

Day 2: Breakfast at Hotel + Jaffa Old City + Carmel Market + Rothschild Boulevard + Stay in Tel Aviv
  • Breakfast at Hotel (8:00 AM): Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your Tel Aviv hotel. Enjoy a delicious spread of local and international dishes to fuel up for a day of exploration.

  • Jaffa Old City (10:00 AM): Your first stop is the historic Jaffa Old City, which boasts charming cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Stroll through the picturesque alleyways, where you'll find art galleries, boutiques, and artisan shops.

  • Carmel Market (12:00 PM): Head to the bustling Carmel Market, a vibrant and aromatic marketplace known for its fresh produce, spices, street food, and unique souvenirs. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and indulge in some local treats.

  • Lunch (1:30 PM): Enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the nearby cafes or restaurants, savoring the flavors of Israeli cuisine.

  • Rothschild Boulevard (3:00 PM): Explore Rothschild Boulevard, one of Tel Aviv's most iconic streets. Admire the Bauhaus architecture and tree-lined promenades. This area is also home to various cultural institutions and trendy shops.

  • Free Time (5:00 PM): After your explorations, you have some free time to further explore Tel Aviv, relax at the beach, or indulge in some shopping.

  • Stay in Tel Aviv: Return to your hotel in Tel Aviv, where you'll spend another night. You can choose to rest and rejuvenate or explore Tel Aviv's vibrant nightlife and dining scene in the evening.

Day 2 offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and culinary experiences as you explore Jaffa Old City, the lively Carmel Market, and the iconic Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. It's a day filled with sights, flavors, and the charm of this modern Israeli city.

Day 3: Breakfast + day trip to Jerusalem (Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter + Old City's iconic sites + Church of the Holy Sepulchre) + + Return to Tel aviv Hotel
  • Breakfast (7:00 AM): Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your Tel Aviv hotel, energizing yourself for an exciting day ahead.

  • Day Trip to Jerusalem (8:00 AM): Depart from Tel Aviv for a memorable day trip to Jerusalem, one of the world's most historically and spiritually significant cities.

  • Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter (10:00 AM): Begin your exploration of Jerusalem at the Western Wall (Kotel), a revered site in Judaism. Spend time in reflection and prayer at this iconic location. Continue to the Jewish Quarter, where you can explore historic synagogues and immerse yourself in the quarter's rich heritage.

  • Lunch (12:30 PM): Enjoy a delightful lunch at a local restaurant in Jerusalem, savoring traditional Israeli dishes.

  • Old City's Iconic Sites (2:00 PM): Continue your journey through Jerusalem by visiting the Old City's iconic sites, including its ancient and captivating streets, historic buildings, and archaeological treasures.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre (4:00 PM): Explore the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a significant Christian pilgrimage site believed to house the crucifixion and burial sites of Jesus Christ. Discover the church's architectural beauty and spiritual importance.

  • Return to Tel Aviv (7:00 PM): In the early evening, return to Tel Aviv, reflecting on the day's experiences and newfound knowledge of Jerusalem's history and spirituality.

  • Stay in Tel Aviv: Arrive back at your Tel Aviv hotel, where you'll spend another comfortable night, allowing you to unwind after a full day of exploration.

Day 3 takes you on a profound journey to Jerusalem, where you'll visit significant religious sites, experience the rich history of the Old City, and explore the spiritual significance of the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Returning to Tel Aviv in the evening allows you to relax and recharge for more adventures in the days ahead.

Day 4: Breakfast + 1 day Dead Sea Excursion + Return to Tel Aviv for overnight stay.
  • Breakfast (7:30 AM): Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your Tel Aviv hotel, preparing for an unforgettable excursion to the Dead Sea.

  • 1-Day Dead Sea Excursion (9:00 AM): Depart from Tel Aviv for a day of relaxation and natural wonder at the world-famous Dead Sea. Known for its extraordinary salinity, the Dead Sea allows you to effortlessly float on its surface.

  • Dead Sea Relaxation (10:30 AM): Arrive at the Dead Sea and immerse yourself in its mineral-rich waters. Experience the unique sensation of floating effortlessly due to the high salt concentration. You can also indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea's mineral-rich mud, which is believed to have healing properties.

  • Lunch (1:00 PM): Enjoy a delicious lunch at a resort or restaurant by the Dead Sea, where you can savor local cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views.

  • Visit Masada (3:00 PM): Explore the ancient fortress of Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history. Discover the ruins and remarkable stories that surround this site.

  • Return to Tel Aviv (6:30 PM): In the early evening, return to Tel Aviv, reflecting on the unique experiences of the day and the rejuvenating effects of the Dead Sea.

  • Overnight Stay in Tel Aviv: Arrive back in Tel Aviv and check in to your hotel for your last night in Israel. You'll have the opportunity to relax and unwind after a day of relaxation and exploration.

Day 4 offers a remarkable excursion to the Dead Sea, allowing you to float effortlessly in its mineral-rich waters and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of its mud. Returning to Tel Aviv in the evening provides a comfortable and convenient base for your final night in Israel before your departure.

Day 5: Breakfast + Checkout from Hotel + Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport + End of 4 nights 5 days Israel tour package
  • Breakfast (7:00 AM): Begin your last day in Israel with a delicious breakfast at your Tel Aviv hotel, savoring the flavors one last time.

  • Checkout from Hotel (10:00 AM): After breakfast, complete the checkout process at your hotel. Ensure that you have all your belongings and souvenirs gathered.

  • Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport (11:00 AM): Your tour coordinator will arrange a comfortable transfer for you from your hotel to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

  • Farewell to Israel: As you make your way to the airport, take this time to reflect on the incredible experiences and memories you've gathered during your 4 nights 5 days tour of Israel. Bid farewell to the beautiful country and its rich culture.

  • End of Tour (2:00 PM): Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, where your tour concludes. You may choose to extend your stay in Israel or catch your departing flight, depending on your travel plans.

  • Memories to Cherish: Your 4 nights 5 days Israel tour package has come to an end, leaving you with cherished memories, newfound knowledge, and a deeper appreciation for the history, spirituality, and culture of this remarkable land.

Your journey through Israel has been filled with exploration, spirituality, and cultural immersion. On Day 5, you say goodbye to this enchanting country, taking with you the enduring memories of your adventure in the Holy Land.

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Very Good

I wanted a mix of culture and relaxation on my trip to Israel, and this tour delivered just that.

I wanted a mix of culture and relaxation on my trip to Israel, and this tour delivered just that. Tel Aviv's modernity, Jerusalem's spirituality, and the Dead Sea's serenity made for a perfect itinerary. The accommodations were excellent, and the guides were both informative and engaging

As a history enthusiast, this tour was a dream for me.

As a history enthusiast, this tour was a dream for me. Walking the ancient streets of Jerusalem and visiting the Western Wall was deeply moving. Floating in the Dead Sea was a unique experience that I'll treasure forever. The tour was well-organized, and I felt safe and well-cared-for throughout

Exploring Israel with this tour was a dream come true.

Exploring Israel with this tour was a dream come true. The knowledgeable guides made the historical sites come alive with their stories. Jerusalem was particularly awe-inspiring, and the day trip to the Dead Sea was incredibly relaxing. We're so glad we chose this package.

My journey through Israel with the 4 nights 5 days tour was truly unforgettable.

My journey through Israel with the 4 nights 5 days tour was truly unforgettable. From the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv to the profound spiritual experiences in Jerusalem, every moment was a revelation. The Dead Sea excursion was a definite highlight, allowing me to float in its magical waters. I can't thank the tour organizers enough for this incredible adventure.
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