Join us for amazing Private tour of Switzerland this year.

Day 1: Arrival at Zurich and explore the city

Day 2: Interlaken day trip from Zurich

After breakfast we will move for Interlaken for amazing day tour and return

Day 3: Zermatt day tour from Zurich

Zermatt: Alpine paradise with iconic Matterhorn views, skiing, and charming Swiss ambiance.

Day 4: Lucerne day tour from Zurich

Lucerne: Picturesque lakeside city boasting historic bridges, stunning mountain vistas, and cultural charm.

Day 5: Jungfrau Region Exploration from Zurich

Jungfrau Region: Alpine wonderland offering thrilling adventures, scenic hikes, and panoramic vistas of the Swiss Alps.

Day 6: Geneva Day Trip

Geneva: Cosmopolitan city on the shores of Lake Geneva, known for its diplomacy, luxury shopping, and cultural diversity.

Day 7: Zurich city tour

Zurich: Vibrant metropolis blending historic charm with modern sophistication, renowned for its art, culture, and picturesque Old Town.

Day 8: End of tour

Day 8 marks end of Switzerland tour. Hope you Join us in this amazing Journey in the month of June.

To Join us in this amazing Journey of Switzerland tour . 

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