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4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package

Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, Mueang Nga, Mueang Lamphun District, Lamphun, Thailand
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4 nights 5 days

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4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package

Explore Chiang Mai’s beauty and culture with our 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey through Northern Thailand’s enchanting landscapes and rich heritage.

  • Cultural Delights: Engage with local tribes and ancient temples, gaining insights into the region’s unique culture and traditions.
  • Adventure Escapades: Embark on thrilling ATV rides and cave explorations, adding an adrenaline rush to your cultural immersion.
  • Scenic Beauty: Discover picturesque landscapes and vibrant streets that reveal Chiang Mai’s natural beauty and charm.
  • Local Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Thai flavors during lunch experiences, savoring the essence of Northern Thai cuisine.
  • Historical Gems: Explore nearby towns like Lampang and Lamphun, where history comes alive through architectural wonders.
  • Memorable Experiences: Create lasting memories through a thoughtfully curated journey that showcases the heart of Chiang Mai.

Book your 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package now to embark on a captivating adventure filled with culture, adventure, and natural splendor.

DayActivitiesStay City
Day 1Arrival at Chiang Mai Airport, Transfer to Chiang Mai hotel on a private basisChiang Mai
Day 2Chiang Dao Elephant Experience, ATV Adventure, Cave Exploration, Lisu Hill Tribe Visit, Lunch on SIC basisChiang Mai
Day 3One Day Lampang + Lamphun tour, Lunch on SIC basisChiang Mai
Day 4One-Day Tour to Pai on a private basisChiang Mai
Day 5Check-out from the hotel, Departure

Cancellation Policy- 

  • 30% of the paid amount is refundable if cancelled before 20 days of travel
  • 50% of the paid amount is refundable if cancelled between 20-15 days before travel
  • Package becomes non refundable if cancelled within 15 days of travel

Few Important Pointers

  • Immerse in ethical elephant encounters and ATV adventures in Chiang Dao.
  • Explore mystical caves, engage with the Lisu Hill Tribe, and savor authentic Thai cuisine.
  • Discover historical treasures in Lampang and Lamphun on a captivating day trip.
  • Embark on a private journey to the scenic town of Pai, embracing cultural immersion.
  • Reflect on memories as you bid farewell to Chiang Mai, concluding your enriching adventure.

Itinerary Exclusively by

Day 1: Arrival At Chiang Mai Airport + Transfer To Chiang Mai Hotel On A Private Basis + Start of 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour packages

Phase 1: Arrival at Chiang Mai Airport As you touch down at Chiang Mai Airport, a sense of excitement fills the air. The journey into the heart of Northern Thailand begins. With every step, you're greeted by the warm hospitality of this enchanting city, known for its cultural treasures and captivating landscapes.

Phase 2: Private Transfer to Chiang Mai Hotel Upon arrival, you're met by our friendly team who ensures your seamless transition. A private transfer awaits, whisking you away to your Chiang Mai hotel. The journey allows you to glimpse the city's vibrant streets, setting the stage for the experiences that lie ahead.

Phase 3: Start of 4 Nights 5 Days Chiang Mai Tour Packages The moment has arrived – the commencement of your 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package. As you settle into your comfortable accommodation, anticipation builds for the captivating adventures, cultural immersions, and breathtaking sights that await you in the coming days.

Day 1 offers a seamless transition from your arrival to the start of your immersive journey. It's a prelude to the incredible experiences that Chiang Mai has in store for you over the next four days.

Day 2: Breakfast + Chiang Dao Elephant + AT Work + Cave + Lisu Hill Tribe + Lunch On SIC Basis.

Phase 1: Morning Delight Awake to a new day in Chiang Mai, greeted by a sumptuous breakfast that energizes you for the adventures ahead. The day promises a fusion of cultural immersion and exhilarating experiences that showcase the essence of Northern Thailand.

Phase 2: Ethical Elephant Encounter Embark on an unforgettable journey as you head to the Chiang Dao Elephant Sanctuary. Here, you'll engage in an ethical elephant encounter, an experience that lets you connect with these gentle giants in a responsible and meaningful way. The bond you create with these majestic creatures becomes a cherished memory of your Chiang Mai tour.

Phase 3: ATV Adventure and Cave Exploration The excitement continues with an ATV adventure through Chiang Dao's scenic landscapes. Feel the rush as you navigate off-road trails, soaking in the beauty of your surroundings. Following the ATV escapade, delve into the depths of Chiang Dao Cave – a mystical world of captivating formations that hint at the region's geological history.

Phase 4: Lisu Hill Tribe Cultural Immersion As the day unfolds, you'll visit the Lisu Hill Tribe, gaining insights into their way of life. Engage with the tribe members, witness their traditions, and experience their hospitality. This cultural exchange opens a window into the authenticity of Northern Thai culture.

Phase 5: Culinary Delights Lunchtime beckons, and you'll indulge in a delectable meal served on a Seat-in-Coach (SIC) basis. The flavors of authentic Thai cuisine complement your day's adventures, satisfying both your taste buds and your sense of exploration.

Day 2 encapsulates the heart of your Chiang Mai tour – a day filled with diverse experiences, from elephant encounters to cultural exchanges, adventure, and culinary delights. It's a chapter of your journey that leaves you enriched and excited for the days to come.

Day 3: One Day Lampang + Lamphun on Sic basis

Phase 1: Exploring New Horizons Day 3 beckons with a promise of exploration beyond Chiang Mai's borders. A day trip awaits as you set out on a journey to discover the neighboring towns of Lampang and Lamphun. This expansion of your Chiang Mai tour enriches your understanding of Northern Thailand's cultural tapestry.

Phase 2: Lampang's Horse-Drawn Carriages Arriving in Lampang, you're greeted by the timeless charm of this town. The iconic horse-drawn carriages await, offering a unique and nostalgic way to explore the streets. As you journey through Lampang's historical sites, you're transported to an era where time moved at a more leisurely pace.

Phase 3: Wat Phra That Hariphunchai in Lamphun Your exploration continues as you arrive in Lamphun, a town steeped in history. The awe-inspiring Wat Phra That Hariphunchai stands as a testament to the region's ancient heritage. The temple's intricate architecture and serene surroundings provide a tranquil backdrop for reflection and admiration.

Phase 4: Cultural Immersion and Culinary Delights The day's adventures extend beyond the physical landmarks. Engage with local life and experience the rhythm of Lampang and Lamphun. A delightful lunch served on a Seat-in-Coach (SIC) basis introduces you to the flavors of the region, complementing your cultural immersion.

Day 3 embodies the essence of exploration, history, and cultural immersion as you venture beyond Chiang Mai's confines. Lampang and Lamphun provide a window into Northern Thailand's past and present, offering a deeper connection to the region's heritage.

Day 4: One-Day Tour To Pai On A Private Basis.

Phase 1: Embarking on a Private Journey Day 4 ushers in a day of exclusive exploration as you set out on a private tour to the picturesque town of Pai. The journey promises stunning landscapes, cultural immersion, and an opportunity to escape into the tranquility of Northern Thailand's countryside.

Phase 2: Scenic Beauty and Tranquility As you leave the bustling city behind, the road to Pai unfolds before you, revealing breathtaking scenery at every turn. Rolling hills, lush greenery, and serene landscapes create a soothing backdrop as you journey to this charming destination.

Phase 3: Cultural Encounters in Pai Arriving in Pai, you'll discover a town that embodies the essence of Northern Thai culture. Explore local markets, interact with residents, and absorb the relaxed atmosphere that permeates Pai. Whether it's visiting temples, indulging in local crafts, or savoring culinary delights, Pai offers a cultural tapestry to explore.

Phase 4: Personalized Experience The private basis of this tour allows for a personalized experience. Your interests and preferences guide the day's activities, ensuring that your journey to Pai aligns with your desires, whether that's wandering through the countryside, embracing cultural encounters, or indulging in relaxation.

Day 4 presents an exclusive opportunity to uncover the beauty and culture of Pai in a way that resonates with you. This private day tour offers a unique perspective on Northern Thailand, allowing you to savor every moment of this enriching experience.

Day 5: Departure + End of 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour packages

Phase 1: Departure Preparations On Day 5, the time has come to bid farewell to the enchanting city of Chiang Mai. As you wake up, a mix of emotions fills the air – the excitement of your journey's experiences and the acknowledgment that this chapter is coming to an end.

Phase 2: Final Moments in Chiang Mai As you prepare to check out from your Chiang Mai hotel, you take a moment to soak in the surroundings. The memories of the past four days are vivid – from cultural encounters to adventurous escapades, every moment has contributed to a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.

Phase 3: Reflecting on the Journey As you make your way to the airport, you reflect on the incredible journey you've undertaken. The interactions with elephants, the ATV adventure, the cave exploration, the cultural immersions – all these moments have etched themselves into your memory, creating a treasure trove of stories to share.

Phase 4: Conclusion of the Chiang Mai Adventure Arriving at the airport, you stand at the crossroads of departure. Your 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package concludes here. It's a poignant moment of closure, yet also a beginning – a chance to carry the essence of Northern Thailand's culture, beauty, and adventure with you.

Phase 5: Memories to Cherish As you board your departing flight, you carry with you not just souvenirs, but a collection of cherished memories. The 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour package has been a journey of discovery, learning, and connection. It's a chapter that has enriched your life and left you with stories to share for years to come.

Day 5 marks the end of your adventure, but it's not goodbye – it's a "see you later" to the beauty, culture, and experiences of Chiang Mai.

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  • Taxes
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  • International flights
  • Any domestic flights
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  • Any thing which is not mentioned in inclusions

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Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, Mueang Nga, Mueang Lamphun District, Lamphun, Thailand

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I'm still in awe of the 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour experience

I'm still in awe of the 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour experience. The ethical elephant encounter was soul-touching – connecting with these incredible creatures in a responsible way was a privilege. The ATV adventure and cave exploration added a thrilling edge to the journey. Interacting with the Lisu Hill Tribe was eye-opening and humbling. The day trip to Lampang and Lamphun offered historical insights that enriched my understanding of Northern Thailand. And the aerial view of Pai – it's a memory etched in my heart forever. This tour package is a well-crafted tapestry of culture, adventure, and beauty.
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This tour package is a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and nature, providing unforgettable memories.

The ethical elephant encounter was heartwarming – spending time with these gentle giants was an experience I'll cherish forever. The ATV adventure, cave exploration, and Lisu Hill Tribe interaction added layers of culture and excitement. The day trip to Lampang and Lamphun gave me a glimpse into the rich history of the region. And Pai – the aerial view showcased the tranquility of this picturesque town. This tour package is a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and nature, providing unforgettable memories.

Embarking on the 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour was a journey of a lifetime.

Embarking on the 4 nights 5 days Chiang Mai tour was a journey of a lifetime. The ethical elephant encounter left me speechless – being up close with these majestic creatures while contributing to their well-being was a dream come true. The ATV adventure and cave exploration added an adrenaline rush to the cultural immersion. Interacting with the Lisu Hill Tribe was eye-opening, showing me the heart and soul of Northern Thailand. The day trip to Lampang and Lamphun revealed historical treasures beyond Chiang Mai. And Pai, oh Pai – the aerial view I got to experience was surreal, showcasing the natural beauty that surrounds this charming town. Thank you for crafting an itinerary that filled every moment with wonder and adventure.
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