Funnel for Finland

We are writing on this Funnel that targets audience who might be interested in Finland tour packages and services. Main goal of this Funnel is to collect contact details of visitors who are seeking to travel to Finland, especially Lapland. This funnel targets global audience for Finland tours.

Purpose of Funnel

Below points gives more understanding on Purpose of Funnel:

  • To reach out to the audiences that search for Finland tour regarding Keywords
    • To make them click and visit landing page where there are tour and contact details clearly mentioned
  • To reach out to Google’s In-market audience to for Finland tour services
  • To create different segments on the basis of customer behaviour –
    • Segment of customers who clicked on the google ad
    • Segment of Customers who landed on page in Meta and google ads
    • Segment of customers who clicked on any element of page Meta and google ads
    • Segment of customers who checked tour details Meta and google ads
    • Segment of customers who took action with contact details Meta and google ads
  • To create email and phone list of customers who took action on contact details
    • To create a different segment of customers on the basis of email list in Meta and google ads.
  • To share quotations to customers on platform that can generate cookies
    • Create segment on the basis of number customer interactions with quote to understand the interest
  • To run re-marketing campaigns both on Meta and google ads using above segments

Study on Keywords that will be used in Google search campaign

  • Finland tour package
  • Lapland tour
  • Scandinavia tours
  • Finland, Sweden and Norway tour itinerary/package
  • Finland Northern lights tour
  • Tromso tour
  • Iceland, norway and Finland tour
  • Svalbard tour

Strategy of Meta Leads campaign

We run Meta lead campaign targeting audience that is already interested in Finland tour packages. In the demographics we target both male and females of the age group in between 18-65. Being one of the most expensive countries of the world we will have to consider that our target audience should be in the category of high income. They Should be interested in European destinations more specifically Finland.Once these leads are captured we give them quote and make segments as mentioned above.Here starts the re-marketing campaigns of Funnel from Meta and google ads channel.

Here’s a table summarizing the campaign structure based on the provided information:

Campaign TypePurposeTarget Audience
Google Ads SearchReach audiences searching for Finland tour using relevant keywordsUsers searching for Finland tour
Google Ads RemarketingRetarget users who visited the landing page or interacted with Google AdsUsers who previously visited the landing page
Meta Lead CapturingCapture leads from users who engage with Meta platformUsers interested in Finland tour
Meta RemarketingRetarget users based on various interactions with Meta platformUsers who previously engaged with Meta platform
Segment DetailsDescription
Google Ads ClickedUsers who clicked on the Google ad.
Landing Page VisitorsUsers who landed on the landing page from both Meta and Google Ads.
Page InteractionUsers who interacted with any element on the landing page from both Meta and Google Ads.
Tour Details ViewedUsers who checked tour details on the landing page from both Meta and Google Ads.
Contact Details ActionUsers who took action by submitting contact details on the landing page from both Meta and Google Ads.
Email/Phone ListUsers whose contact details were captured, segmented separately for Meta and Google Ads.
Email List InteractionUsers who interacted based on the email list in both Meta and Google Ads.
Quotation InteractionUsers who engaged with the quotation generation platform, segmented based on the number of interactions.
RemarketingUsers who have interacted with any part of the funnel, segmented for both Meta and Google Ads remarketing campaigns.
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