What Veg food we

Ate in Bali


The boiled vegetables with rice I just loved it. It's healthy, tasty, and nutritious. You will get it in every buffet in Bali

veg Satay

Bread Omellate

You can get your omelette customized anywhere in Bali. They don't know Indian masala style, but  still eatable.

Well if you are veg, you mostly rely on breads

Breads & Sandwiches


Though in Bali, they use fish or coconut oil only, still these spring rolls were Yummy

Fried Spring roll

Dal & Nan

After 12 days, we were literally craving Dal; finally, we got it in one of the villas in Ubud, Bali.Not authentic, but satisfactory.

Floating Breakfast

Sandwiches, Juices and fruits in a private pool on a floating tray is a must do thing. You should definitely have this floating breakfast while in Bali