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East Java tour packages

Explore the captivating wonders of East Java with our exclusive East Java tour packages. Located in the eastern part of Java Island, Indonesia, East Java beckons travelers with its diverse landscapes, cultural richness, and awe-inspiring adventures. Our East Java tour packages offer you the perfect gateway to uncover the hidden treasures of this enchanting province, renowned for its majestic volcanoes, pristine beaches, and vibrant traditions.

1. Natural Marvels: East Java is a land of natural marvels, home to iconic destinations like Mount Bromo and the mesmerizing Ijen Crater. Our East Java tour packages take you to these breathtaking locations, promising you the chance to witness nature’s grandeur up close.

2. Cultural Heritage: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of East Java, where Javanese, Madurese, and other ethnic groups harmoniously coexist. Experience traditional performances, explore historic sites, and savor local delicacies as part of your East Java tour.

3. Culinary Delights: East Java boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering a delightful array of dishes such as rawon (beef soup) and rujak cingur (salad). Our tour packages ensure you savor the authentic flavors of East Java.

4. Adventure Awaits: Whether you’re an adventure seeker or seeking relaxation, East Java has something for everyone. Hike the volcanic landscapes, relax on pristine beaches, or encounter the unique blue fire phenomenon at Ijen Crater. Our East Java tour packages cater to all preferences.

5. Hassle-Free Exploration: Leave the travel logistics to us. With our East Java tour packages, you can unwind and enjoy your journey while we handle accommodations, transportation, and expert guides, ensuring a seamless and stress-free adventure.

6. Customize Your Experience: Tailor your East Java tour package to match your interests and schedule. Whether you want to extend your stay, focus on specific activities, or explore off-the-beaten-path locations, we provide flexibility to create your dream East Java experience.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our East Java tour packages and discover the enchanting allure of this remarkable province. Book your adventure today and let us be your guide to the wonders of East Java.

CategoryFacts about East Java
LocationEastern part of Java Island, Indonesia
AreaApproximately 47,800 square kilometers
PopulationOver 41 million (as of my last knowledge update in September 2021)
Official LanguageIndonesian
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Time ZoneCentral Indonesia Time (WITA)
ClimateTropical climate with wet and dry seasons
GeographyDiverse landscape with mountains, volcanoes, and coastal areas
Major CitiesSurabaya, Malang, Probolinggo, Jember
ReligionPredominantly Muslim, with religious diversity
CultureBlend of Javanese, Madurese, and other ethnic groups
TourismPopular tourist destinations include Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, and Malang
TransportationWell-connected by roads, railways, airports, and ports
AgricultureKnown for coffee, tobacco, and various agricultural products
National ParksBromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Meru Betiri National Park, and more
Local CuisineDiverse culinary offerings, including rawon (beef soup) and rujak cingur (salad)
Traditional ArtsWayang kulit (shadow puppetry), traditional dance, and gamelan music
GovernmentProvince with its own local government
Unique FeaturesActive volcanoes, natural beauty, and cultural diversity


East Java, located in the eastern part of the island of Java, Indonesia, is known for its diverse geography. Here are some key geographical features and information about East Java:

  1. Location: East Java is situated in the eastern region of Java Island, Indonesia. It is bordered by the Bali Strait to the east, the Java Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, and Central Java to the west.
  2. Area: East Java covers an area of approximately 47,800 square kilometers, making it one of the larger provinces in Indonesia.
  3. Geography: The province boasts a diverse landscape that includes volcanic mountains, fertile plains, dense rainforests, and picturesque coastlines. It is famous for its numerous active and dormant volcanoes, including Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, and Mount Ijen.
  4. Climate: East Java experiences a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season typically occurs from November to March, while the dry season lasts from April to October.
  5. Mountains and Volcanoes: East Java is home to several impressive mountains and volcanoes. Mount Semeru, the highest peak on Java Island, is a popular trekking destination. Mount Bromo is renowned for its stunning landscapes, including the famous “Sea of Sand.”
  6. Coastline: The province has a long and picturesque coastline along the Indian Ocean. Notable beaches include those in Malang, Banyuwangi, and the southern coast near Pacitan.
  7. Cities: The capital of East Java is Surabaya, one of Indonesia’s largest cities. Other major cities include Malang, Probolinggo, and Jember, each offering unique cultural and natural attractions.
  8. Religion: East Java is predominantly Muslim, but it also has a diverse religious landscape with minorities practicing various faiths.
  9. Culture: The culture of East Java is influenced by Javanese and Madurese traditions, and it is known for its traditional arts such as wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), gamelan music, and dance performances.
  10. Tourism: East Java is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Tourists flock to attractions like Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, and the historic city of Malang.
  11. Transportation: The province is well-connected by roads, railways, airports, and ports. Surabaya is a major transportation hub.
  12. National Parks: East Java is home to several national parks, including Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and Meru Betiri National Park, which protect the region’s unique ecosystems.

The diverse geography of East Java makes it a captivating destination for travelers, offering everything from mountain adventures to coastal relaxation and cultural experiences.

East Java tour packages

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