Planning a Bali trip

How should you plan your Bali trip ?

A complete guide

Book your flights 2-3 months before 

One should keep track of flights and get it  Booked 2-3 months ago. Last minute flight fares are too high.

Do check flights from nearby airports

If in case you are not getting better flight options from your city, check it from nearby airport. Some times there is a huge difference in fares.

Do choose Hotels near food availability 

The mistake people make while choosing accommodation is that they look for the category of hotel but never look for food availability as per their cuisine. Balinese cuisine sometimes for other nationals is difficult to have. specially if vegetarian.

Research and know your interests.

In Bali, there are so many places to explore that 15 nights are not even enough. Not everyone goes for 15 nights, so it is very important for you to do research and figure out the places you want to visit in Bali.  If you are booking with an agency, let them know your preferences and ask them to plan your itinerary accordingly. Lestacworld is a travel company legally registered in Bali, Indonesia, India, and the USA. You can also connect with us.

Island Hopping from bali

Check if company is having local existence or just a mediator

If you are booking with an agency, do check if the company has a local presence in Bali or not. If you book with a middleman, you will end up paying more money. Control will pass through many hands. In our case, is having a company registered in Bali with the name lestacnora Bali. There is no mediator.

When yo reach do buy beer in shops instead of Hotel

In Bali, the cost of 1 Bintang beer is 23000 IDR at local markets, whereas hotels give it for 50000 IDR. You just buy it from supermarkets and keep the beer in your fridge.  And Enjoy the breeze.