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Glass Igloos – Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos


Glass Igloos- Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos

A few steps away from the Artic SnowHotel are some cozy glass igloos. Relax in a comfortable bed and take in the stars. Nothing beats sitting here and watching the Auroras dance! We can’t promise a spectacular light show, but if you get one, you’ll never forget it.

The igloos: unobstructed views of the sky and supreme relaxation
Intimate, Cozy, and Roomy (20 m2)
Comfortably insulated, everything
-heated floors, panoramic views of the sky through thermal glass roofs,
customizable bunk beds (as the beds are motorized, there is no possibility for joint top mattress but we can push the beds together to make it double, please request on the last page)
-a lavatory equipped with a cupboard for holding water -alert, aurora borealis! Turn on the alarm in your glass igloo, and you will be woken up by the dancing aurora borealis in the middle of the night, even if it is the middle of the night.

Outside of the auroras, there is still enough to see and do!

The Arctic SnowHotel (admission ticket included in glass igloo purchase; Snowhotel will be ready by the latest on the 20th of Dec) is located nearby, and it features an ice chapel and an ice dining hall created entirely out of snow and ice. There are both traditional Finnish saunas and more unusual snow saunas with outdoor jaquzzis in the area. All of these places are conveniently close to one another, with the Lappish Kota restaurant by the lake being the closest. Other fun things to do include snowshoeing, ice fishing, and electric snowmobile tours.


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from $700/night



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