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Experience the allure of Gdansk, Poland with our tailored Gdansk tour packages, designed to immerse you in the rich history and captivating culture of this Baltic gem. Discover the highlights of Gdansk’s Old Town and iconic landmarks such as St. Mary’s Church and the Gdansk Crane. With our comprehensive Gdansk tour itineraries, every moment is curated for exploration and adventure. Uncover the secrets of Gdansk’s maritime past, wander through charming cobblestone streets, and indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal city. Let our Gdansk tour packages be your gateway to an unforgettable journey filled with discovery and delight.

  • Explore the historic charm of Gdansk’s Old Town, with its colorful merchant houses and bustling market squares.
  • Marvel at the grandeur of St. Mary’s Church, one of the largest brick churches in the world, and ascend its tower for panoramic views of the city.
  • Visit the iconic Gdansk Crane, a symbol of the city’s maritime heritage, and delve into its fascinating history at the maritime museum.
  • Discover the poignant history of the European Solidarity Centre, located in the historic shipyard where the Solidarity movement began.
  • Wander along the picturesque streets of Mariacka and Dluga, lined with artisan shops, cafes, and galleries, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Motlawa River, dotted with historic ships and waterfront cafes.
  • Venture to the nearby resort town of Sopot to relax on its sandy beaches, stroll along the famous pier, and enjoy panoramic views from atop the lighthouse.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of Gdansk, with its lively bars, restaurants, and cultural venues offering live music and entertainment.
  • Join a guided tour of the Gdansk Shipyard, where the Solidarity movement played a pivotal role in shaping Poland’s modern history.
  • Indulge in the flavors of Polish cuisine at local restaurants and cafes, savoring traditional dishes such as pierogi, zurek soup, and smoked fish.

Gdansk, a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland, Europe, boasts a rich maritime history, stunning architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene. Here are some must-visit places in Gdansk:

  1. Old Town (Stare Miasto): Explore the heart of Gdansk with its charming cobbled streets, colorful merchant houses, and iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate and Neptune’s Fountain.
  2. Dluga Street (Long Market): Wander along this bustling pedestrian thoroughfare lined with historic buildings, shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  3. St. Mary’s Church: Admire the grandeur of this Gothic masterpiece, which boasts the world’s largest brick church and offers panoramic views from its tower.
  4. Gdansk Crane (Żuraw): Discover one of the city’s symbols, a medieval crane that once served as a port crane and now houses a maritime museum.
  5. European Solidarity Centre: Learn about Poland’s struggle for freedom and democracy at this interactive museum, located in the historic shipyard where the Solidarity movement was born.
  6. Westerplatte: Visit the site of the first battle of World War II, where Polish defenders held off German forces for seven days in 1939.
  7. Oliwa Cathedral: Marvel at the stunning Baroque architecture and listen to the famous Oliwa organ concerts at this historic cathedral and abbey.
  8. Mariacka Street: Stroll down this picturesque street lined with amber shops, galleries, and cafes, and admire the beautiful gabled houses.
  9. Gdansk Shipyard: Take a guided tour of this historic shipyard, where the Solidarity movement began, and learn about its role in shaping Poland’s modern history.
  10. Sopot: Explore the neighboring resort town of Sopot, known for its sandy beaches, lively pier, and the longest wooden pier in Europe.

These are just a few highlights of what Gdansk has to offer. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply enjoying the seaside charm of a coastal city, Gdansk has something for everyone.

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Gdansk tour packages

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