Sweden tour packages

Explore the captivating beauty of Sweden with our Sweden tour packages. Known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cities, Sweden offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. From the picturesque archipelagos and serene lakes to the mesmerizing northern lights, there is something for everyone in this Scandinavian gem.

Discover the enchanting city of Stockholm, often referred to as the “Venice of the North.” Explore the charming cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, the old town, and visit iconic landmarks such as the Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum, home to a perfectly preserved 17th-century warship. Take a leisurely boat tour through the archipelago, comprised of thousands of islands, and soak in the breathtaking scenery.

Venture to the stunning Swedish Lapland, where you can experience the magic of the Arctic. Embark on a thrilling husky sledding adventure or go on a mesmerizing reindeer safari through the snow-covered wilderness. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the northern lights dancing across the night sky, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

For nature lovers, Sweden offers vast forests, tranquil lakes, and majestic mountains to explore. Visit the picturesque region of Dalarna, known for its traditional red-painted wooden cottages and folkloric traditions. Hike through the pristine wilderness of Abisko National Park or canoe along the serene lakes of Vänern and Vättern.

Immerse yourself in Swedish culture and indulge in the country’s culinary delights. Savor delicious Swedish meatballs, fresh seafood, and traditional pastries like cinnamon buns. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, known for their friendly nature and impeccable sense of design.

With our Sweden tour packages, you can tailor your journey to suit your preferences, whether you seek adventure, cultural exploration, or a tranquil retreat in nature. Let us take care of the details as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes and vibrant cities of Sweden.

Experience the diverse climate of Sweden with our Sweden tour packages. From pleasant summers with long, beautiful days to freezing winters adorned with snow, each season offers its own unique charm. The best time to visit is between May and September, when you can enjoy the extended daylight and explore the captivating landscapes. Immerse yourself in the Swedish culture and witness the Midnight Sun in June or July, or chase the mesmerizing Northern Lights in late September or early April. Whether you prefer the warmth of summer or the magical winter wonderland, our Sweden tour packages will ensure a memorable journey through this enchanting country. Discover the beauty of Sweden and embrace the saying, “There is no bad weather, only awful clothes.” Let us take care of the details as you embark on an unforgettable adventure through the changing seasons of Sweden.

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Malmö
  • Lund
  • Umeå
  • Västerås
  • Helsingborg
  • Uppsala

Sweden tour packages

Frequently asked questions about Sweden tour package ?

What is the currency of Sweden ?
The Swedish krona (SEK) has been the country's official currency since 1873. It is printed by the Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden's central bank. The Swedish krona is represented by the currency symbol Kr. A krona is equal to one hundred öre. Since the word for "crown" in Swedish is "krona," the English term "Swedish crown" is commonly used to refer to the money.
Where northern lights is most visible in Sweden ?
Places where northern lights is most visible in Sweden-Kiruna Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park Jukkasjärvi Porjus
Is English spoken in Sweden ?
To the astonishment of many, English is extensively spoken and understood in Sweden. Ninety percent or so of the local population should be able to carry on a discussion with you in English. While knowledge of Swedish is not necessary for a pleasant trip, it will be warmly appreciated by the locals.
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