Best Scandinavia itinerary for your parents 

Embark on a Nordic adventure with our curated Scandinavia itinerary, designed for your parents to embrace the beauty and culture of the region.

Join us for a Journey of Europe

10 nights 11 days

Stay in Tromso for 2 nights

Immerse your parents in Arctic wonders with a 2-night stay in Tromsø, Norway. From Northern Lights to reindeer sledding, it's a winter dream.

Indulge in Bergen's charm with a 2-night stay and explore at leisure with a Bergen Hop-On Hop-Off tour. Discover the city's rich history and stunning landscapes.

Stay in Bergen for 2 nights

Savor Oslo's sophistication for 2 nights and embark on an Arctic fjords tour. Witness nature's grandeur as you cruise through icy waters and majestic landscapes.

Stay in Oslo for 2 nights

Conclude your Scandinavian journey with a serene night in Stockholm. Unwind amidst the city's elegant beauty, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences of your Nordic adventure.

Stay in Stockholm for 1 night

Experience the magic of Rovaniemi with a 2-night stay, chasing the Northern Lights and exploring the enchanting Santa Claus Village. Create cherished memories in the Arctic wonderland.

Stay in Rovaniemi for 2 night

Conclude your Scandinavian adventure with a serene night in Helsinki and a captivating Porvoo tour.

Stay in Helsinki for 1 night


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