Our trip to Gili Island

Golden Queen Speed Boat to Gili

We chose to Sit on the upper deck

I loved the amazing Journey



Our Bali to Gili speedboat journey gave us a new perspective on life. We were not much familiar with sea, but now we are.

2,00,000 IDR for 24 hours

Electric Bike


8:45 AM

We soon Hired an electric bike in Gili. It costed us 2,00,000 IDR for 24 hours

Gili Staycation

Office work in Gili


11:30 AM

It was amazing fun to sit on a beach bar and work. Having beer with work was one of the unique experience 

Cedimo in Gili

Horse Cart  in Gili

In any Gili islands, there are no motor vehichles, you hire only bicycle, e scooter or use Horse cart

Concept of beach Gardening

Gardening on Gili Beach

In Gili, we came to know about beach gardening concept, which is required to keep the beach experience safe for visitors

The culture of Gili

Local Gili people

Local people in Gili are very friendly and give you a warm welcome. I asked this local guy for lift in Gili, and he agreed immediately

Sunset time in Gili

Horse Back-riding in Gili


8:30 PM

These locals usually offer tourists to do horse backriding in exhcnage of Money

We had an amazing stay in Gili, which will be unforgettable.

Time to Say Good Bye

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