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Ice Breaker tour from Rovaniemi

Icebreaker Sampo check-in, Lumilinnankatu, Kemi, Finland
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Ice breaker tour from Rovaniemi

Kemi, which is located in Finnish Lapland, is a popular tourist destination for those who wish to experience the distinctive beauty of the Arctic. An icebreaker excursion is one of the most popular activities in Kemi, allowing guests to view the icy Baltic Sea and the surrounding islands.

Typically, an icebreaker trip begins in Kemi Marina, where passengers board the icebreaker vessel. The ship’s powerful engines can break through the thick ice, allowing passengers to experience the sea and surrounding environment in a way that would not be possible on an ordinary boat.

During the tour, travellers can view the frozen sea, ice floes, and nearby islands, in addition to unique ice formations including frozen waterfalls and ice caves. The tour guides will present information regarding the local flora and animals as well as the region’s history. In certain portions of the tour, you may be able to witness the icebreaking process, which involves the ship’s powerful engines breaking through the ice to create a passageway for the ship.

You can also take an overnight icebreaker tour, where you spend the night in a cabin on the ship and enjoy the Arctic views at night and in the morning. You can also take a tour that includes a visit to a snow castle, where you can view an exhibition of ice sculptures and enjoy a drink or meal in an ice café.

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Ice breaker ship specifications in Usual

An icebreaker is a type of ship that is made to go through water that is covered with ice. These ships are made with strong engines, reinforced hulls, and special tools that help them break through thick ice and move in very cold weather.

Some of the most common parts of an icebreaker ship are:

  • Icebreakers have a reinforced hull that is made to handle the weight of the ice and the constant hits they take when they break through it. The hull is usually made of steel or another strong material, and it is made even stronger with extra plates and bracing.
  • Engines: Icebreakers have strong engines that are made to give the ship the power it needs to break through thick ice. Most of the engines are diesel-electric, which makes them more efficient in cold weather.
  • Propellers: Icebreakers have special propellers that are made to give them the most power and maneuverability in water that is covered with ice. Most of the time, the propellers are big and have a high pitch angle. This gives them more thrust and helps them cut through the ice better.
  • Bow: An icebreaker’s bow is made to be as sharp and pointed as possible so that it can cut through ice more easily. The bow may also have a strong “ice-knife” or “ice-breaker” that helps break up ice so the ship can get through.
  • Ability to break through ice: An icebreaker’s ability to break through ice is measured by how thick a piece of ice it can break through. There are different kinds of icebreakers, like light, medium, and heavy ones, and each one can break through ice in a different way.
  • Crew and living space: Most icebreakers have a crew of 20 to 30 people, and they have space for them to live. They also have rooms, dining areas, and other amenities for the people who are traveling on them.
  • Keep in mind that these are just general specifications. Different icebreaker ships may have different specifications depending on how they will be used and the conditions they will be operating in.

Ice Breaker tour from Rovaniemi

What is the location of Ice breaker tour ?
The location of Ice breaker tour is Lumilinnankatu 15A, 94100 Kemi, Finland
Are the transfers of this Icebreaker tour from Rovaniemi on sharing basis ?
Yes,the transfers of this ice breaker tour from Rovaniemi are on Sharing basis.
What will be the duration of icebreaker tour ?
The duration of Ice Breaker tour will be 3 hours.
Will we get suitable clothes to swim while on our Ice breaker tour ?
A double layer survival suit, which you will put over your normal clothes, will keep you insulated from cold water. Swimming is voluntary – so if you don’t feel like it you don’t have to do it.



Few Important Pointers

  • Experience amazing Icebreaker cruise in Kemi
  • Informative Guided tour by audio guide
  • You can Walking on the ice with all safety measures
  • You can swim in the chilled water of the sea
  • Film in icebreaker cinema


9 AM - Pick up from Rovaniemi for Ice Breaker Tour Kemi ( 120 Km - 1:30 -2 hours)
In the morning, around 9, you will be picked up for your Icebreaker tour in a shuttle.It is around 120 km from Rovaniemi, which might take you 1:30–2 hours.
11:00 am - Board Ice Breaker tour
You will board the ice creamer tour. This Icebreaker cruise duration is for 3 hours. It will be a guided tour with an audio guide. Then you will also be walking on ice. Swim in ice water while wearing survival suits after that. Icebreaker cruises also have the option to film in the icebreaker cinema. Other inclusions are hot drinks and a cruise and swim certificate.
2:00 Pm - Drop to Rovaniemi
After completing the amazing experience of the Icebreaker Tour, you will be picked up for a drop to your point in Rovaniemi. It marks the end of your Icebreaker tour from Rovaniemi.

Compare the Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Icebreaker cruise 3 hours
  • Guided tour by audio guide
  • Walking on ice
  • Swimming in survival suites
  • Film in icebreaker cinema
  • Hot drink
  • Cruise & Swim certificate
  • Shuttle bus service from Rovaniemi
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation
  • Any medical expense

Activity Type

City Tour

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Private cab - (Only you, car and Driver)
Sharing Transfers (You & other guests will share)

Duration of Activity

Half Day

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Activity's Location

Icebreaker Sampo check-in, Lumilinnankatu, Kemi, Finland

Frequently asked Questions about this tour

Cancellation policy of Ice breaker tour from Rovaniemi ?
Full refund if cancelled before 30 days before tour date
50 % tour cost is refundable between 30-15 days before travel
No refund between 0-15 days of travel
What is the specification of Ice Breaker Cruise ?
Built: 1976, fully rebuilt in 1991
Number of passengers: 199
Length: 78 m
Width: 14 m
Draught: 5.22 m
Gross weight: gross 1976 mt, net 593 mt
Engine: 2 X MAK 8M551AK, 9460 hp
Class: 1A


Based on 6 reviews
Very Good

The ship tour is enjoyable, and the film about the development of icebreakers is informative.

The Ice Break cruise was relaxing and enjoyable. During the cruise, it is fascinating to watch and capture on film how the thick ice cracks and reveals the ocean underneath. sailing The ship tour is enjoyable, and the film about the development of icebreakers is informative. Swimming in the buoyancy suit and the cold water is an amazing experience. The resulting hot beverage was delicious. The prospect of stepping foot on the ice floating out there in the middle of the ocean appealed to me greatly. Thanks Lestacworld for organising Ince breaker tour for us in Finland
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Despite my having a copy of their confirmation email outlining the cancellation requirements in writing, they are only refunding me 20%. It was also fine to charge a 20% cancellation fee.

I agree to the cancellation policy and have purchased a Flexible Ticket. The Swedish government has banned all but essential travel to Sweden from nations outside the European Union due to the Covid-19 virus. Because of the cancellation policy,Despite my having a copy of their confirmation email outlining the cancellation requirements in writing, they are only refunding me 20%. It was also fine to charge a 20% cancellation fee.So that I may pursue my legal remedies, I have filed a complaint with the Finnish Consumer Agency.
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Initially, we were hesitant to reserve this tour, but now we’re glad we did. Everything about it was excellent. We had an early morning pickup from Rovaniemi. Both the guide and the driver did a fantastic job and were a huge assistance. We had lunch in Sweden and made it to the Polar Explorer in good time for departure. Yes, we did go with the VIP treatment (which I highly recommend). Since we had upgraded, Patrycja, our guide, was exclusively ours. She totally rocked! She led us to a separate room with a fireplace, a kitchenette, and a bar stocked with alcoholic beverages. Absolutely delicious cookies! The ship was ours for a private tour, and Patrycia filled us in on its history and purpose along the way. The swimming portion was the most enjoyable. We got to go in first and swim for over 20 minutes. Our pictures were taken by a professional and we paid 15 euros for the privilege. I would suggest this tour to anyone. I can’t sing the praises of the experience and the staff members who labored so hard to make it wonderful enough!
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To witness and hear the sound of the thick sheets of ice broken down like a piece of wood was breathtaking.

Amazing Experience and worth of every penny spent for this tour. Well Organised , good crew members, Guide was from their own organization and he was damn good with his soft skills. Starts early at 7am and finished by 5:30 pm with pick up and drop faculty. The Ice floating experience is awesome. To witness and hear the sound of the thick sheets of ice broken down like a piece of wood was breathtaking. You can opt to buy your pictures and have good small Cinema that shows the document about history of Ice breakers. Towards the end of the journey the buffet lunch is good to have at the Swedish side and witness to the other side of same village on Finnish side separate by river.
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The trip was as enjoyable for our family as we had imagined in late December.

Others with similar ratings agreed that this was a unique experience. The trip was as enjoyable for our family as we had imagined in late December. Everything, from the first reservation to the bus transportation upgrades afterwards, to the excursion and lunch, was largely easy and fun. The only unpleasant surprise was that, despite the sign at the train station indicating open from 5:45am, the small train station at Kemi where Polar Explorer reservation staff advised us to disembark from the Santa Clause night train (Helsinki-Rovaniemi) in order to catch their bus pick-up was closed at least early in the morning when we arrived at 6am. Our family was left outside in the chilly, snowy weather for two hours until the excellent cafe next door opened at eight in the morning because the bus pick-up time at Kemi was set for eight thirty. The café employee informed us that the train station is frequently closed in the winter. The earlier advise to disembark at Kemi station was made since the Santa Clause night train to Rovaniemi would arrive 10 minutes after the arranged bus pickup time. If we had realized Kemi station was closed, we would have scheduled the tour to leave Rovaniemi on a different day.
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Loved the swimming experience in chilled sea water

Everything was amazing. Swiiming in water was the best moment.
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