Kaziranga National park Safari

Kaziranga national park

Kaziranga national park falls in the beautiful Kolabhti and Nagao district of Assam. The land of this northeastern state is so rich that wildlife is also not far from it. Kaziranga is famous for Rhino, Elephants, lagoons and what not :).As per the survey, there are more than 2500 rhinos in Kaziranga national park and that makes it significant for the Indian wildlife regime. Tourists love to do safari whether it is on Elephants’ back or Safari jeeps. The Kaziranga safari online booking can easily be made on Lestacworld.com with flexible options.

Different Types of Safaris in Kaziranga National park 

Kohora (Central) Range: The Central Zone in the Kaziranga National Park is one of the essential regions of the park and the desired site for Jeep and Elephant conveyances. The likelihood of glimpsing Tiger, One-Horned-Rhinos and other big gorgeous animals are seriously here.

Bagori (Western) Range: Bagori Ecotourism Range of the KNP is also comprehended for the most promising wildlife watching. The site has a magnificently stunning terrain with plenty of untouched species and dense leafage. The existence of a water body here in the Bagori entices animals to satisfy their thrust. Most of the animals such as Rhino, Tiger and other species are effortlessly sighted.

Agartala (Eastern) Range: Eastern side of the Kaziranga National Park along the national highway is Agaratoli Range. One Jeep Safari ride is permitted here. It is a reported location for wilderness photogs.

Burapahar (Ghorakati) Range: Burapahar has been discovered around 40 km from Central Range. The access gate of this zone is found in the town of Ghorakati on the National Highway. It is known as Zone for Jeep Ride, Elephant Ride and Trekking.

Elephant and Jeep Safaris are available for all the above zones having different cost packages. The cost varies as per the requirements. The online booking of Kaziranga national park Jeep safari can be easily done as below.

Things to consider before Booking Kaziranga safari Online !

Can Kaziranga Jeep Safari be booked online ?
The Kaziranga Jeep Safari can be booked online through Lestacworld.com.The booking comes with flexibility and best prices.
Can Kaziranga Elephant Safari be booked online ?
The Kaziranga Elephant Safari can be booked online through Lestacworld.com.The booking comes with flexibility and best prices.
How many types of Safari's are there in Kaziranga National park ?
There are 4 types of Safaris in Kaziranga national park - 1)Bagori Range(Western) 2)Kohora Range (Central) 3)Burapahar range (Ghorakati) 4)Agartala range (Eastern)
Can all the Safari's in Kaziranga national park be completed in one day ?
Yes, All the Safari's in Kaziranga national park can be completed in one day.The duration of Safaris is around 1-2 hours per safari.
Can one share the Jeep with others in Kaziranga national park Safari ?
No,usually in Kaziranga national park they don't allot seats on sharing basis. One has to get the whole Jeep accordingly.
When should you start the day in Kaziranga national park ?
Usually the sun rises early in Assam and Meghalaya.In the morning even around 6 AM, it looks like sunny. If one wants to enjoy the Kaziranga safaris comfortably, it has to be started early. People usually reach safarigate around 6 AM.
Are there hotels near Kaziranga national park Safari ?
There are eco camps as well as few 2 star category hotels near Kaziranga national park safari. The hotels in Kaziranga can be booked on Lestacworld.com's portal where we offer best prices.
Can old people do Kaziranga national park safari ?
yes, we have had guests of around age 83, they comfortably did the safari and enjoyed every bit of it.

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