Providing an accurate, definitive market size for online booking of activities and attractions is challenging due to different data sources and segmentation methods. However, we have done our own R&D, based on which we are mentioning the key points below. It should be noted that we are not claiming the accuracy of the below research points:

Market size of Online booking of Tours and activities

Market size of Online booking of Tours and activities

Estimated Sizes of Online Booking of Tours and Activities:

  • Activities & Attractions: Research and Markets estimates this segment at USD 30 billion globally in 2023, expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% by 2028.
  • Tours & Activities: Arival reports the global market at USD 135 billion in 2016, indicating significant pre-pandemic growth.

Market Growth:

  • Online bookings for tours and activities are projected to grow by 150% by 2025 compared to pre-pandemic levels (Arival).

Key Players in the Market for online booking of tours and Attractions

CategoryKey Players
Global Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):
Booking Holdings (Viator)
Expedia Group (GetYourGuide) Group (Klook)
Airbnb (Experiences)
Niche Marketplaces:
GetYourGuide (Global experiences with user reviews)
Klook (Asia-focused regional activities and attractions)
Musement (Museum and cultural attraction tickets)
Headout (City and region-specific curated experiences)
Viator (Global inventory of tours and activities)
Direct Booking Platforms:
Theme Park and Attraction Websites
Local Tour Operator Websites
Mobile-First Platforms:
TripAdvisor (Reviews and direct booking for attractions)
Local Aventura (App-based unique experiences)
Fever (Curated events and experiences mobile app)
Regional Players (Civitatis, Klook)
Niche Specialization (Tiqets, Thrillophilia)
Emerging Players (Various startups and innovative platforms)

How we plan to utilise the opportunity of this market growth ?

Strategies for Companies to Cope and GrowDescription 
Technology Integration
Leverage PlatformsUtilize booking platforms, mobile apps, and AI-powered recommendations to enhance user experience.
Data AnalyticsUnderstand customer preferences and personalize offerings through effective data analytics.
Local CollaborationsCollaborate with local operators and vendors to remove unwanted channels.
Marketing and Content
Targeted Digital MarketingInvest in digital marketing tailored to reach specific customer segments effectively.
Service with ClarityCreate content that gives clarity and confidence to customers to book online without human help.
SEO StrategiesKeep working on SEO strategies that helps reducing marketing cost and reach more and more customers cost effectively.
Market Awareness
Stay InformedAbout changing market trends and evolving customer preferences to stay ahead in the dynamic industry.
Data-Driven AnalysisRegularly analyze performance based on data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
Agility and FlexibilityMaintain agility and flexibility to respond promptly to dynamic market conditions and emerging opportunities.

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