About Lestacworld

About Lestacworld.com

  • Company Background:
    • Lestacworld is a limited liability company based in the USA.
    • It also has legal recognition and operations in Indonesia and India.
  • Online Platform:
    • Lestacworld operates as an online platform.
    • Its primary aim is to simplify and streamline the booking process for customers worldwide.
  • Global Presence:
    • Lestacworld LLC is expanding its services globally.
    • It maintains a commitment to maintaining high-quality service standards.
  • Founders:
    • The company was co-founded by Adit Sarin and Ruchita Bhatt.
    • They are actively working to establish Lestacworld as a significant player in the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

Our mission

  • Continuous Technological Enhancement:
    • Commitment to ongoing technological improvements.
    • The goal is to keep the system up-to-date with the latest industry developments.
  • Online Payment Integration:
    • All payments are now accepted online through the company’s website portal.
    • Streamlining the payment process for convenience and efficiency.
  • User-Centric Approach:
    • Primary objective: Deliver a straightforward and hassle-free booking experience.
    • Focus on providing travelers with a seamless and user-friendly platform for booking their journeys.

Our Vision

  • Revolutionize Travel and Tourism:
    • Transform the travel and tourism industry through technology and personalized experiences.
  • Global Leadership:
    • Aspire to be the worldwide leader in offering innovative, customized tour packages alongside traditional options.
  • Technological Advancement:
    • Continuously enhance technology to stay at the forefront of industry developments.
  • Online Accessibility:
    • Expand our online presence to provide easy access and booking options for travelers worldwide.
  • User-Centric Focus:
    • Empower travelers with a hassle-free and user-centric booking experience.
  • Memorable Adventures:
    • Ensure that journeys are not just trips but transformative adventures filled with unforgettable memories.
  • Industry Impact:
    • Leave a lasting imprint on the travel and tourism industry, making exploration more accessible, tailored, and enjoyable for all.

Lestacworld Addresses Around the world

Lestacworld presence in USA

Lestacworld LLC – USA

Whatsapp Contact – +1 (845) 413-2351

Legal registered Address in USA – Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, WY 82801

Lestacworld presence in Indonesia

Lestac Nora Bali – Indonesia

Indonesia License No. – 0706220061383

Address – Jl. Nusa Indah, Gg II No. 8, Denpasar Timur, Pin Code – 80235

Lestacworld presence in India

Lestacworld Holiday Planners

GST Business Registration No. – 27AAIFL4852H1Z3

LLP Identification N0. – AAQ-1984

Address – Office No.09 Aditya Shagun Mall, Pune, Bavdhan


Happy Travellers

In last few years we have seen exponential growth

7 Years of


In 2015, Lestacworld first started its operation and is still growing steadily. We are providing quality and hassle services to travellers around the world.



We serve our customers with almost 46 destinations



Lestacworld now legally exists in 3 different countries. In USA (Lestacworld LLC), Indonesia (C.V. Lestacnora) and (Lestacworld LLP) in India.

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F&Q's About Lestacworld.com

How many domains are operating under Lestacworld ?
Lestacworld.com is the parent domain of the company. This domain showcases the tour and activities that can be booked online through the portal only. However, Lestacworld also has got other domain under it -LestacIndia.com - Lestacindia is a reputable blogging domain which is part of Lestacworld. Including the founders, employes and content writers- you will find every one contributing their knowledge in the form of articles in this domain.Validroute.com Validroute.com is again a part of Lestacworld. This refers to an online sports travel agency that is specifically working on sports events travel arrangements.
Official USA account number of Lestacworld LLC ?
Beneficiary Name - Lestacworld Account Number - 202213881501 Type of Account - Checking Beneficiary Address - 30 North Gould Street, Sheridan, WY 82801 ABA Routing Number - 091311229 Bank Name - Choice Financial Group Bank Address - 4501 23rd Avenue S Fargo, ND 58104
When the account manager will be assigned ?
Once the online payment is made , account manager will be assigned within 30 minutes
How can i pay in my own currency ?
When you will be on the quote page the prices will be shown in USD, however when you will proceed to book, on the cart page prices will be automatically changed into the local currency with the help of IP address. This way you will be able to pay in your preferred currency.
what is LestacNora Bali, Indonesia Bank Account Number ?
Bank Account details of Lestac Indonesian office is as below -CV LESTAC NORA 145-00-1443783-0 Bank Nane - Mandiri Bank Address - Banjar Pangi Kawan Klungkung Swift Code - BMRIIDJA
How do Lestacworld accept payment for the bookings ?
We provide Dedicated client portal for all offline customised packages. One Can make payment,track invoices, download vouchers and make due payments on the dedicated client portal that rise.lestacworld.com.
Is Lestac Nora Bali, A legal entity ?
Lestac Nora Bali is legally registered in Indonesia.The License number of LestacNora Bali is 0706220061383.LestacNora Bali is registered as a Subentity of Lestacworld Holiday Planners in Indoneisia. The Office address is - Jl. Nusa Indah, Gg II No. 8, Denpasar Timur, Pin Code – 80235
Is it safe to Book a Holiday package through LestacWorld.com ?
In the eight years that we have been in business, we have satisfied more than 13000 customers to the point that we can say that our firm has a good reputation. In addition, Lestacworld now does business on a worldwide scale while operating in three different nations.
What is the GST number of Lestacworld LLP India ?
GST Number of Lestacworld Holiday Planners – 27AAIFL4852H1Z3
What is LLP registration number of Lestacworld ?
AAQ-1984 is the LLP registration number of Lestacworld.com
Who are the founders of Lestacworld.com?
Lestacworld was founded by Mr Adit Sarin and Ms Ruchita Bhatt in 2015.
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